R Rajat Verma

Horror Tragedy Thriller


R Rajat Verma

Horror Tragedy Thriller

Who Killed Me?

Who Killed Me?

4 mins

I was working on my personal computer. No one was at the home except me. I was trying to keep myself busy in my office work. My mother dialed my number "Hello, Shivu, Are you ok?" 

Me - "Yes, Mom. Actually I am a bit busy in my work." Can you please let me know, till what time you will reach to home? 

Mom - "Son, Coming from Pune to Mumbai will took 3.5 hours. So a long time you can see!"

I hangup the call cause I heard some noises of people, I opened the door of my room. Looked into the hall no one was there. I thought this all was my mind's creation. When I was a child, usually heard voices of known people calling me, whenever I replied something wrong happened to me. So, this time I was quite as mice. Came back to my desk again, dialed number of client, discussion of upcoming project was going on. As a model, writer and advertiser I need to connect with the people.

I was busy on the call, I felt something was crawling on my neck, I slapped on my neck to kill it. There was blood on my hand, I became terrified hold the call, ran to basin to clear it up. When I turn the tap on, tried to wash my hands, I was not able to touch the water. Weird but true, I pick up a cloth, cleaned my hands.

Me - "So sir, where were we?"

No was on the call, I checked my mobiles' history there was no last dialed number in it. Not even my mom's number. I hurriedly dialed her number but she was not picking up, I dialed my father's number he was also not picking up. I was completely terrified, heard my own voice calling me. I turned back but no one was there. The voice was calling me again and again. I covered my ears with both hands. 

When the voice stopped, I searched in the entire house to see who is trying to play with me. I came in the hall, someone knocked the main door of the house repeatedly. Whomever was he or she the continued knocked made me fell unconscious. I was crawling on the floor, going back to my room. The main door opened with a "bang". Someone catched my leg and dragged me on the ground. 

"Wake up, you motherfucker." 

I heard someone abusing me, I gently opened my eyes, a man in police uniform punched me. I cried out with pain. He was not having any mercy on me. He punched me continuously until he became satisfied.

A man held me head up by pulling my hair, I tried to look at him but he slapped me. I fall with the chair on who I was tighten by them. 

I didn't know when I woke up, but when I woke up the police men were on the floor and a man hitting them badly. I couldn't see his face because I was not in a condition to open my eyes. In my mind, I was asking to myself where is my family? Two men came and set me free from the chair, there was blood on the floor. 

They brought me in another room, tighten me on an iron chair. I've found that chair was connected to kind of wires. A man turned the switch on. I was amazed, because I can see the running electricity in the wires that was coming towards me. The electricity was running in my body but nothing had happened to me. 

The man who was keeping an eye on me through the glass of the window, was seemed to be in shock. Don't know how but he was not getting rid of the glass, his face was crashing into it. The glass have been broken and he was on the floor. I set myself free. A man put a gun behind my head and shot. I was lying on the ground. 

"Hey wake up, are you still dreaming my boy." I was woken up by mother, feeling silly about my dream. I was going down to the hall and someone pushed me, I lost my balance and died. 

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