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Reenika Gholkar

Tragedy Inspirational Children


Reenika Gholkar

Tragedy Inspirational Children

What If You Are Accused?

What If You Are Accused?

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I am accused of being a bully. Scarlett thinks of me as a cruel bully.

What to do in these situations?


Yes. Simply ignore. My friend, Gargi, was furious when Scarlett exposed her name in one of her stories. Gargi also wrote another story exposing Scarlett's name. What happened? Nothing! But the good thing was that Gargi felt much better after writing the story.

She was just playing fire with fire. Advice: While playing fire with fire, make sure that you don't get burnt yourselves.

My friend, Tanmayee told us that silence is the best solution. I was like, heck yeah, it works!

I am also accused of gossiping. It's not gossiping. I share my things with my friends, and I have the right to do that. My mom says that if you are angry, you should vent out your anger. You can do that by talking freely to one person.

I choose that person as my friends. So, to clear matters, we are not gossiping. We are sharing our feelings, and consoling each other.

One of my fav quotes: For all who gossip about me: thankyou for making me the centre of your world!

So don't gossip much! A bit is OK, of course.

'Harassing' is a big word, isn't it? Scarlett says I am harassing her. I am only 12 years old!

Ya, we shouldn't respond to negative comments. But some negative comments, made by our teachers and parents, we should take them in our mind and improve ourselves.

She also said that my friend, Tanmayee, is mean. She is not mean at all! She is only being herself!

Always be yourself!

Some people talk sweet when you are around, but they talk very bad about you behind your backs. This is what I learnt from Scarlett. When I was around, she said that my stories are brilliant. But to Gargi, she told that I am a bore and my stories are also boring.

Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it's a beautiful day.

So, fight your problems. Be yourself. Ignore them. No need to go begging for friendship. Gargi did that...... Don't repeat that mistake again. Make new friends. Move on.

There is always hope.

I hope you liked reading this story. I thought I would share my experience with you. The troubles of Kent Primary Part-2 coming soon!

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