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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Aditya Mehta



Aditya Mehta


Was It All Just A Dream

Was It All Just A Dream

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Finally, after what seemed like forever, we disembarked the cog- wheel. We jumped with up our arms shivered with joy. We were about to proudly set foot on the surface of Jungfrau which is one of the highest peaks in Europe.

We dashed out of the station, anticipated for the beautiful scenery of the Alps. There was an appealing charm to this place; the mountains merged into each other to form a boundary around three countries- Italy, Switzerland and France at this very point.

We gazed at the mountains awed by the marvelous creation of nature. A perfect spot for recuperating; my mum had just come out of paralysis, and her doctor had recommended a cool and serene hill station.

But, what was that uncomfortable tingling feeling? It was the SUNLIGHT BEATING on our skin.

We expected the weather to freeze our socks off, however, a global rise of temperature had turned the Alps into a humid day in the Maldives. The sun rays bullied us and the petty whisper of the wind was now a thundering boom.

But, we didn’t let the weather spoil our day.  We decided to visit the tunnel where we returned to the freezing cold.

But, right then, lightning struck accompanied with the boom of thunder.

From the corner of my eye, I saw a hail storm racing towards us. I tried to do something, but my reflexes could not catch up with the storm, which moved at destructive speeds.

I tried to duck and crawl away when a stone pierced through my back and head thus, I instantly hit the ground and immediately blacked out.

The next day I mysteriously found myself in a gloomy hospital room, everything was pitch-black and my eyesight was stolen.

‘Why can’t I see?’ I gasped while I tried to pull my eyelids apart, only to realize they were perfectly normal.

“Don’t worry”, said a sweet female voice, which had a reassuring tone that told you don’t worry it’s going to be ok, “Head injuries often cause temporary blindness”

“I didn’t realize I was speaking out loud”, as I giggled heartily, my back ached.

“There is often such confusion”, the nurse re-assured.

I chuckled again but, this time without a friendly companion.

I then heard the door open, and created bloodcurdling screeching noises, and a gust of wind came through for a second and then stopped. Abruptly, my eyesight came back, as if it was always there.

Everything around was gloomy! I was engulfed in gloom.

The fan was old and black with fungus and dirt. There was an ancient clock which made an exasperating ticking noise. The frayed curtains were unable to do their job. The door screamed every time the wind blew, which was one time too many. The row of medicines on the shelf too had fungi growing on them. The bed had been scratched probably by patients in great pain.

Shivers went down my spine and the room turned into a horror house. As it got to me that I was stranded in an unknown hospital, in a foreign country , without my parents, transported from the breathtaking alps into a gloomy hospital: left with just three things: old, smelly clothes; a broken back and unanswered questions…

I couldn’t bear that hellhole for another second. Therefore, I needed an escape plan! So, I stood up heroically, but Slam! I was lying flat on the floor.

Oh, and what was that! There was a sticky stain in the back of my t-shirt.

I didn’t give up and dragged myself to the door. The cheap slamming door was now sturdy as a mountain. I knew I was digging into my empty pocket of strength. And, in a blink of an eye, I passed out. Again.

I woke up in a similar room as the one I was before, but my hand was clutching another one. I looked and saw my father.

I burst into a waterfall of tears. I was in great relief after reuniting with my father that I only one phrase of what he said, “your mother is paralyzed’.

My heart sank.

I felt like a thousand pound truck named Grief was sitting on me.

I woke up with a start.


My parents were sitting beside me and they held me in place. I gazed at my mother, who I was incredibly thrilled to see hale and hearty.

She gave me a warm and comforting smile and sounded like the nurse in the hospital: uplifting.

But, there was something. A terrible odor came from my t-shirt, and I saw a huge pink stain on the back of my tee. It felt loaded with chemicals and preservatives, like a syrup form of a tablet.

I didn’t take out my t-shirt as I was afraid my flesh would come out with the t-shirt.

My mother’s kind glare turned into a furious stare. Her whole body was evaporating steam and she looked like she was about to explode.

She scolded in a coarse high pitch sound, “Where is the t-shirt you normally wear! And get out of those uncivil clothes, you’ve got medicine stains all over them.”


Was it all just a dream?

IF you are a curious reader, looking for adventure, thrill and cliff-hangers along with back-breaking, near death scenarios then read on.

Ten-year old Daniel is visiting Switzerland. But, he mysteriously is lost the next in a hospital. The next day someone tells him it was all just a dream, but he refuses to believe this. Was this true? If you’re a diehard thriller fan, this one is a must.  




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