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Drashti Badheka

Drama Romance


Drashti Badheka

Drama Romance

Until Death Do Us Apart

Until Death Do Us Apart

3 mins 106 3 mins 106

I finished my food while he was thinking deeply. I stood up and went to wash the dishes while he came and stood beside me, sometimes it was so easy when he was around. When I finished, he asked: "You should go and rest now. "

"I already did. "

"Don't you need more. "

"No, I don't. "

"Now, would you tell me?? "

"What do you want to know? " he asked with crooked smile, I was like blushing but it was something more important going on. 

"Probably, everything." I answered with confidence.

"OK. You were sleeping and... "

I wasn't sleeping how could he tell that:

"I wasn't sleeping."

He half smiled :"You were my dear, you didn't realized. " I got confused. Do really I slept?

I didn't want to wait more, immediately I asked:"then... "

"A group of people with lights came in front of us, I stopped the car. "

Really. It was group of people. Why can't I relate to it. He must be telling truth, why would he lie? He loves me and he will always tell me truth. I trust him. 

"I thought, I shouldn't interrupt you with sleep so I kept you in a comfortable position so you should sleep, and I went out to see what was the matter."

He told as if he was so confident, but I wasn't really relating it. 

"what happened than? "

"You should not much worry Jaan, they were in search of some thieves who just ran before we arrived and was asking if I saw anyone." he replied anxiously.


"Yes jaan."

I was now sure this is a made up story by him and he won't tell me like this. He rolled his eyes far from me. I asked:

"How many were they? "

"2 males and 1 female" he answered 

Really how can that count as group of people.

"I felt lights like a flash of car and they were just 3 of them." as soon as I asked, he turned red. 

"hmm" he said slowly.

I waited long and I realized that's the only answer I will get for now. 

Well, I m fade up now. I don't want to question him. I think he will tell me when I need to know. 

I asked him:"do you think I should know the truth."

"No. It's not the right time." yes, he was making story. There's something more to this. I felt curious but I repeated his words in mind.... Not right time. We went back to room. I hugged him tightly and asked:

"Is it something bad?" he looked at me with sad eyes and replied:"it depends, Jaan." 

"Depends? On what? "

"It all depends on you." I was shocked by the answer. 

"Will it affect us."

"It is about us." I listened him. 

"And time will come when you need to choose." as soon I heard 'choose' I interrupted him. 

"And I will always choose you. I can't live without you."

His eyes were so sad. I wasn't able to look at them. I wanted to overcome his fear, but first he needs to tell me what is it about. 

I wanted him to trust these words so I told him again :"I love you and I will always do, whatever happens I will always be yours."

"I know you love me Jaan, I hope you do afterward" he waited for a long second and continued "......when you know about me and no questions about it right now, it's not time."

I left free my hands towards his cheeks and told him: "okay...... But mark my words.... I will always be yours till death do us apart and It is not easy for you to go even after that. I want you to be with me always."

"I am always there till you want." these words sound good for the current situation, right now I just want him to be around. I went to sleep again and he was humming music for me, it worked great for my thoughts to get silent. 

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