Manaswini Dash



Manaswini Dash




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Nitu! Nitu! a harsh voice came from the first floor. Nitu was sitting alone resting her face on her fist. She was completely absorbed in her thought. Tears were rolling down from her innocent eyes and she was listening silently the rustling of leaves from the mango tree near the veranda. Mrs.Sumi, stepmother of Nitu came wrathfully and roughly shook her. Spat bitterly and abused her. Nitu suddenly came to reality and kept frightening with unknown fears. Mrs.Sumi instructed her to make a cup of hot tea for her without any delay and his father, Mr.Mohan came and threw some dirty clothes towards her to wash. Nitu thought it would be better to prepare tea first then she had to think about other chores later. So, without any second thought, she left the place silently. 

Briskly she prepared the tea and took that to her stepmother with her shaking hand. She tasted one sip and suddenly threw the hot tea towards Nitu's face and she was giving agonizing cry with severe pain. Her whole face was burning by the hot liquid. Her stepmother was enjoying her pain standing in front of her. Her father did not come thereafter listening to her screaming. It hurt her so much. she thought she had no reason to live. No one had any caring for her. So she decided to leave that home where she had no caring, love, and affection. In midnight, she silently opened the door and went towards her destination. For the last time, she viewed her house intently and took her own mother's photo with her as a hidden support for her sustenance. 

Her face was burning and swelling. She was only weeping reminiscing the cruel treatment of her parents. When she was completely exhausted she took a rest for a while near a building. She slept down unknowingly suppressing her extreme pain. When she opened her eyes she saw a beautiful morning with the chirping of birds. A cold wind was blowing slowly. There was not the call of her cruel stepmother and no fears of torture. Her face was completely damaged with the sores. When she gazed at the building she explored so many beautiful children were smiling and playing with no fear and embarrassment. They had no parents. But still, they were enjoying their life. She was lost in thought. An unknown hand shook her and asked, " Who are you? " 

"What has happened to you? "

There was no answer. The man was fat and amiable person. He again asked the same questions. Nitu could not control her tears and cried continuously with mumbling and silently showed her mother's photo to that person. When the person's eyes fell on her face he got astonished. He took to her to the orphanage and told them she might live there till she cured herself completely. Then she was given something to eat and the doctor started her treatment. 

Every morning Nitu woke up early in the morning and did all works of the orphanage. She was so affectionate and cute. Children started to love her. Within a few days, she grew a familiarity with the orphanage. Mr. Sumant was frequently coming to treat Nitu. He was a famous doctor. He became frank with her gradually. Their relationship grew stronger day by day. Nitu started to like him and him too. One day Mr.sumant proposed to Nitu but despite her desire, she refuted explaining her damaged face and helplessness in the whole society. He listened to everything and convinced her that he loved her not her face. Then Nitu hugged him tightly and cried loudly. Then they got married and after that, a change came into her life.

Dr. Sumant made a plastic surgery on her face. Nitu became much beautiful than before. They were enjoying their conjugal life happily. She initiated a new expedition in her life. She was a science graduate and under the guidance of Dr. Sumant, she also became a doctor. Then an offering came from America to both of them. Before the day of leaving India, she went to the orphanage and met everyone. When she was teaching to the students all were enjoying her teaching. All children became happy seeing her. Nitu touched the feet of a superintendent who actually had saved her devastated life and shed her tears when she departed the orphanage. They went to America the next day.

Nitu' s father was becoming ill day by day. Her small daughter was no more with them. She was in her father in law' s house. Her married life was not well. Mrs. Sumi was a diabetes patient. One night Mr. Mohan had severe chest ache. He was hospitalized. The doctor told him to go to America for his heart transplant. He was getting severe pain. Without any delay, he went to America with his wife by flight. He admitted to a hospital for his treatment. Mr. Sumant was entrusted with the duty to treat him. Nitu and sumant came to the hospital and Nitu also went to the cabin where Mr. Mohan was being treated. His wife was only crying near his bed. When Nitu saw her father she couldn't believe herself. Tears of sorrow and hatred rolled down from her eyes. But she didn't say anything as she had a plastic surgery no one could identify her. She came out of the cabin and went to her home. After reaching home she did not feel well as every bitter past came to her eyes. She was upset throughout the day. Whole night she could not sleep well. 

On the next day, she went to the cabin and treated her father as a nurse keeping behind all her anger and frustration. Her father felt very comfortable when she came to the cabin. Days passed away. Under the treatment of Mr. Sumant and Nitu, he became well. 

One day Mr. Mohan asked Nitu, " Daughter! What's your name? " Listening to the word daughter from his mouth she became emotional. Her stepmother was outside. Nitu could not hide her identification and told, " I am Nitu. Your dear wife had devastated my face with hot tea and that night I left your home. Mr. Sumant is my husband. I extremely hate calling you as my father but still I have not told anything about you to my dear husband who has brought massive changes in my life." 

Her stepmother and husband were listening to everything outside. Nitu cried bitterly and told that was her last meeting with him and left that cabin briskly with a scornful look. When she came out she saw her mother and Sumant. She dragged him with her hands and they entered into their car and left the hospital. Her father was crying helplessly and looking through the window that his daughter left him alone breaking off all the relationships. His wife also cried with repentance. 

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