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Adhithya Sakthivel

Thriller Action


Adhithya Sakthivel

Thriller Action

Travel: The Journey of Revenge

Travel: The Journey of Revenge

12 mins 374 12 mins 374

Everyone of youngsters have their own dreams. Some wishes to become a IPS officer, Some wants to raise a company and some wants to achieve big in life while some never wishes to live in this dynamic world. It lies in the mindset of those youngsters.

Let's see what happens in the life of this particular guy named, Kabinesh, our main lead of this story. A highly responsible guy, Kabinesh is popular among his friends, college teachers and seniors, because he is an avid book reader and story writer. He is one of the best student in the APG College of Arts and Science. The second year college student.

Besides these things, Kabinesh had created a multiple social responsibility and awareness among the students and other youngsters in the schools especially to stop using drugs and other bad habits.

After having enjoyed the holidays, many college students and Kabinesh's classmates enter into the college after a three-month long semester leaves. However, Kabinesh enters into the college only after three days, with his head shaved completely.

When being asked about the reasons for the holidays by his class tutor, Kabinesh reveals that, he had gone to Manali near Himachal Pradesh with his family members. Many of his friends including Harikesh, Kabinesh's close friend and the Class representative was anger with him because, Kabinesh was irresponsible for the first time in his life, also forgetting his role as a Assistant Class representative.

Even Kabinesh's love interest Kaviya was angry with him because she missed him a lot. After Kabinesh consoled and apologized to her, things become normal.

But, Harikesh and Kabinesh's two other close friends in his school days, Ram and Janardhan are suspicious of Kabinesh and Kaviya too suspects him, after noticing him to be upset on the whole day in the college.

In further, their suspicion increases when, Kabinesh resigns Asst. Class representative post and many of his friends notices Kabinesh to be unhappy, moody and upset, which they have never seen in Kabinesh because, he would make everyone besides him happier and never hurts anyone.

In addition, Kabinesh avoids Kaviya for several days in the college. Aftermath, Kabinesh gets a rented house near Avinashi Roads and plots to kill four influential people: Krishnaraj, Gokul and Farook with a police officer DSP Ashwin Prathap IPS also in the list.

Krishnaraj was marked as No.1 by Kabinesh. He plans to kill him on Sunday after noticing his activities with the help of some thugs, to whom he provides money. In fact, Krishnaraj is the most influential man in Coimbatore and he does illegal drugs business with some gangsters in the city and many are unknown in Coimbatore that, drugs are sold with the help of Highly influential men in the society.

Kabinesh attends the college classes in order to avoid the questions and suspicions that are raised by his friends and teachers.

On Sunday, Kabinesh realizes that Krishnaraj is not secured with his henchman with the same thug's help and lives in a big bungalow near Kalapatti. Kabinesh enters into his house and severely beats up Krishna and ties him up.

When being asked by Krishnaraj about his identity and the reason for killing him, Kabinesh asks him to remember the murder that he and his friends had committed before few days back and kills him after revealing himself to be one of the relatives of those family members.

The next day DSP Ashwin Prathap, Gokul and Farook comes to the crime spot where, Krishnaraj was murdered and they feels threatened after finding him to be brutally murdered. Now, Kabinesh calls Ashwin Prathap with the help of the local thug's phone.

"DSP Ashwin Prathap" said Kabinesh

"Yeah. Who is this?" asked DSP Ashwin Prathap.

"Your demon, Ashwin Prathap. Next target will be you. Get ready for going to the hell" said Kabinesh and he hangs off the call.

Ashwin Prathap feels threatened and for his safety, he first arranges a tight security in his house and in further tries to trace out the phone call in the Control room. But, Kabinesh had already removed the SIM card in the phone and hence, the location is told to be near Kovanur, from where Kabinesh called.

Later on, Kabinesh attends his college classes as well as learns down all the activities of DSP Ashwin Prathap with the help of those local thugs and plans to kill Ashwin Prathap in the same Sunday like Krishnaraj.

This time, Kaviya asks Kabinesh to come for her home during Sunday so that she can spend time with Kabinesh because, her family goes for a vacation trip to Kannur, Kerala. However, Kabinesh refuses her requests to come on Sunday, because his schedule is to kill DSP Ashwin Prathap.

In further, he hurts Kaviya with some harsh words, when she forces him which makes her heart broken and she was about to leave him. At that time, she notices the regret of Kabinesh for being so harsh with Kaviya.

She suspects Kabinesh to be involved in some suspicious activities and decides to follow him on Sunday in order to observe the activities of Kabinesh.

In Sunday Meanwhile, Kabinesh learns that DSP Ashwin Prathap is taking shelter near Peelamedu house and with the help of the same thugs(who knocked down the security guard unconscious), he dresses up as a Police officer with the help of those thugs and enters into the house of DSP Ashwin Prathap with the local thugs also.

Kaviya notices Kabinesh entering into DSP Ashwin Prathap's house and enters into their house.

"Hey. Who are you men?" asked DSP Ashwin Prathap.

"Your demon, Mr.Ashwin Prathap" said one of the thug.

"Oh! You all are the murderer of Krishnaraj" said Ashwin Prathap.

"Yes. Now you are going to be killed by us" said Kabinesh.

"Security…Security…" called out Ashwin Prathap begging for help.

"He will not come. Because, we knocked him unconscious. Now, in other's viewpoint, Kabinesh is the guard of this house" said those thugs.

Kabinesh brutally stabs Ashwin Prathap with a sickle also revealing himself as the younger brother of ex-ASPArjun Prathap, the ASP of Coimbatore district, whom they killed brutally with his entire family, also being the victim.

Ashwin dies after learning that he is Arjun Prathap's brother. Kaviya witnesses the brutality of Kabinesh and is shocked. When she was about to leave the place, Kabinesh's thugs catches her and holds captive.

"Where are you going, Kaviya?" asked Kabinesh.

"Kabinesh. Are you a murderer? I have never seen you like this. What happened to you? Are you a gangster's son? Chi" said Kaviya.

On hearing this, one of the thugs slaps Kaviya and said, "If you utter another word against him, you will be killed. Yes. We murdered these guys. Do you know why we are all doing this?"

The past incidents before few months are revealed by Kabinesh and his thugs, who are all the teammates and close aids of ASP Arjun Prathap. (Past incidents are narrated by myself)

Kabinesh was an enthusiastic and charming youngster who always makes everyone happy and never hurts anyone. For him, his father Rajesh is everything and more than his mother. He was a hot-blooded and vigilante youngster and is influenced with the patriotic ideologies.

Kabinesh expects everyone to be socially responsible and especially he wants youngsters like him to be good and have a honest and ethical life. However, his ideologies are not accepted by his friends and instead they mocked him for being so vigilante and responsible.

In further, some of Kabinesh's friends are addicted to drugs, cigarettes and Alcohols which are the sales for the Tamil Nadu Government people. With the highly influential people also being involved, no one knows who is behind the selling business and these are sold by the particular group of gangsters.

During the college days, Kabinesh was close with two of them: One is Kaviya and other is Arjun Prathap, his senior and one of the NCC students. Kaviya is from a strict Brahmin community and was raised by her single father, which touches Kabinesh a lot. Henceforth, he had never been harsh with her and instead, showered her a lots of love and affection and made her feel happier.

Arjun Prathap is an orphan grown up in the Orphanage trust near Coimbatore district. His parents were killed in Mumbai Bomb Blasts 2008 and from that time, he hates terrorists and is trying to create an awareness among the college youngsters regarding the social responsibility. But, goes in vain due to the selfish attitude of some.

At initial times, Arjun Prathap ragged Kabinesh and tested his patience. Later on, they became close and their bonding was like brother sooner. After speaking with his parents, Kabinesh brings Arjun Prathap to his house, so that they can be like brothers forever.

Soon after days, Arjun is moved with the love and affection of Kabinesh and his family members, the one which he missed in his life for many days.

Since Arjun Prathap was the final year student, no one except some of them knows him, including Kaviya. After some days, Arjun enrolls up for UPSC exams and after being trained for two years in IPS, Arjun was posted as the ASP of Coimbatore district with some of his close aids and teammates as his part in Coimbatore.

In the same times, Kabinesh warned his friends to stop using drugs and cocaine, but it goes in vain. Hence, Kabinesh warns the group of sellers to stay away from this, which also failed to materialize since they tells to him that, we are highly influential.

Hence, Kabinesh records the video of those groups selling the drugs to the college students and uploads it in the Youtube including their conversation in which they tells that, "These youngsters are the assets for their profit as well as for the politicians, who will rule the place and loot resources, by fooling these guys in particular"

The video goes viral in the Youtube and many of the parents and people are heated by this including some of the youngsters. As a result of this, a widespread protests occurs all over Tamil Nadu, demanding for the permanent removal of wine shops, Drugs and other illegal activities in the state.

Left with no way, the government agrees to take action and they arrests the prosecutors and holds them captive just for weeks. However, it's all a drama played by them. But, they secretly asks their henchmen to tap down the Youtuber of the video and eventually, it was revealed to be ASP Arjun Prathap.

In order to avoid suspicions, Kabinesh has uploaded the video in his brother's name and eventually, the influential men with the help of DSP Ashwin enters into Arjun's house, killing Kabinesh's parents and also injuring Arjun brutally.

Kabinesh was in a long trip with his love bird Kaviya and after the trip he enters into his house to find everything shattered. A dying Arjun later on informs everything to Kabinesh.

Before dying in Kabinesh's arms, Arjun asks him to take revenge against those criminals and also create an awareness among the youngsters. He dies which leaves Kabinesh shattered. He also holds himself responsible for the loss of his family and henceforth, decides not to trouble any one of his friends as well as his well-wishers.

(The narration ends)

"After the cremation of ASP Arjun sir, we trained Kabinesh physically in Martial arts as well as the police training besides NCC in order to take up his mission of revenge against the criminals" said one of the colleagues of Arjun Prathap.

"I doesn't want you to suffer, Kaviya. Henceforth, I avoided you as well as my friends. Let this go by myself. I am not wishing to see one more loss" said Kabinesh.

An emotional Kaviya hugs Kabinesh and tells to him, "Kabi. You are always my soul, da. How will I suffer because of you? Don't ever worry for this. We are there with you"

Kabinesh and Kaviya reconciles and in further, his friends and well-wishers consisting of his mentors and teachers, also learns about his drastic past and tragedy. Kabinesh's friends apologizes to him for their bad behavior.

Meanwhile, following the death of DSP Ashwin, a new DSP named Abdul Kadhar takes charge for Coimbatore district from Mumbai. Having been trained in the Pune Police academy, Abdul Kadhar is a ruthless police officer and neither has compassion nor redemption for the criminals.

As the ASP of Mumabai, Abdul had been largely involved in eliminating the terrorists and gangster units in the city and had been a huge threat for many of the people in the place. He has been called as the "Savior of Mumbai" fondly by the locals, because of his bold and strong mind.

Abdul sharply finds out that, both of the men who were killed right now are highly influential as well as are killed in Sunday. Hence, his prime assumption is that the murderer is either a school or college student. In further, the brutality in both these cases makes him to suspect that, it's a complete revenge.

Hence, before taking up the investigation, Abdul interrogates the influential men's close aids through which he learns that, they are involved in Drug trafficking, Arms trafficking and so many of them, which affects the daily life of College and school going students.

Having collected all the evidences, he further learns that ASP Arjun Prathap was killed under the orders of those influential men, Gokul, Farook and Krishnaraj. Abdul keeps the evidences with himself and waits for a chance to arrest the murderer.

Meanwhile, Farook and Gokul suspects that, someone is behind the murders of their partners and decides to learn about the murderer Kabinesh, before he can reach them and kill. With the help of one of Krishnaraj's henchman, who has saw some of the thugs(Ashwin's colleagues and Kabinesh's thugs) they captures them and tortures those guys, in order to get information about Kabinesh.

However, Kabinesh has already arrived to the place and the duo's henchmen are killed. After a dual with Farook and Gokul, Kabinesh kills Gokul and when he was to kill Farook, he asks him, "Kabinesh. Don't be so happy. You only knew that I am drug smuggler. But, I am also doing terrorism activities. Hence, this will further continue. Like me, thousands of them will form to destroy the welfare of this county. What will you do?"

"You are all only thousands. But, we are all Millions. Don't be too glad that you can destroy our country. Pack off. Go to hell" said Kabinesh and he kills Farook by slitting his throat.

Abdul Kadhar comes to the crime spot and seeing them, he shoots the dead body of the duo and when being asked by his colleague for this act, he tells to him, "These guys are not Subash Chandra Bose or Jesus Christ. Why should we waste our time by handling these silly cases? We have to waste our money and petrol for this? The murderer has done a right thing of killing these criminals. Or else they could have spoiled the upcoming younger generations also. So clear up the body, sir"

Later on, Abdul reveals that the so far men were killed by terrorists and also arrests some thugs, who messed up with girls with abusive words. Hence, he shows them to be the murderer and later on, kills them in an encounter because, these guys are not deserved to live by harassing women.

Kabinesh, having fulfilled his revenge successfully, happily reconciles with Kaviya and walks away from the place with her. Three years later, Kabinesh opens a trust in the name of Arjun Prathap and his parents, where like Arjun, many orphan children has come and now, he lives happily with his wife Kaviya.

Some marks in the body of children makes Kabinesh to remembers the drug addicts, who studied with him in the college and he walks into his room to place a flower in the photo of his brother…

(Co-writers are Prithvi Raj, Rishi Khanna, Shruthiga and Sanjay***. Due credits given to these four people, for giving the idea.)

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