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It was a weekend, so I was going through my old records and trying to find my LIC policy, which was due for maturing. Suddenly I came across my first salary slip properly filed in a file containing all my personal records. Gross salary Rs.2725, it read. I showed it to my sons. They were surprised and enquired how I used to manage. They were comparing with today's lifestyle and salary. I looked at my wife, who was giving a smile like Mona Lisa. I could realise she was conveying that those days were better.

Hamara Bajaj was more comfortable than our luxurious vehicle. The evening family ride was a compulsory event. Even the feeling of the open air was cooler than the AC controlled temperature. The taste and ambiance of the road side eatery was way better than the star hotels. The first rhyme sang by my son was more enjoyable. My wife has still maintained the first cotton saree I presented her. The traveling to hometown in the sleeper class with the entire family was much better than the air travel. The tap water at the railway station was healthier than the bottled water. Somehow guessing the names of the next station was always better than hearing the outside temperature and landing details. Even explaining my sons that the rail-tracks aren’t moving ahead with us made him a lot more intrigued than the night lights of a city ever would.

Every evening was meant for my family. She used to greet me with a warm smile on my return from office. Now her silence, when I return at 9 pm, speaks a lot. Forget about the evenings or the nights, I am not able to even spare the weekends for her. She no more insists to eat out or to buy some costly sarees or jewelry. She wants my time, just togetherness. Even eating the home made tasty food together. She just wants to hear me, my voice is more soothing than that of Arijit Singh. A long drive, enjoying the first rain in the terrace, forty hours of railway journey instead 4 hours of air travel. It was all about togetherness.

Then what am I doing? Making all efforts to satisfy my ever unsatisfied clients, giving 12 productive hours to my office and using my home only for lodging and boarding. I don't remember the last time, the entire family had dinner or lunch together.

I know I have no words to express my sorry to her. I have to live for her and myself. Nobody cares for you except for their interest. Whatever I am today is because of her support and sacrifice.

I am sorry. I promise you the rest of my life, each moment will be yours. We will live our life. Not a materialistic life, but a life full of qualitative time spent together. I love you and respect you.

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