Dinakar Reddy

Horror Thriller


Dinakar Reddy

Horror Thriller

The Sequel

The Sequel

1 min

Sir, No one wanted to do the sequel of this movie. Please do not waste my time.

Harini said in an authoritative tone.

   Raghav seems dejected. Every Movie production house saying No to his idea.

   Harini, who is the personal assistant to the great producer Krishna also rejected his idea of making a sequel to the famous horror film "When Will you Die?" 

   Why is everyone rejecting the script?

He asked her.

  She has looked at all sides and said that hey mister.

  Please listen. The lead pair acted in the movie became mad and tried to kill themselves.

  That's why our producer is not interested in the sequel of the film.

  Raghav looks confused.

  He felt a panic attack and ran from the production office.

  Harini looked puzzled.

  Raghav is running back to his room where he found the script of the sequel to "When will you Die"?

  He found the script is empty now.

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