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The Self Love Art

The Self Love Art

5 mins

Cinderella, a charming girl, lived with her cruel stepmother Cinderella, a charming girl, lived with her cruel ste and jealous stepsisters, who constantly mistreated her as a maid. Cinderella still had hopes of living a better life.

One day, there was an announcement of a big royal ball to be held at the King's palace, where the Prince of the kingdom would choose his Princess. Cinderella's sisters adorned themselves for the selection. But Cinderella was sitting all aloof remembering her good old days with her parents. Just then, her Fairy Godmother appeared, who always aided Cinderella in her difficulties with her magical powers. She asked Cinderella, "Hello my dear! Everyone is busy dressing up themselves for the ball tonight. Don't you want to get ready for it?" Cinderella replied, "Dear Godmother, I don't have any gleamy dress or dazzling accessories to wear. Everyone at the ball would be dressed up in beautiful clothes." The Fairy Godmother waved her magic wand and Cinderella's room was filled with a beautiful shimmery dress and accessories. Cinderella thanked the Fairy Godmother and wore the dress and accessories and went to the ball. At the ball, to everyone's surprise, the prince fell for Cinderella and chose her as his life partner. Cinderella and the prince got married to each other. 

Cinderella was happy initially, but as days passed by, she got into depression and anxiety. She was stressed out. One day her Fairy Godmother appeared to ask her about her well being. Cinderella shared her feelings, "Godmother, I am bored with the monotonous life here. I live here depressed the whole day. I want to relish life's moments, I want to unravel the spark inside me. I want to be myself!" 

The Fairy Godmother understood her agony. She said, "Cinderella, life is very beautiful. You have to start living simple things with enjoyment. Live life to the fullest dear. Life is a precious gift from the Almighty. You will have to get creative. I can suggest a to-do list for you, but only you will be in action. I will have no role to play, I cannot use my magical powers to keep you happy. It is your life and you can be happy only if you decide for yourself. Are you ready for it?" Cinderella nodded in agreement. 

The Fairy Godmother suggested,"

1. Smile, laugh freely to your heart's content.

2. Dance to a song the way you like.

3. Hum your favorite song.

4. Take a walk in nature.

5. Hear the birds chirp.

6. Watch the flowers bloom.

7. Smell the fragrance of the beautiful flowers.

8. Plant a sapling and water it with all your heart.

9. Compliment your self for small achievements.

10. Date yourself with your all-time favorite food.

11. Shop for yourself.

12. Sip a cup of tea.

13. Munch in your favorite chocolate.

14. Pamper yourself by a special gift, wrap it, and open it with surprise.

15. Watch your favorite movie or tv show.

16. Watch the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset.

17. Gaze at the twinkling stars and the Moon. 

18. Watch the rainbow paint the sky.

19. Feel the rain on your soul, smell the wet soil, and feel the whistling wind.

20. Have a sound sleep.

21. Take a day off from all the household chores. 

22. Watch your favorite childhood cartoons.

23. Get crafty.

24. Sign up for some art sessions, free workshops.

25. Visit exhibitions, art, and food festivals.

26. Read jokes and laugh out loud.

27. Groom yourself.

28. Solve crossword puzzles and sudoku.

29. Play games like Chess, Carrom, Ludo, Snakes Ladders, etc.

30. Play some outdoor games like Badminton, Cricket, etc.

31. Delight yourself with some popcorn, candy floss or ice cream.

32. Exercise, meditate, move around.

33. Start reading, it can be anything you like.

34. Meet and greet your friends at a walk session.

35. Play with small kids, get back to your childhood memories.

36. Light up your room, clean it, and decorate it.

37. Take a stroll in the town. Observe the changes.

38. Participate in social activities to boost your energy.

39. Take care of your body by eating healthy.

40. Get a skincare routine for yourself.

41. Make a checklist of the work to be done every day and mark them as done when you achieve them. This will grow your confidence of completing tasks.

42. Write a letter to yourself, recalling all your good qualities.

43. Do something for others, help them, this will give you satisfaction.

44. Write down all your big and small achievements and read them on the last day of the year.

45. Spend time with people who make you happy. 

46. Hug yourself, feel it, and thank yourself for being the person you are.

47. Breathe in and out when you are sad or angry.

48. Listen to yourself, don't make decisions just because others are forcing you.

49. Talk to yourself, discover who you are and what you want to do.

50. And apart from these, stop overthinking, stop procrastination, be optimistic, make mistakes, learn to say no without feeling guilty, don't try to be perfect all the time, and learn something new every day.

And the list goes on and on.

Be cheerful. Love your self first. Live like you never lived before, my child!"

Cinderella was left awestruck. She thanked the Fairy Godmother, "Oh my dear Godmother, you really taught me the art of self-love. You made me learn to find happiness in small yet simple things. It is a blessing to have you in my life. Everyone does not have a Godmother like you, but everyone should take a stand for themselves. Everyone should be able to care for themselves, everyone should learn to love themselves first, then only they will be able to love others. Everyone should ask their inner Fairy Godmother in their mind for self-help and then they will get all the answers. Thank you, Godmother, for making me believe in myself! "

The Fairy Godmother gave her blessings to Cinderella and disappeared. Cinderella was now a pleasant person who enjoyed every little bit of time and made every day a unique one. She left her melancholy behind and led a blissful life.

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