Cathorine D

Horror Thriller


Cathorine D

Horror Thriller

The Secret of Last Floor

The Secret of Last Floor

4 mins

It was raining so hard. The sound of lashing rainwater filled the entire hostel. We had just reached there completing our first day at college. 

Swiftly, the sun sank down but the rain never took a word of quitting. As I did every day, I started scribbling my diary while other room mates were on chat about the horror and evil presence.

Ah there, I wrote everything that I was informed about by my seniors. It went this way -

" There lies a room on the last floor of hostel, abandoned for years. Every night source less red light flashes out of this room. And, one can find a little young lady inside this locked room through the closed window. No one knows her history nor her present. Because she isn't alive." 

Though they would laugh at the end of the story, I could find their fear haunting them. Well, my curious nerves created a doubtful hole about the reality of this story. 

A month later, I theoretically decided to explore the place at night, all alone. It was easy to think, but when it came to applying practically, all my hairs stood up to warn me. The watch finally struck 11 at night. When all were sleeping soundly, I got up and walked slowly towards last floor. Rain accompanied me to worsen my confidence. 

The corridor, there, was like Graveyard, so dark, woody and unwatched for years. I started peeping through all the empty rooms on that floor and stopped when reached number '201'. It was my destiny. The nervous system and entire control and coordination of my body experienced cold shocks.

As I opened the door, the 'kreek' sound made by rusty edges of the door welcomed me to the so-called haunted room. It was so dark inside like space with no star. I could see nothing. The silence rented that room making me more thrilled. 

My skin started responding to the dimensions. I started kissing the wall next to the door with my hands because my hope of sight was stored at my fingertips. I dragged my hands along the wall as I marched forward.

 Soon, my hands started walking on, maybe, a table close to wall. I could feel the thick dusty layer, with old cracks, some unpreserved books and finally a liquid which was spilled on the table. I rubbed my fingers on it and though I couldn't see anything, I convinced myself that it was rain water leaking from old puffy roof.

Suddenly I felt the slow wind, reach my skin behind the ears. I found no source of it as it was like someone blowing warm air through their mouth. Who was that someone?

I slowly turned back to ensure that I was alone. Though I could see none, my mind started remembering all horror scenes from movies, I watched. I felt that it was time to end my stupid adventure. So, I went to the door and pushed it hardly but astonishingly the door wasn't opening.

My legs started dancing due to fear. But yeah, I tried calming myself by believing that door was jammed because of rare use. Before I went for second attempt, my ears sensed a sound which was like a 17th century French gown dragged all over a wooden floor by a lady. Her footsteps were so elegant, but who was that lady? A shadow?

This time I had no courage for turning to find the owner of those sounds. But all of a sudden rain stopped and pure moonlight entered room. It was pretty enough for me to look around.

Now, with manthras being chanted, I moved my eyes 360° to find nothing but old furniture. " But wait, I saw something " said my heart, hiding behind ribs.


It was the liquid on the table, that I touched before. It was red like human blood which was as dark as anger. I found the same bloodstain all over the floors, walls, beds, and even windows.

Now, I lost all the courage I had and immediately turned to open the door, but, there, my heart finally died. I fell on the ground.

The next morning, I was on my bed sleeping for hours after sunrise. I was completely confused. The last thing I saw at night was a girl with a horrible look and scary feature, probably, which made me unconscious. But how did I reach my bed?

No one believed me and my adventure. Well, I don't know whether '201' really had evil or not. I don't know whether I really went there or no, but from that day I never watched horror movies.

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