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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

The Scientific Deviation 2

The Scientific Deviation 2

9 mins 18.3K 9 mins 18.3K

Continued from part 1….

Freddy was shocked & confused. Dr. James, my senior, framed me in this? What was the reason behind him wanting my formulas? Still in thoughts, he checked his watch. The default time of 45 minutes was just coming to an end. He gripped the XREP gun, fearing someone may come in front. As the clock hit 45 minutes, he felt a string of pain in his spine. Suddenly, he felt himself dissolving inside him. In the next instant, a white light explosion happened around him, and he was outside his facility, in front of the Chemical Lab. As he tried to recover from the pungent odour that followed, he saw a man in white lab coats running to the entrance of the lab. Suddenly 3 guys in white protective suits & guns dashed behind him in the lab.

Now Freddy understood. It was him running in the past towards the labs. But what would happen if these people killed me in the past? I won't exist here in this timeline, nor will this timeline ever be created. Not thinking too much, he ran towards the entrance of the Chemical Lab.

Ignoring his ringing cell phone, he entered inside and focused on saving his past. He tiptoed softly in the basement, and observed the inside scenario through the glass walls. His past was standing near the machine, with his hands up. Fearing his past may see himself, he used the mask on his lab coat to cover his face. Using the nearby stone, he broke the glass wall in front and straightaway fired 3 rounds on the three guys inside. Two of them got hit. Without waiting to see the consequences, Freddy sped in the other direction and went in one of the labs.

He answered the ringing phone. The blank display indicated who the caller was." We just altered the main timeline. Dr. James never got the formula. Because the attack that happened on you was intended to grab the formulas and take it to the future. It was successful in a separate timeline, making him famous. Since you traveled in the past and destroyed the planning of attack on yourself, the future James came to know that the attack was unsuccessful in one of the timeline. Realizing this, he again planned an attack on you in this timeline, but was again unsuccessful.” The caller replied.

How many timelines are exactly created? Freddy was still uncertain. Dr. James is no longer famous? What did he do after robbing my formula?

"What did Dr. James exactly do?" before the caller could answer, Freddy hastily asked him, "How did he get famous?"

The caller was silent for a long time. Finally, he answered, "Dr. James is the real mastermind behind all of this. Actually, all of this is happening in an alternate timeline. We all are living in a created timeline. In the actual timeline, the indigenous one, you created this wonderful formula, a user friendly renewable source of energy using leftover garbage. You received a lot of rewards and nominations for this invention. Unfortunately, Dr James was the most jealous person on seeing you achieve the feats that, he thought, he was deserved to. He was always known to all the seniors for his disloyalty & unfaithfulness.” As the caller mentioned the reality of other timeline, Freddy couldn't believe what he was hearing.

How come the person whom I considered my inspiration, turned out to be treacherous in this way?

“Dr. James, a mathematical genius, could even solve most of the unknown formulas and all ancient mathematical problems very much easily. Using his mathematical knowledge & expertise,he created the most unique but dangerous creation for mankind: The Time Machine. Time travel is a complex mode of equations, problems,geography,physics & most importantly,mathematics." the caller paused, trying to contemplate what happened next." Time travels are against nature’s settings, so when someone goes in past or future, there is a climatic disorientation, sometimes burning the air around, creating pungent, disturbing odours. Disregarding disasters of climate & paradoxes, Dr James used this technology for his own good, as the only thing he wanted was to get famous. He traveled back in time, and convinced you to invent a formula to make humanity immune to diseases, that day in the Annual Meeting of the Scientist’s Federation. That one small change in the past triggered a number of events in the future. In the actual timeline, the attack on you was successful; he took all the formula & all the credit to himself.” The caller was actually gritting his teeth in anger while speaking.

“He manipulated your formulas, and created a more powerful dose, increasing immunity to more than 100%.This he sold out to all the major terrorist organisations in the Middle East. He also created a Fake Formula for normal public, & made worldwide contributions of this medicine, to show how good a hero he is.”

Now Freddy understood. So that's the reason James was behind all of this. But again a terrible thought drove him back. Since James missed the formula in this timeline, he'll surely make efforts again to get the formula.

"The complications and paradoxes of time travel are way too difficult and confusing to understand,” the caller brought him back in present. “I am taking a strong decision now. Let’s destroy the Time Machine….” Freddy was almost traumatized on hearing this. How is that possible?

“I want you to go in the past using the Time Machine. I know of a secret meeting that had happened exactly a year before the Annual Meeting of the Scientist’s Federation. I never attended the meeting, but I know it was conducted.” The caller then explained his plan to him. “You’ll have to be careful, as James may send his persons to stop you or to kill you. When you’ll bounce back in the present, you’ll remember nothing. As no Time machine was created, no timelines, no paradoxes, nothing. You’ll come in a totally new present day, remembering no one, not even me & all the conversations that we had. And don’t ask me who I am. You’ll probably come to know in this final travel. Freddy, my friend ,it was so nice assisting you in this travel. ” The caller disconnected.

Still in his thoughts, Freddy went to the basement & as he was adjusting the manual combinations to enter the discussed day, again a pungent, disturbing odour caught him. Immediately realising the problem, Freddy hurriedly finished the adjustments. He paced towards the Time Machine. As he opened the door, he heard shouts and firing outside the Basement. Quickly, he opened the hatch door. Behind him, he heard the iron door opened, and someone entering. Without waiting to look back, he jumped inside & closed the hatch door, quickly threading with circular gears and bolting it. Someone fired a bullet on the door, which banged on the metal creating a ping-bong sound. Those are Dr. James’s men from the future, he told himself, and they came to stop me from going to the past and altering everything. Feeling panicked & sweaty, he pressed the Red Button on the adjacent wall.

He felt as if he was being sucked inside himself. A pain sprang up inside his spine, and in the next instant, he was standing outside his facility at nightime. Ignoring the pungent odour, he ran towards the entrance. He went in the same Chemical Labs, down to the huge basement. In this timeline, there was no Time machine. The basement was a storage facility, & a small meeting room was placed inside it, with two small corridors with columns flanked on either side. He approached the meeting room with transparent glass walls from the right side corridor. There were 6 chairs and 5 people inside. One of them was Dr. James, who was heading the meeting. On the marker board were scribbling’s of mathematical equations & calculations. As he peeped inside hiding behind the columns, suddenly the door opened,& HIS PAST CAME IN FROM THE LEFT SIDE CORRIDOR,TALKED TO ONE OF THE SENIORS & LEFT ,CLOSING THE DOOR BEHIND. Freddy now remembered that he had entered this corridor in the basement at that time. Ignoring the co-incidences, he hurriedly approached the end of the right side corridor. Approaching the staircase, he now waited for the main person to come.

Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs, Freddy went ahead & came face to face with Dr. Henry Gibson, the Head Scientist of the facility.

“How I came to know about this meeting is not important. I need to speak to you doctor, regarding how the Time Machine could be used for someone’s own advantage, very specifically by Dr James.” As Freddy took his senior’s name, Dr. Henry raised his brows.

“How could you ever rely on a person who’s always known to be disloyal to all of us? He has a lot of bad intentions in his mind, & that’s the reason he is constantly pursuing all of the seniors to support his invention. Just think Doctor, is he an authentic person to be given the possession of this dangerous creation, The Time Machine, which can be used to alter the past as well as change anybody’s & everyone’s future? Can that person, whose deceitful attitude has many times landed the entire facility in trouble, be given the absolute authority to create & control the most menacing invention, which could create unavoidable paradoxes and could be used easily to manipulate and form alternate timelines different from what the originals are? Can Nature survive such things, as Time travel always goes against the laws of nature? Do we wish to have a destructive world ,with negative forces being the most dominating in our future?” Freddy explained every problem that the Time machine could create.

Dr. Henry listened appeared to be concerned and thoughtful.

Freddy checked his watch. The default time of 45 minutes was coming to an end. Leaving Dr. Henry in his thoughts, Freddy escaped up the stairs. He knew & he was confident that Dr. Henry will surely oppose Dr. James invention.

And suddenly, it dawned upon him. His past had seen the meeting happen in the basement. So now he realised WHO was calling & helping him. His caller was sitting inside the Time Machine in the future & was calling him, as time could be altered once inside the Machine.

“Thank you my Dear Future….” Freddy said as the default time came to an end. “Thank You for all the co-operation and help that you provided. The past has been altered, so there’s no Time Machine in the Future & no confusing Alternate Timelines.” As he said this, he felt a string of pain in his spine. He felt himself getting sucked inside him.

He woke up in his lab. While working on the final calculations of his user friendly renewable source of energy using leftover garbage, he dozed off. What did I dream of? He couldn’t recollect. Still in his thoughts, he looked outside. A dumping truck was unloading scrap materials from the Basement of the adjoining Chemical Lab. A huge basement with a scrap yard, Freddy chuckled to himself and continued his work.

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