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The Raged Wife

The Raged Wife

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“BASKI, TODAY IS OUR WEDDING day. Why are you still in office?” his wife, Jayanthi said over the phone.

“Damn it, I can’t come to see you now. It is just a silly matter. I have tons of work in the office. It will take at least three hours to reach home,” Baski said, he was furious now. His facial muscles taunted as he spoke. He stomped his foot harder on the floor.

“No, Baski. Don’t tell like that. You should at least come before nine o’ clock. You know one thing, I have prepared Barfi, ghee laddoos, and for dinner I have roasted chicken wings and made kingfish gravy and butter naan,” her wife said, as few tears ran over her cheeks. She didn’t even wipe it with her fingers.

“This is ridiculous I say. Did I ask you to prepare this? No, I can’t come home now. You better eat everything and sleep well or watch the TV soap operas. I don’t know why you are giving me trouble like this as if you are a kid,” Baski said as his chest heaved up and down. He felt like slapping on her face. He would have definitely beaten her if she was in front of him now. Instead, he took the paper weight from his office desk and hurtled it on the wall, the photo frame of him shaking hands with global leaders was broke down and splinters of glass pieces fell on the floor. Yes, he was a business man and running a visual effects studio for past few years, before to that he was working as a developer in a small animation company in Mumbai.

“Baski, it is our fifth anniversary. You know one thing we have never been together celebrated our anniversary since our marriage. Last time you went to Bangalore for some meeting. But this time you don’t leave me alone. Please understand me dear,” Jayanthi said. She was in the bedroom, her suitcase was propped in front of her, she had planned to wear blue silk sari which was her mother’s present for her marriage anniversary. Her two years old son Miskin had tugged her from behind and shaking her left hand to speak with him.

“Are you a fool? Don’t you understand what I say? Why are you becoming a sucking soul these days? I am feeling like divorcing you,” Baski muttered. He looked out through the glass wall, his employees were moving out one by one. Time was already struck seven thirty, it was getting darker outside.

“No, honey. I never wanted to disturb your work. But what is going to happen if you spend an hour with me. At least come home to have good food dear,” Jayanthi said.

“Bullshit, you don’t have brain to know what’s going on here. I have to prepare some important document to send across the client, if I postpone it then I have to lose fifteen lakhs contract. Do you know that?” he said. His face was blood red now. His anguish on her wife was getting bigger and bigger as time ticked in. He grabbed his hand on the top of the laptop as if he wanted to throw it out of here.

“I know dear, but you know what our son Miskin is asking me why Dad has not come to home yet. What should I tell him? He didn’t want to take food until you come down to home,” she said, sobbing now.

“You don’t even know how to handle a child. See give him some toys which I brought to him on last Sunday. I think he likes that big plane and Benz toy car. Give it to him, I am sure he will be happy,” Baski sniggered.

His employee Sayesha came out of her cubicle and nodded at him through the glass wall and knocked her fingers on it. He immediately cupped his hand over the phone and smiled at her.

“I am leaving Baski. I am done today,” she said. But her words were not audible. Though he had understood what she told him, he didn’t reply anything. Instead, he opened the door of the office room and asked her to enter inside. He was careful that nobody was inside the office, as his eyes had scanned to and fro.

Sayesha was clearly a blonde girl, she wore blue off shoulder top and brownish short skirt which was just ended above her knees. Her red high heels clicked on the floor as she walked inside. Her copper brown hair had just fell down to her shoulders, not to say that she was taller and had strong body.

“Jayanthi, I will call you back,” he said and cut the call immediately.

“Hello Sayesha, what’s up?” he asked her. He sat on the high backed chair as spun it to and fro.

“Sorry I think I had interrupted your call,” she said, slightly wrinkled her face.

“Oh, no. That’s absolutely fine. In fact, I was thinking how to cut the call, you know,” he said as took a parker pen from its holder on the desk. He twirled it in front of his face.

“Any problem with your wife,” she said.

“She is a snobbish girl. Doesn’t even know how to entice me?” he said. His eyes stared down at her full bosom now. Her off-shoulder dress was slightly down to show the tops of her breast.

“Has Ashish gone home? He is a very dedicated person, isn’t it? The Rotak Pasma visual effect project he did so fast,” he said.

“Yes, he is giving a lot of headache these days. He had asked me to complete the 3D visual design within today. You must speak to him Baski. Let him reduce the workload,” she said.

“Hey don’t worry. Shall I make him fold his hands before you? Tell me babe,” he said.

Sayesha stood up from her chair and walked down to him and sat on his lap, she was caressing his hair through her long fingers now. His body was erected now.

“Don’t do that? He has two children and it look tedious to see him fold his hands before me,” she said and guffawed.

“What about me then?” he said.

“What?” she said as raised her sleek shoulders, you could see her white caller bones clearly.

“I too have a child. Is that okay to sit like this?” he said, as ran his fingers over her back.

She threw a face, “You only started it three months back. You know what my parents have started looking for an alliance,” she said as her eyes glistened slightly.

“Hey babe. Don’t worry. You will get a nice husband,” he said.

She immediately rose from his seat and slapped across his face, “Baski, you said you will marry me when you started fucking. Do you remember that?”

“C’mon honey, that’s not a viable option for us. Ask me how much should I pay you? I will give you a cheque right now,” he said, threw a smug smile. He grabbed a cheque book from the drawer and placed it on the top of the desk.

“You fucking bastard. I am going to register a complaint in the police station, right now,” she said as grabbed her hand bag.

He still smiled at her, “I tell you there is no need for that because you aren’t going from here,” he said as fanned the chequbook on his face.

“You………” she grabbed the battery of the laptop and came charging at him. The heat had descended into her body. Before she hit on his face, he sprung out of the chair and grabbed her long arm and twisted it. The battery fell down on the floor with a slow thud. He pinned her on the glass wall, her both arms were spread and tried to dig into it. Terrible horror went down her spine. She knew he was going to harm her now.

“Baski, you are not going to rape me, you understand,” she said with a panicking voice. She tried to escape but he clasped her both hands firmly and tore her front of the dress. The strap of her black bra was visible now. He tried to stroke her breasts but she had bitten his arm, letting him shake it furiously. This time he was irritated. He clenched her hair and started giving kisses on her face, though she had bobbed it up and down. He placed his fingers on her waist and gripped it strongly. Her body straightened like a ramrod now. She tried to kick her legs at him, but he hadn’t allowed her to do it because he had attached to her firmly.

“You sonofbitch, let me go away from here. You can’t touch me without my permission,” she hollered, but he was hasty to make his amorous impact on her body.

“C’mon dear. Let’s enjoy the pleasure together,” he said, as passed his tongue over her soft cheeks. She tried to push him back, but he was too strong for her.

“You can’t do like this….you can’t do this to me,” she continuously screamed as he entered into her and did everything as a man can do to a woman in the bed. After few minutes she fell on the floor like a slashed banana tree. The blood slightly streaked down from her legs. Baski was panicked now. He pulled up his pants and closed the zip in a hurry. He hastened to pick up the water bottle and splashed handful of water on her face. But he couldn’t see any movement in her eyes. He knelt down before her, and took his index finger to beneath her nose. Gosh, there was no breath at all. She was dead now. He clenched his both hands on his skull to kick his brain to throw some ideas. He didn’t know what to do now. He still wondered how she had died. No it was impossible for a woman to die like this, he told himself. He mused without an answer. Suddenly his eyes had seen the marks on her neck, yes, this bastard had strangled her neck while beating her. He did this because he didn’t want to hear her screams while doing it.

He walked down across the room and turned on a switch which was hidden inside the switchboard. It was a secret switch. He flicked it down, as the floor opened slowly. It was like magic. Gosh, there were three bodies were kept on the long iron trays. These three were girls, who had worked in the company. The police were still investigating how these girls were missed. They didn’t have any clue until now. They had never suspected him. They thought they were kidnapped by some gang in the city. But Baski alone knew that these girls were drugged and raped by him. In fact, he had killed them. But he didn’t want to kill Sayesha because she was good with him until today. He even didn’t want to drug her. Now the sweat beads popped out of his forehead and fell on the floor. His cellphone started ringing now. He jerked back. His breath was getting shallow and his fingers were shivering as he walked down to know who was calling him now. Yes, it was his wife. She had called him as he told her. She had still believed her husband will come to house to celebrate the fifth year wedding anniversary. But she didn’t know her husband was murderer, he had killed four girls without a speck of grievance in his soul. If she only knew about this fact, she would definitely tear him to pieces. That’s for sure. Though she had a meekly soul, she would never forgive a brute person like him. He put down the phone in silent mode, he didn’t attend the call.

Baski, tied ropes on Sayesha’s arms and legs and pulled her down and placed her in the empty slot of the long iron tray. There were still four empty iron trays there. God knows who he had planned to kill in the future. The fetid smell was coming out of the other girls’ bodies. He took his hand kerchief and tied it around his nose and adjusted her body in the slot. Sayesha wasn’t thin like other girls, she had strong and broad shoulders. Her body couldn’t fit rightly into the slot. Her head hung away from it as if it was dangling alone. He pushed it inside and made her straight. He then blew more air from his mouth as looked at her dead body. He then stood up and went back to press the switch again, as the floor slowly closed. Now, the floor was looked like polished and you couldn’t find a single scratch out of it.

He closed the laptop and walked down in the narrow gap of other cubicles as headed to the bathroom. Before he opened the door, he was shocked on seeing the lady cleaner there. She was cleaning the bathroom. You could see the blue Harpic bottle in her hands.

“What the fuck are you doing here now?” he said in a scowling voice.

“Sir…I couldn’t come in the morning shift because my daughter was ill. I asked the admin and she told me to come in the night shift,” the lady said. She had a rupee size red dot in between her bushy eyebrows. Her hair was greying, she wore red and yellow sari, which made him fearful. The jasmine garland was hung on the back of her head.

“Okay, get lost from here. You come tomorrow,” he said.

She shook her head and came out immediately. He banged the door behind her and started unzipping his pants and peed. He flushed the water as it gurgled down and went into the bowl of toilet.

There were plenty of thoughts were drifting on his mind now. Had the lady heard the screams of Sayesha? Had she came before I killed her? Would she tell anyone that I did something wrong? Should I kill her too? The furious thoughts were racing now. He gasped as came out of the bathroom. The lady wasn’t there at all. If she stayed there, God knows what he would have done to her.

He again entered into his glass walled office room and plucked his black leather bag from the desk and walked towards the elevator. Suddenly there was power cut. Blip.. blip.. everything was shut down. It was pitch dark now. The windows were banging to and fro as the sudden rush of air had beaten it with a huge force.

“These fucking maintenance guys never close these windows,” he punched his fisted hand on the side of his right leg. His hand brushed over his shirt packet, but he couldn’t find his phone.

“Hell, I forgot the phone. It’s inside the office room,” he said himself as headed towards his cubicle.

A loud ring tone was coming from inside his office room. His heart beat flew to his mouth for a few seconds. He placed his hand on his chest as swallowed a thick lump down his throat. He slowly walked now, as if someone was inside there. No doubt, he was panicked like a bulldog. When he creaked open the glass door, he could see only blackness. The cellphone stopped from ringing. A heavy thud, as the door was shut now. He thought the gushing air from the outside had done it. His heart jounced up and down inside his chest. He ran his hand over the desk like a blind fellow, to find his cellphone. His fumbling fingers let the pen-stand on the desk collapse on the floor, he jerked back. Then again ran his fingers over the desk, this time he caught the mobile. He put it inside his pants packet. He headed towards the door slowly. Bonk….he rammed into someone now. His feet stammered back. His heart jumped out of his chest now. He screamed in fear. The faceless black lady was standing before him, as her long hair was flying everywhere.

“Who are you?” Baski asked as his teeth chattered in fear.

The black lady was laughing now. The echo was heard everywhere.

“I am the ghost,” she said and screamed violently. She blew air in front of him as his cheeks sucked in and his feet moved backwards.

“Why do you come here?” Baski said in a wrenched tone. He couldn’t back pedal now since the desk had stopped him, his hands clasped the edge of the desk firmly.

On hearing this, the ghost had stretched her hand miles away and beat him across his cheek, and it turned purplish red and blood leaked out of his nose now. Small drops of blood trickled down on the floor.

“I came here to tear off your innards, you asshole?” the ghost boomed as she walked down on the glass wall like she was walking on the floor. Now she was sitting on the ceiling and looking down at him.

Baski looked up, he could see her long tongue now, “Huh, I am innocent. Please leave me. I have to go now,” he beseeched. He rummaged into his pants packet, he found a small knife. He was waiting to attack her as if she was a normal human being.

“You bloody sucker. Your wife was calling you hundreds of times to come and celebrate the marriage ceremony, but you are fucking someone in the office, eh?” the Ghost said as bobbed her head left to right. Suddenly lights on. Her ghostly figure appeared now. Baski was pissed off now. She roared as stretched her hand down and pulled him up with his hair. He screeched in pain, as cycled his feet in the air.

“Leave me. Leave me now, I have to go and meet my wife,” Baski said.

The ghost dropped him on the floor face down. She came down too. Now, the ghost grabbed his shirt collars and raised him.

“You sonofwhore. Your wife is dead. She is no more. Do you want to see her hanging in the ceiling?” the ghost said as raised her knees and punched in between his legs. He moaned in heavy pain, as his hands went to his groin.

She drew a square on the glass wall, as picture was shown now like in the TV. You could see his wife was hanging in the fan, and her small son Miskin was holding her legs and shedding tears. No one knew about this incident yet. Jayanthi, his wife had finally decided to die, because she didn’t want to live with a husband who didn’t love her at all. She felt dying was the only resurrection of life she had herself.

“No, she is not dead. I don’t believe it,” he said and cried.

“You bastard, why should I lie with you? This is the truth. Why are you shedding those crocodile tears now? Do you think I am gonna leave you alive?” the ghost said as shook her finger in front of his eyes. He straggled backwards, but she pushed her long nail and punctured his one of the eyes. Blood spurted from it like water gurgled from the bottom of the well.

“Is that giving you pain or not?” the ghost asked as laughed now.

“Yes….yes, it’s paining like hell,” he said as staggered back, clutching his hand over his left eye.

“Do you know how these girls were suffered when you had fucked and killed them?” the ghost said, as she came near him and growled at him. Her black face was frightening to look at, as her long and crooked teeth were shown now. Her eyes were like vulture’s eggs as it was big and reddish and spun inside the sockets. She emitted fire from it, it had scorched him. His face was shrunken now. You could see the white bones of his jaw. He stroked his hand and belched an awkward cry on seeing it.

“No, I didn’t do anything,” he said in panicky voice.

“I don’t like the fellows who lie with me,” the ghost said, as pushed her hand inside his chest and tore off his skin, as his pulsing heart was shown. He screamed in monstrous pain.

“If you tell lies, your heart will be in my hands in a next second,” the ghost said in a whisper as pointed her index finger on his chest.

“Yes, I………..” he cleared his thick lump down his threat, “I raped and killed them when they tried to………..” before he finished the sentence, he was no more breathing. The ghost had plucked his heart out of his chest and threw it on his face. His face was streaked with blood and his heart fell on the floor with a soft thud.

The ghost cried and cried before his body, because she was his wife.


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