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The Partition 2

The Partition 2

8 mins

Hello readers! We will move ahead in our ongoing story "The Partition1". Aslam and Purva are in Lahore. Purva is in Aslam's house. Aslam has one brother and Amma. One day when Aslam went in his brother's house all were talking about his wife Purva. They know that she is a Hindu. Amma said to Aslam, "Your wife has a good friendly connection with Resham (his brother's wife). But she is very quiet, never smiles. Is she happy or not? I suggest you go get her name written on her hand. So, that she will move out of her past."

Aslam went home with a name-writer. He calls Purva. He usually calls her with name and he was going to call her in the same manner but he remembers the writer and just calls her, "sunti ho". She comes out and replied like an obedient wife," you called me". Aslam said, "sit down, he will write your name on your hand." She moves her hand. The writer asks for her name. She was going to say,"Purva". Aslam interrupted and said please write, "Ruksana". She was amazed and looked at him but didn't say anything. She went to clean that name but it is impossible for her. Officially she got her name as Ruksana but inside she is still Purva.

Days passed. Purva went to Dai and Dai said to her, "you are pregnant for 3 months. May Allah bless you with a son." She doesn't want any child of Aslam because every day she remembers how she was taken by Aslam from the farm. She was doing something and suddenly fell unconscious on the ground. She was under the monitor of more ladies. Everyone is praying and she was fine but lost her child.

Things were becoming usual now. One day Amma came with her cousin and said to Purva that "my cousin has some problem in eyes and she wants to go to a village because there is a famous one who can treat her eyes. I request you to go with her." When she listens to the name of that village she went in shock because she got a chance to go to the same village where she used to live with her family.

She went and remembering the days of the past, talk of her brother and sister. She went to the farm of Shyam Chandra just to look at her past bridegroom. She meets him. He also looks at her but she began to run fast. They went back to Lahore. 

Aslam got a message from one of his brothers that someone has burned their field. He left to visit and cried a lot when he looked at his field. He registers the report and finds that none other than but Purva's brother Purav burned his fields. Aslam went back to his home and tells everything to Purva. As she asked about that a lot. When she hears her brother 's name she gets emotional and worries for him.

Suddenly the government decides that they will divide the nation into two parts. Yes. India and Pakistan. Now Purva and Aslam are in Pakistan but her family is in India. This news spread, people were shifted from here to there, from there to here. They left their property, even some left their children, and just went to their nation.

Shyamchandra also decides to leave Pakistan because Hindus were burned there. He was in a refugee camp and in tension because his sister lajvanti got lost and some Muslims had kidnapped her to capture his well established Haveli. Purva when working in the field finds a girl who wants to go to India but lost in mind. Purva took her near the camps and find Shyamchandra there. She went near him and tells him that "please take this girl with yourself and her parents will find her." He said, "Purva, can you help me? My sister is lost somewhere and not only my sister but also your brother 's wife." He told her everything, that how her parents got her sister married to his cousin and his sister became her brother 's wife." She promises him, "yes, I will try to find him".

Purva went home and tells everything to Aslam. She requests him, "please help me to find my sister-in-law." He went into the market and finds that she will be in her house because that can be safe for those who kidnap her. Aslam and Purva went to that same village again and Purva turns into a seller and visits Lajvanti 's house. She said to Lajvanti, "move out of your house and my husband will bring you to a safe place." Aslam said he can't do that, he did that before and even now also he is under that burden, not again. She convinces him and he does. Everything work the same and Purva was just going to be found out by that kidnapper but the name 'Ruksana' on her hand saves her. She has a smile on her face that because of that name she is safe now.

Purva went to her house and was happy to see Lajvanti. They both close the door and talk a lot. They cried together. They talk about Purva's family and how her brother makes all efforts to find her. Lajvanti told Purva that her parents still love her and cries for her. Then, Purva tells her how good Aslam is with everyone. He picked her but never came near her before marriage. He even never gets angry with her and because of his help, Lajvanti is safe. Lajvanti asked her, "do you still like Shyam Chandra?" Purva said to her, just sleep because it is too late now and they will talk tomorrow. Neither Lajvanti nor Aslam got the answer to that question. Yes! He was listening to their conversation. The next day Aslam and Shyam Chandra met. Shyam Chandra feels happy that his sister is safe and requests him to bring her near the refugee camp so that they can go back to India. 

Purav is also with Shyam Chandra as he wants to meet his wife. They both were waiting for Purva and Aslam. Lajvanti was worried, will her husband accept her, or leave her because she is not as pure as earlier. She spent some days with that kidnapper who kidnapped her. Purva clear all her worries and said, "they will accept you as mine, the case was different that's why my parents didn't accept me." All three leaves for the refugee camp. When Shyamchandra saw his sister, they hug each other and cried a lot. When unexpectedly Purva saw his brother Purav, her legs freeze. She was amazed but when they come towards him they both also hugged each other and cried. Aslam was standing and just looking at how it hurts when someone takes away their dear ones. He was silent. 

After a while, Purva said to her brother that "accept your wife and give the same love and care that you gave her earlier. She is perfect for you." Purav said to her that if she wants to come with them she can also come. Shyamchandra has not married yet and he will marry you. Everything will be fine. Purva has no words to say as she has not thought that one day someone will come to take her back. She did not think that Shyamchandra still likes her.

She suddenly turns back and felt very worried because Aslam was not there. Maybe he left so that it will become easier for Purva to leave. She was calling him aloud. She was screaming and has tears in her eyes. She was searching here and there. She feels relaxed when she finds Aslam seated and crying. She went near him, sits down on toes, keep her hand on his lap, and looks in his eyes. He said to her, "go! Go! back to your country among your people." She did not believe her ears as she never thought that Aslam would allow her to go back.

She herself said to him and the words she said have the same importance as of those three magical words. She said my country is where you live Aslam. Her words heel all the pain and burden of Aslam. He never thought that Purva would give her consent. Purva stands up and comes closer to her brother and said to him, "now your sister is not Purva. As I am Ruksana and I am happy with my life my situation and most importantly with my husband Aslam. A girl always marries once in her life and I am married to him. I have many reasons to stay with him and just one reason to leave him. Remember dear brother, never take revenge on one's mistake or inability to pay the loan by kidnapping someone's daughter, sister, or bua. Women can't be replaced for just a piece of land. Showing and paying respect to every woman is the duty of men. Never try to disrespect anyone just because she is Hindu or Muslim."

Shyamchandra, Lajvanti, and Purav sit back in the jeep, while Aslam and Ruksana are waving and saying goodbye to them. Purva is also left with Lajvanti and now Ruksana is left with Aslam. Whenever any girl reaches her home she is Purva. 

I hope you like that story. Thanks for reading.

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