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What You Can Do For India?

What You Can Do For India?

2 mins

The whole ground is full of gathering today. Women, children, men and teenagers are here. Most of the people either are in white or something with orange and green shade. People have a flag in their hands. Some are taking selfies and group photographs for their social media account. In the centre, there is a pole on which the flag is tied. The crowd stand aside as the area's political leader arrived. He is near the pole and stretches the string, within no time flowers petals fall on standing people.

"As there are Independence and republic day, digital platforms are filled with all the images of the Indian flag. Citizens wrote more about India, " said Dadaji. Next day people forget nation and patriotism, this is today's generation. People do not want to do something for India. How can people forget the sacrifice of those who fight for India's freedom and make India free? Dadaji described to their grandchildren Siddhi, Somesh.

Somesh assures, "Dadaji, I will become a soldier and protect the motherland. "

Siddhi asked, "what will I do Dadaji to serve the nation? "

Dadaji replied, "you can serve the nation with whatever dream you have."

"Dadaji, Is at this age of fourteen also can we serve Nation or we should wait?" Somesh asked. 

"No, Somesh and Siddhi remove that myth from your mind. Age is not a barrier to serve the nation, your desire for mother India will help you to do things for India."

"But how, Dadaji?"

"Listen, children, if you keep public places clean, follow rules and regulation, don't damage public property, even by teaching someone who is illiterate, giving food to one with an empty stomach. These are some of the easy ways to serve the nation. Even by paying tax also you are serving your country. Treat the country as your family and this is what a nation like India want from Indians." 

"Now we understood Dadaji, for today only we will try to do those things and enforce others also to do the same. We will make our India develop with everyone's contribution."Siddhi said.

"Let's go, children. At home, we will listen to our prime minister's speech."

"Yes, Dadaji".

All three left for home. 

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