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Aditi Bagade



Aditi Bagade


The Old Fashioned Mystery

The Old Fashioned Mystery

7 mins 336 7 mins 336

‘‘Guys, look what I got!” exclaimed Zoe grabbing an invitation card which she received by mail. “What is it?” asked Ethan. “It’s an invitation card for a theme party based on the mysterious plays written by Alexandra Denise Addington.” beamed Zoe “And the whole of Tompkins Street is invited.” she cried in a singsong manner as she danced around the room.” 

This activity of Zoe perplexed the newcomers: Ryan, Amelia, and Samuel. “That must be great, I am a huge fan of hers and I am looking forward to attending the party,” said Charlotte who was already in the room when Ryan, Amelia, and Samuel arrived. “What party?” intervened Ryan. Zoe explained the invitation card adding that, the guests should be in the costumes of the character of the play written by Addington. 

After three days of continuous costume selection and rental, Charlotte, Ryan, Zoe, Ethan, Samuel, and Amelia were ready for the party. The venue was rather fancy: the most popular mansion in the whole of Tompkins Street. The Mansion was completely decked out. It looked like everyone's time traveled back into the 1900s.

Samuel was dressed as Alcott Lee Sallow, an angry, short-tempered man who despises kingship and also a businessman who owns the Sallow Printing Press. Amelia played the role of Ivy Antonella Fernsby, a flourishing but proud dancer who only performs the ballroom dance. Ethan was Thomas Lucas MacQuoid, a man with a family business but always unhappy about something unknown to the public. Charlotte breathed into the role of Beatrice Louise Robinson, a strict, bad-tempered homemaker who would rarely smile. Ryan was a struggling actor with the name of Jacob Peter Adamson. Zoe was dressed as Barbara Grace Walker, nothing but a spoiled child of Mr. Walker, an industrialist.

At six o'clock, the guests decorated the mansion. The mansion was filled with the folks of the 1900s. Samuel, Ryan, and Ethan dressed and behaved like gentlemen whereas not only Zoe and Charlotte’s fashion sense was admired by everyone but also Amelia’s gown gathered all the attention possible.

The event kicked off when the host, Mia donned in a pirate costume, spoke in her newly learned British accent, “Hiya all! I am Audrey Mae Ainsworth, a pirate.” she spat. “To fulfill my dream to be a pirate, I had to dress like a man and sneak aboard a ship on a journey to discover land. I did something which none of the men did, I found an island called Ainsville.” Mia’s memorized dialogues ended when she announced, “I am glad to present you, the tiara of the queen of France. Everyone applauded while Sallow turned his face away. Mia continued, “Before you enjoy the party, there are a few guidelines to follow. First, touching the tiara is prohibited, and second, wandering up to the first floor is allowed, the terrace is prohibited. Thank you.” “The tiara would be better on my head” hissed Zoe arrogantly to Ivy while Ivy scoffed. 

When the party got over and the guests left, Ryan, Amelia, Charlotte, Samuel, Zoe, and Ethan stayed back to help Mia clean up. Zoe and Ethan went to the terrace despite denial. Meanwhile, Ryan noticed that Mia was limping. “What happened?” asked Ryan. “Oh! It’s nothing, just slipped in the corridor.” Mia said. “I’ll call mum, she’ll drop you home.” offered Ryan. Mia nodded. Ryan and Mia were not in the mansion when an earthquake and a power cut intervened. All accept Ryan and Mia survived the earthquake with a nagging headache. 

Ryan scampered into the mansion when he saw his friends in a totally new self. “Where is that girl?” Samuel enquired. “Which girl?” Ryan bellowed. “That girl who was giving a lecture about being a pirate,” Samuel said coldly. “Audrey, her name.” Amelia continued. “Mia? I dropped her home.” Ryan answered “But Samuel…” before he could continue Samuel intervened “Who’s this Samuel fella? I am Sallow, Alcott Sallow.” Ryan’s jaw fell open. It couldn't be. Everyone was stuck in their characters!

While Ryan was confused, Ivy screamed: “The tiara is stolen!” “Alcott must have done it, he was the closest to the glass case” suspected Barbara. Before Alcott could say anything Ryan interrupted, “He couldn’t have done it. The tiara belonged to the Queen of France. Alcott despises kingship, he wouldn’t damage his image just for money.” “Thank you! Jacob” exclaimed Alcott fighting with his headache “Ah! Ryan” Ryan beamed as he heard Samuel say this. “Do you know who Samuel is?” Ryan confirmed “It’s my dummy” cried Samuel “Well you are back and now we have to prove the others innocent to release the others.” said Ryan 

“Barbara, you could’ve,” said Ivy as she sat down “After all you wanted it, eh?” “I was on the terrace with Thomas wasn’t I?, Thomas” explained Barbara as Thomas nodded “If I scurried to the ground floor, any of you would’ve heard me, eh? “You could have used this,” said Ryan as he pulled a candle stand and the bookshelf made a ninety-degree turn and revealed a slide which starts from the terrace. “I don’t know anything about it” cried Barbara as tears rolled down her cheeks. “I couldn't have done it” “Why?” asked Ryan “Because I have vertigo.” wept Barbara. The assembly flinched as she grabbed her head after she looked down from the window. “Barbara is innocent.” concluded Ryan “Zoe?” asked Samuel. “Yeah?” hissed Zoe “Two down three to go,” said Samuel

“Let’s interrogate Ethan, I mean Thomas” suggested Zoe. “I didn't.” protested Thomas. “We need a reason,” said Ryan “Because I am Ethan not some Thomas!” whimpered Ethan. The throng was astonished “Let me explain, I was standing on the brink of the terrace while the earthquake intervened and I slipped and fell onto the couch on the terrace of Mr. White’s house. Thus, it had no effect on me.” “Then only these two are left” indicated Zoe as she pointed at Beatrice and Ivy.

 “I didn't,” said Ivy automatically. “Neither did I.” whispered Beatrice. It was the first time she said anything at the party. “Nothing matters to me more than my long lost sister whom I last saw at the age of twelve,” said Beatrice rather sternly. “And you?” inquired Ethan as he turned to Ivy. “I didn’t because-because, I can’t tell you. If I tell you, you will hate me.” It was the first time anyone saw Ivy- the great Ivy Fernsby cry. “Oh! famous folks always act.” scoffed Beatrice. “Unless you don’t tell us why you cannot be proven innocent,” reassured Zoe 

“I think I know something important about Ivy.” said Samuel “She has some problem with her legs. She can stand for only two minutes. We sit every twice in twenty minutes while she sits down ten times at the same time.” as Samuel finished the sentence all eyes turned towards Ivy. “It’s true, I am an amputee, when I was twelve, the crocodiles at the Callery lake bit my left leg and here I am.” “The only person injured by the Callery crocodiles who survived to tell the tale is my-” said Beatrice “Sister!” she gasped as she hugged Ivy. “Charlotte? Amelia?” Samuel confirmed “Yes.” They answered together.

“Then, who stole the tiara?” asked Amelia. “Maybe, it wasn’t stolen, it was lost.” Ryan gave an option. “There is one person who hasn’t been checked- you!” suspected Ethan. “Do you think I-Ryan Miller would do that.” replied Ryan “No, but Jacob Adamson would!” said Ethan in a high-pitched sound as he pulled Ryan’s hat which revealed the tiara! “Why’d you do that?” asked Charlotte. “I was bankrupt, no director would cast me. I created a character out of this.” Jacob sobbed as he pulled out Ryan’s library card. “But still, no applause, no appreciation.” Everyone applauded while Jacob felt grateful.

“Um...Ryan?” called Amelia “Yes?” replied Ryan “Anyways, how’d you know that I too was stuck in my character?” asked Ryan to Ethan “Well, I saw Mia waiting outside. She said that you asked to wait as your mom will pick her up. When I called your mom, she said that she received no calls from you. Next, how’d you known about the hidden slide? These clues lead me to the conclusion.” answered Ethan “Um…. thank you” said Ryan. “Oh, you’re welcome,” said Ethan with a wide smile.

Charlotte pulled her mobile phone from her purse and dialed Mia’s number and said, “Hi. Mia, we had some confusion here: we kind of got stuck in our characters. We behaved and felt like them. Is there any explanation for it?” “Did you go to the terrace?” asked Mia “Yes. Some of us went over the terrace” answered Charlotte glancing at Zoe and Ethan. “Was there an earthquake? And the lights went out?” enquired Mia. “Yeah,” said Charlotte. “There are some legends about the mansion: one pretending to be someone actually becomes the one, he’s pretending. However, I don't exactly know about the legend but this was the reason why visiting the terrace was prohibited,” replied Mia with a malicious smile.

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