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Avishi Agrawal



Avishi Agrawal


The 'Life Ruining' Will

The 'Life Ruining' Will

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In the background, there was an awful commotion of men's voices raised and women screaming. The compound was littered with people and groups of two and three walked towards a large group of grownups in formals as it was the 50th anniversary of Libertyville club. 

A woman with dried tears held a young girl's hand calling encouragement and consoling the girl who lay on the floor. The woman burst into a flood of tears when the girl's hand went slack. The girl had curly blonde hair, plastered across her forehead. Her face was tight with panic and agony and her blue eyes pupils finally dilated. She wasn't moving at all. Her body was as rigid as a mannequin and in her side and around her a puddle of blood had formed soaking the girl's clothes and had a wound through which her flesh could be seen. 

Just looking at the sight made Cara nauseated and when she couldn't take it any more, she threw up into the bush. Cara took steps backwards instead of forward because  she couldn't dare to look at the dying face of her best friend Nora. 

In the nods of it, men were running towards a figure who was covered from head to toe. He ran at the speed of a bullet with a revolver in his hand. The Hooded guy escaped and the men could not catch him whole nearby the police sirens wailed. That was too much for Cara to take in, she crumpled to the floor as black spots danced in front of her eyes. 

Cara woke up to the noises of people who were talking in hushed voices while in the background a 60's song played ever so silently. Her sight was unfocused and she saw two doctors with green masks on. She was not able to talk leave expressing her emotions. She couldn't recognize anyone when they came to console her about a death. 

A week later, flashbacks hurtled towards her and she wasn't able to to cry but she was looking angry. 

Cara was sent home later that day. Cara had not even reached the couch when the doorbell rang.on opening, she saw policemen. A brunette headed cop asked, "Do you suspect anyone?" Cara did not know what to say, as Nora's only family was Cara as Nora's family lived in DC while they lived in Florida. 

Cara recounted a little about her friend's death. She narrated the whole story. The day before Nora was brutally murdered, Nora had been telling Cara about a chemistry paper. Cara glanced through it and gave it a quizzical look and confirmed that she had definitely read that paper elsewhere. The paper had been written by Nora's lab partner Stephany. Nora stared at Cara in disbelief as Cara told that the paper was written by a passed out student the previous year. 

Nora was horrified. She had not expected her partner Stephany to plagiarize. When Nora arrived, she didn't bother to knock and rather stormed in. She started yelling and throwing things at Stephany who was looking smug while Stephany's twin stood in the doorway shocked at her sister's work. 

Cara had not seen Nora after the episode. Cara then noticed the officers looking glum. She demanded to know the matter. A cop told her that while the murderer was running, she was hit by a truck and had instantly died. 

When the police arrived and the body was rolled over they saw a dummy, while the murderer had not even left at trail to follow. The only thing she left behind was Stephany or rather her identical twin Rachel. Rachel was thrown into jail for a murder and plagiarism. 

No one had seen Stephany after that but it was clear that this was the plan of Stephany right from the beginning. She copied the essay on purpose to get rid of her sister who was born seven seconds before and was the heir to enormous property and wealth according to the will of their dead aunt. 

Stephany on the other hand burned the 'Life Ruining ' will. She cackled, "All mine! All mine! " with stacks of dollars and a cruel glint in her damp green eyes. 

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