The Legendary Badminton Racket

The Legendary Badminton Racket

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According to the Greece myth, the Olympic games were held in the valley of “Olimpya” in Greece in the houner of “Zeus” because he defeated his father “Kronos” for the control of the world. Today in this story, you will get to know about a person who got a magical badminton racket by “Zeus”. So let’s know about the person.

Once, in ancient Greece, there lived a hardworking farmer who had a small shop with lots of grains and spices. He had a small family with three members, a small brother, and his twin brother. They were not poor but they needed to travel from marathon to Athens. They were afraid because Phidipidies also ran till Athens but when he stopped, he died. They were afraid that they will also die like Phidipidies. They started to travel to Athens and they safely reached their new home and also got a new field for farming. The little brother said, Can we go to farming tomorrow? The twin brothers agreed with the small brother’s idea because they both were also really tired and so they all slept. At dawn, the farmer woke up so he can make breakfast for his brothers. He saw that thunder was coming out of the Parthon. He ran towards it to figure out what was going on. When he reached over there, he saw that “Heracles”, the son of “Zeus” was trying to kill his father. The farmer, without making any noise returned to the farm, took his knife and returned to the Parthon. He saw that Heracles” was going to throw a pillar on “Zeus” and on that moment the farmer ran towards “Heracles” and killed him. He got to know that he was the devil which came to kill “Zeus” for the control of the world. “Zeus” thanked him that he saved his life so he gifted him with a badminton racket. The farmer asked, what is this? “Zeus” told him that this is a magical badminton racket and this is the biggest treasure of Greece. The farmer happily accepted the gift and returned home. He quickly made breakfast for his family with the help of the racket “Zeus” gave him. His brothers were really happy and they all requested the gods that they could also be selected in the “Olympics”. Their wishes came true and they became rich but they did not use that money in useless things. And this was the story of the man who got a magical badminton racket by “Zeus”.

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