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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The Last Call

The Last Call

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The phone rang. She hesitated for a moment but had to pick the call. The news was confirmed, it was suicide. She kept the call and blankly walked to her room. ‘Zoya was no more’. She knew everything about her, everything but the reason she chose to leave. She saw her last text, it said ‘love you…Always.’ Her hands trembled, her legs felt weak. She sat down looking blankly at the dark sky. Zoya was practically her personal diary.

Zoya and Roshni were best pals since they were 5. Both grew up together, same school, same college and even same job. Though Roshni was the shy one, Zoya made sure that she is never left back. Today Roshni felt she have lost her backbone. About a week ago, both the girls had partied all night. Though at the end of the night, drunken Zoya was telling something about arranging the fashion night that was going to be held the next month. Zoya was in charge of the whole event.

Roshni couldn’t stop her mind from returning to that night. She must leave, ‘it’s time’ she thought. She took her earphone, it was a gift from Zoya, as she left. It took her 2 hours to reach Zoya’s flat though it was hardly ten kilometre from her place. She didn’t want to get in, she didn’t want to face the harsh truth that lied inside that house. As she took her first step, her eyes froze at the scene. Zoya was lying at one corner of the room while people were still struggling to open the knot from her neck.

There was no tears in her eyes. She couldn’t feel herself. She stood there staring at the body. Someone from her back brought her to her senses. She was informed that Zoya’s room was in total mess. She went in and started searching through her stuff. She knew her, Zoya would never do this herself. She knew her secret spots in the house, so she started searching them. Anything, any small hint and she would crack it, she thought.

At the corner of her drawer was a small place to fit in a small chit or two. As she went there, she found a letter. Roshni went out from the crowd to read the letter. The letter was for read:

Hi rose,

This is me again, remember how we used to write those letters when we wanted to share something in class but were not allowed to… well it feels the same now. This is probably my last letter ever to you and by the time you get this, I will not be there to support, so don’t be weak. Rose, you are the only person to whom I owe an explanation for taking such drastic steps.

I have been wanting to tell you something since long. This event, this fashion show had given me the taste of the real world out there. The day I was assigned this task, I was the happiest but two week from that day, I got to see things that were not supposed to be happening around us.

I got the task over Rita because of my looks. Boss is trying to get at me each time we meet. I avoided him. While I went to fix our celebrity guests, I came in contact with this guy. He showed me dreams to enter this field. He got me those new dresses that I used to wear and he also fixed me for a shoot. Before going to the shoot he asked me a favour in return. He asked me to get you to meet him alone at his place. I was dumb to not understand what he meant. I agreed and went for the shoot. It was after that day everything started. He had been stalking you for a while now and wanted me to get you for him. He wanted to have his unfulfilled desires with you. I denied.

He edited my photos in an indecent way and made them public. I could tolerate that but then he didn’t stop there. He has a powerful network. He, along with boss, caught hold of me the last Friday. They took me somewhere in the dark, covering my eyes. In those woods they raped me again and again and left me to die.

When I woke up that day, I needed you. But telling you would have meant involving you. I somehow managed to get back to my flat. I wanted to complain the police but I couldn’t, these people have their tricks to find a way out. While I was in here all that supported my breath was knowing that you are safe. Yesterday they came to visit and know if I am alive. They threatened me that if I live a day more, you are going to suffer.

Yes am afraid of them, those brave fight backs are reel. Movies don’t show us how to deal with a situation where your best friend has to pay the price. My hands are trembling as I am writing this letter. Rose, I chose to quit than to live with the pain and insult. Take care of my parents. Am sorry to leave you alone. I fought for you till now. But now it’s your turn to fight and live for me. I will be watching.

Yours lovingly,


As she read the letter, a tear fell down, followed by another, she went to a corner, hugged Zoya’s cushions and cried her heart out till her eyes couldn’t take any more and her body let loose of her soul. She could feel the pain. Roshni was having a heart attack. She knew she was not strong enough. She lied still in the dark room, waiting to meet Zoya. She felt light, after all they will be together.

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