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Vatsal Parekh

Crime Thriller


Vatsal Parekh

Crime Thriller

The Killer (Chapter 3)

The Killer (Chapter 3)

5 mins 196 5 mins 196

She was panting heavily as she shut the door of her apartment and locked it, rushing towards the windows, she shut them all and bolted them.

Her heart was wildly beating in her ears. Wide crystal blue eyes staring around her apartment, afraid that any second that killer might pop out of anywhere.

She with slow and steady steps examined the whole apartment and finally sat on her bed, with her legs against her chest as she hugged herself and cried.

She was rocking her body like a child tears streaming down her face in a straight pattern. She was trembling all over and absence of Naira made it all more scary.

The way that killer killed that man flashed in front of her eyes again and again. She even left her phone in the bakery. Vatsal was supposed to be at her place by now. She needs to inform cops about it but then that note came to her memory. Killer didn't want her to report this to cops and what if she informed about it to the cops, and he would come to kill her.

She was completely panicking. The rattling of the doorknob had her heart stopping in dread. She ran towards the baseball bat that was just beside her bedroom door, picking it up. She got herself ready to face the killer.

Zeel hides beside the main, preparing herself to face him before he could comprehend a thing. The door softly opened and she swung the bat. The bat was just inches away from hitting the person when she realized it's Vatsal but it was already too late.

The bat hit him hard across his head, and he let out a loud cry. Zeel eyes doubled in panic and shock as she abruptly threw that bat away, pulling Vatsal inside, she shut the door and then locked it.

"What in the world!" Vatsal hissed under his breath as he rubbed the area where she had hit him. "Have you lost your mind?" He spoke in a painful voice still not looking at her and observing the bump on his head now.

"I-I'm sorry!" Zeel cried out and that is when Vatsal's head snapped towards Zeel's, and he saw her disheveled form. His brows furrowed.

"Are you alright?" He asked while holding her arms softly. Zeel was crying loudly now and not a word was coming out of her mouth. She just did what came in her mind. She hugged him tightly.

If Vatsal was confused at her behavior before then now he was definitely sure that somethings wrong. She hit him with the bat first, then cried out a sorry but her pale face and fearful eyes were telling a different story.

His hands caressed her hairs as he hugged her back to calm her down. "He...He... killed..." She stuttered incoherent words and Vatsal said soothing words to calm her down.

It's okay Darling. Stop crying, I'm here." He patted her head softly and after what felt like years Zeel calmed down a little she was still hiccuping and sniffing.

Vatsal made her sit on the couch along with him, holding her cold hands in his warm one, he inquired her softly. "Tell me what's wrong?"

Zeel hiccuped, her eyes watering again recalling how brutally that masked man killed that innocent guy.

"I...I was p- preparing my order when all of...s-sudden a g- guy came in the shop, h...he was wounded and... and has blood all over... he was crying and asking for help...I...I... didn't understand anything u-until a guy with a creepy mask on came at the door of the s-shop... he had a bloodied knife I- in his hand, and he was poking it at the glass. He tried to open the door but wounded man has already locked it. That masked man wanted to kill this wounded man, so Immediately called the cops b-but..." Her voice trembled as tears pour out of her eyes freely.

"That m-masked man ran towards the backdoor and I also dashed there and locked the door...h...he..." And she told him the whole scenario that took place just two hours ago.

After done, she was crying again and staring at him like a lost child, but she didn't expect from him to start laughing.

Zeel became still as a statue as she watched Vatsal laughing while holding his belly, she blinked at him not believing that he's taking all this as a joke.

"If you want to scare me darling then stop, it' s not scary but more like funny." Vatsal says in between his laughs.

"I'm not lying!" She yelled loudly and this reaction of hers startled Vatsal. "You've a proof?" He asked casually thinking that she's messing with him. But it's not April that she'' make an April fool out of him.

Zeel's eyes broadened for a fraction of second, and she demanded his phone. "I'm reporting it to cops." She said and Vatsal gave her a confused look.

"we are not even sure that whatever you're saying really happened," Vatsal spoke casually and him not trusting her was really ticking her off. She's not a child who'll go around making jokes like this.

"Call the cops and you can go with them to my bakery to make sure that I'm not lying!" She spoke angrily while standing up. Vatsal too stood up.

"We aren't calling any cops, first let me check." Vatsal says as he picked up his bike keys from hook beside the door. Zeel gave him a flabbergasted look.

"Have you lost your senses. The killer can be there for all we know." She panicked as Vatsal opened the door and walked outside.

Letting out a frustrated cry, she run after him, once she was walking beside him, Zeel tried to change his mind again. "Please Vatsal, he can kill us." She pleaded but Vatsal was adamant to seeing that horrible scene from his eyes.

They drive to her bakery and Vatsal was the one who walked in first and turned on the lights. Zeel was still standing with the bike looking around with wide eyes.

"where the fuck is your dead body?" Nick hissed completely annoyed. Zeel's brows furrowed as she walked in the bakery with soft steps but her whole form stilled and her blood ran cold.

Her mind blocked down as icy chills run down her spine.

There was no dead body there. No trace of blood or anything that can relate to the scenario she dictated.

"T-this is n-not possible." Her voice was barely a whisper.

"You're being delusional!" Vatsal muttered under his breath but she heard it.


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