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The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand

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People these days are becoming so self-concerned that, they don’t even give a second thought of minimizing others’ problems or worries; at the same time maximizing the amount of joy in the society.

Madhav, a young man from a small town of Orissa (now Odisha) lived with his parents and brothers. He faced lots of financial hurdles in completing his education. He graduated in the year 1880 and got a government job in the Department of Forest, Titlagarh (in Orissa) with a monthly salary of Rs. 1500/-.

On the first day of the job, Madhav looked like a gentleman dressed in a white shirt and black trouser with his shoulder-length hair combed neatly. While walking down the stairs of Titlagarh railway station he met with a beggar who was paralyzed below the waist but above the waist, he resembled the famous actor Rajesh Khanna. He asked Madhav for some help. Madhav very cordially smiled and replied, “Brother, today our conditions are similar. Today is the first day of my job and I don’t have any money to help you. But here, keep my address and come to me on the first day of next month and I will surely help you” On hearing this, the beggar said, “Sir, is money everything in this world? I know my status doesn’t deserve it, but would you like to become my friend?” The beggar’s name was Phuman. Madhav wholeheartedly accepted his friendship.

Madhav stayed nearby a cinema hall in Titlagarh, where Phuman too earned for his livelihood. During their free time, they shared each other’s’ life incidents. Phuman earned Rs. 15-17 in a week and sent all the money to his old parents staying in the village, except for a rupee. Phuman spent that rupee for gambling.

Madhav’s colleagues didn’t like him, because he befriended a beggar. But Madhav seems to have no regrets and their friendship grew stronger with time.

Some years later, while Madhav was walking back home, he saw Phuman has fallen on the road, unconscious. Madhav rushed him to the hospital where it was found that Phuman had Peptic Ulcer. Its treatment would cost around Rs. 5000/- and Madhav didn’t have such a huge amount. Bewildered, Madhav tried controlling his emotions and stabilizing his heart because when one is agitated, he never finds the right path. 

The next day, Madhav decided to use his only weapons, his knowledge and willpower to help his friend recover. He wrote a letter describing Phuman’s current situation and asking people to contribute any amount of money for his treatment. Daily two hours before his office time, he with Phuman went to the people and asked for help. Madhav, a well-educated and a gentleman started begging just to help his friend. This showed how considerate he was.

After two months, Madhav managed to collect just Rs. 1250, but did not give up hope. The next day he did not go for collection as he was assigned an official visit to the district sub-collector and his team. After the meeting, the sub-collector admired Madhav’s way of planning and working. He was also aware of Madhav’s social work of helping the beggar and appreciated him a lot for this. Fortunately, the sub-collector was the member of The Lions & Rotary club, a non-political organization that is dedicated to helping needy people. He was on the toe ready to help Madhav and Phuman.

People should work and act keeping the wellness of the society in mind and not just try proving themselves as the best. One, who has enough potential and power like Madhav, should always try to help weak and needy people like Phuman. The influence of such generous actions will always bring peace and happiness in their lives and ultimately to the world.

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