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The Biker's Gam(bl)e

The Biker's Gam(bl)e

8 mins

"So, what is it really, 'The Biker's Game'?", I asked in excitement.

Well, there's a little beautiful story about the two boys, which will help you understand it- "The Biker's Game".

But before I began, you should have an idea about the two classes of beings dwelling (or existing) on our planet, which will help you grasp the Game, the way it should be grasped.

So, there are two types of people in our world-

 The one 'who has Dignity' and the other one are those 'who have dignity but the difference is that their dignity has a price'.

'Well, you mean to say that for the second kind, their dignity can be bought for some price?' I asked.

Yes, Indeed. The one, who can pay that sum, will buy it. It's as simple as that.

But, what then will happen to that person, the one who has sold his dignity?

Nothing really happens, but a third kind of being comes into existence - "The one who has 'No Dignity' at all".

The one who has sold his dignity will be the one, who, when the time comes, will not hesitate (or think even one's) to sell anything he possesses 'dearest to him', "For what is left to sell at all if one has already sold his soul".

So, let's begin with the story.

Once there were two boys- Aman and Sadhu, well in their teens.

Both of them had the same desire and passion in their life- To learn to ride the bike and to lead the Biker's club.

Every year, to enter the Biker's club, a competition named- 'The Biker's race' is held at two levels: 'State' and 'Central'.

The top ten from each state are selected to participate in the 'Central Level' race. The top five in the Central Level gets an entry to the Biker's Club. And the one, who comes first, gets the golden chance to lead the Biker's club.

Both Aman and Sadhu wanted to enter the Biker's club and were really serious about it.

But neither of them knew how to ride a bike.

So they decided to learn from the experts and went to join a driving school.

They had of course heard of some big names like 'Top Racers driving school' in the field, who has been producing the best Bikers every year and claiming the maximum number of entries in the 'Biker's club' from their school. It was everywhere in the news and hoardings. They too wanted to join that best school, but they didn't have enough money to pay for their fees.

So, they decided to consult some of the elder boys, who, they knew have already entered the Biker's club.

The boys told them that they have learned to ride the Bike from the 'People's Racing School' and assured them that, it has got some of the best trainers we have known and that they both will surely make it to the Biker's club from People's Racing School.

Since both of them were short of money to pay for the Top Racers Driving School, both reluctantly agreed to join the People's Racing School.

When their training started, both of them realized that they have indeed, joined a good school and it really has some very good trainers.

Both Aman and Sadhu became perfect in riding the bike, in just a couple of months and we're really happy and obliged about their school. And they were finally ready to take part in The Biker's Race, that year.

The State level competitions started.

Both of them after taking the wishes from their trainers and the school went to take part in it and they did their best.

To their surprise, they couldn't believe the results, as neither of them had thought of defeating the boys from the Top Racers School (which they could not join).

"Aman finished first in the race and Sadhu finished fourth."

Both were really happy about their extraordinary performance and that too after defeating the best-believed rivals (boys from the best school).

Soon after the results they went to meet their trainers and thanked them wholeheartedly for their training. They even told their trainers, 'it was all because of your best techniques and dedication and belief in us that we could do our best'.

But, all that happened on the school campus only.

No one from outside really knew that where did they actually learn to ride?

However, it won't be hidden for so long from the world. The very next day, the newspapers will say it all.

But there was still the entire evening and a night left for it to be revealed.

Both Aman and Sadhu were happy and went to celebrate outside for their selection in the state-level race. They were busy enjoying themselves when their cell phone rang.

It was an unknown number.

Aman picked up the call and said Hello.

A voice from the other side replied 'Hello, we are speaking from the Top Racers Driving school, of course, you must have heard of us. And we are really happy about your performance at the State level Racing Competition. We, therefore, have decided to provide you further guidance for the national level. So, we invite you to come and visit us as soon as possible'.

They were a bit shocked by the unexpected call from the best racing school. And feeling the thrill of achievement, they were excited to go and visit the Top Racers.

The moment they reached there they were welcomed gracefully. And soon everything became clear in a moment.

The Top Racers placed a deal in front of the two boys. 

They said that you two have performed really well and therefore we have decided to gift both of you 'the best racing bikes'. Aman and Sadhu couldn't believe their ears.

"And also we would like to assist both of you for the National Level Race at our own school." They continued, "We don't seek anything from you, but your consent to accept that you were and are our students, and we will provide you all the publicity for it as well."

You see, it's only and only for your good, they said.

It was an exciting deal, thought Aman -"Getting the best Racer Bike, A chance to study at the best racing School … along with the publicity."

But Sadhu began to understand the entire game about what was going on there. He could easily see that they are really offering to buy his dignity. 

Sadhu refused to accept the shitty deal and walked away from there.

But Aman agreed to accept, with excitement and signed for the deal.

And the very next day, newspapers revealed it all...

It was again the Top Racers Driving School who gave the best bikers, with Amanas the First in the race. And Aman has gladly accepted that he had learned it all in The Top Racers Driving School.

When the trainers at People's Racing School heard of the news, they were really shocked about it. They were the ones who did all the hard work to put their best in the boys, but they never really get mentioned. Because all the big players would never leave a ball go off hand. Except, only quite a few, like Sadhu. But they don't really care about these exceptions. They always get more than enough, every time to remain at the top.

And so they both moved with their quest to become part of the Biker's Club. Only this time, their paths diverged.

Aman went to join the Top Racers Driving School.

While Sadhu stayed in the same school, the People's Racing School, to prepare for the national level.

The national level racing was about to start in a couple of days. Aman was already a star in the world's view and was thought to be the best bet for the National level as well, while Sadhu was busy learning from his trainers.

The National Level Competition finally began. Both Aman and Sadhu participated and did their best.

And the results came out…

Aman could not enter the Biker's club and lost the race.

But Sadhu came first in the race and thus entered the Biker's club and got the chance to lead it.

There was again the same evening and a night left in between, for the world to know that which school produced the best Bikers this time.

Since Aman had already sold his success, the first, he had nothing left to sell this time and had finally lost the game (The Life's game).

As for Sadhu's story, he received a call from an unknown number that evening.

It was again from the Top Racers Driving School again, to place their best deals in front of him and to buy his success.

But, Sadhu refused again. He told them, "You have to earn a lot more to bid for my success, for my dignity is not for sell."

That's how it all went.

And the very next day, newspapers said it all.

This time the unexpected happened and 'The People's Racing School' produced the toppers, with 'Sadhu' leading the game.

That was the story about the two boys, who had the same desires in life and were passionate about the same.

But the difference was that- 'One's success had a price tag on it' and 'on the other's success, it was written flawlessly and clearly- 'Not For Sale!'.

That is what is called as 'The Biker's Game'- The Game of Dignity.

The one 'who has dignity' and the one 'whose dignity has a price'.

The people will come from every corner of the world and will offer the best of the prices to buy you.

But it's only up to you to decide whether you are affordable for them or simply 'priceless'.

The One, who has already sold his dignity, has nothing really left, to sell further.

But the one whose dignity is priceless, the buyers will come again and again and will offer even the 'heavens' price to buy themselves, And every time they will go barehanded… as they could not pay the price. Simply because there isn't any, Because you are priceless.

The world may buy most of the souls at some price... and may hide the truth from the rest of the world.

But there are still, some souls in this world, which can never be bought at any price. And these are the souls, through them, the truth will reach to the world...sooner or later...but it will surely come.

May ye all be 'Priceless'! And May ye all have the dignity which is 'Priceless'.

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