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"YOU STUPID CHILD! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND ANYTHING!" My father screamed at me while throwing me to the floor. "Look at this! A B- ..." my father yelled showing me my maths homework. "YOU NEED TO BE PUNISHED!" He undid his belt but before he could punish me, Mum walked in. " Henry, what are you doing?" My mother cried.

"Alice, this stupid brat needs to go to boarding school, that way she'll ACTUALLY STUDY" My father glanced at me, "GET UP YOU STUPID BRAT! GO TO YOUR ROOM I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU ALREADY" I quickly ran to my room to overhear my parent's conversation.

"Henry, you can't treat our daughter like that" my mother screamed, "oh OUR DAUGHTER! SHES NOT EVEN MY KID!" Henry screamed back at my mother. Tears fell down my cheeks, as I gasped they both turned around to see me. I slammed my bedroom door shut and locked it so both of them couldn't get in. I was crying like raindrops. "Don't cry sweetie" I heard a voice. At first, I thought it was my imagination so I kept crying. " Amy, don't cry for Daddy," the voice said. "Dad, w-where are you?" I shouted, wiping my tears. "Honey, I'm dead," my father said sadly. I never got to meet my father. My father got cancer when I was born and he died. "Can you see me, Dad?" I asked him. "Yes, you've grown up so much," Dad cheerfully said. I smiled but then frowned again. "I wish you were here Daddy". There was no response, "Dad?" "DAD!?" "DONT LEAVE ME AGAIN DAD PLEASE!" I cried with tears streaming down my face. I fell down to the ground, wondering if I'll ever talk to my actual father again

I woke up to the sound of Henry screaming for me. " AMY OPEN THE DOOR THIS- THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND!" I opened the door and walked away from Henry, "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING!" Henry shouted at me. "Listen HENRY! you don't make the rules for me...cause you're not my father" And then I stormed out smirking. As I stormed out my mother stared at me in shock. She was about to say something but stayed silent. I walked past her thinking she wouldn't care but she pulled my arm and told me that I was getting shipped off to boarding school. What?! Was she crazy?! "Let go of me!" I growled. She let go, and I ran to the front door to escape, "HAYLEY NO DONT YOU won't SURVIVE ON YOUR OWN!" My mother screamed, "AND I CANT SURVIVE HERE, I'M SURPRISED I'VE MADE IT THIS LONG!!!" I shouted back.

I turned my head around away from my mother and ran before Henry and my mother could catch me. After a few hours of running, I slowly stopped and sat on a park bench. I was hungry, I mean I know Henry didn't feed me much, but it's better than this right? Henry was always in charge. Mother was no better though she would hit me with a book if I didn't like it at bedtime, so I started to pretend to like them, even though I didn't. I didn't have many clothes like other kids, it confused me because we had a mansion. And my mother and Henry were rich and they had great jobs.

I got off the park bench and heard a little girl scream. "HAYLEY, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!" Dad screamed in panic, I looked up at the sky "YEAH DAD I'M FINE!" I shouted at the sky. A man and a little girl stared at me. I started to turn red, and the man grabbed the little girl and came towards me.


The man looked me up and down "Hayley?" The man said what sounded like my father's echoes, "D-d-dad?" I asked with tears, he nodded "Oh my little hayley all grown up" he cried. I looked at the little girl, there was something about her, Marley put her hands out to me "Hay-hay!" My eyes widened and then I remembered everything that had happened when Marley was three and I was 10 we were playing together then all of a sudden we heard a BANG! type of sound "SHE DOESN'T NEED BOARDING SCHOOL, LISA" my father shouted at my mother "YES, SHE DOES" my mother shouted back, she looked at me and everything went black. I woke up to meet my 'father' who was really just Henry, who agreed for me to go to boarding school, and I ended up running away from Henry and my mother. "Mum poisoned me?" I asked my father. He looked down. "So, where's your mother" my father asked looking around, "uh-um-heh-uh" I mumbled "I ran away" my dad's eyes widened. "Lucky you ran into me then wasn't it" he gladly said smiling, I smiled. "Daddy is sissy coming home, I want her back," Marley cutely said. My dad looked at me as if it were up to me so I nodded. We walked for a while and then I finally saw my old house, I was so glad to see it. 

"Daddy I'm hungry" Marley complained, I didn't remember Marley being like this. "OK.. ok calm down !"My father said. We walked into the house, and as my father put Marley down, she ran to me to give me a hug. "I miss you sissy- I miss you" I held her tight, tears streaming down my face. My father made us both an avocado and cheese sandwich, after a while it was dark and I started to get tired, Dad showed me to my old room where I would be sleeping. I snuggled up into my bed, how happy I was to be back!

To be continued...

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