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Mihika Saraf

Drama Romance Tragedy


Mihika Saraf

Drama Romance Tragedy

Teaching Love (Chapter 2)

Teaching Love (Chapter 2)

3 mins

The subsequent day, as Grace woke up to Benjamin’s news, she was left in gloom. She knew no one, so disheartened was she that she cried and cried in her hospital bed, with tears from the heart.


That afternoon, Dr. Stevenson walked into her room. She despondently fell at his feet.

“I don’t know you but please help me! Take me home! Take me out of here!”

“There is nothing I can do Grace. You have a family. Had. They drove you out when you were very young. You came to your Uncle Benjamin and he had had you since then”. said he, with a sense of understanding and empathy.

“But now that he is no more, he has given me the responsibility to land you in safe hands”. He continued, as he picked her up from his feet.

“Hands! Whose hands?” She asked apprehensively.

“Dr. Stefan Walker”. Said Dr. Stevenson as he rested her on her bed giving her her medication. She slept.

 A week passed. One morning. She, Grace. Her eyes flickered as her blackened out eyes filled with tragedy, relatively came to colour and life. and she finally opened her eyes to Dr. Stevenson, who was ready to get her discharged. By now they had become quite comfortable with each other. As they sat in Dr. Stevenson’s car, he opened the door in the back seat for her and himself went in the front. He pointed the rear-view mirror to her and drove away from the hospital.

 “So, Grace, do you know where we are going?”

She nodded a no.

“To, Dr. Walker’s, Grace, to Dr. Walker’s”.

She nodded an understanding, but with an oblivious look of dislike towards his concept.

“It’s a two-hour ride Grace. I have promised Dr. Benjamin that I would tell you the truth about your family”.

Grace looked straight in the rear-view mirror, and glimpsed him as he sweat a brow with tense and concern.

 Two hours flew in thin air, like sand as Dr. Stevenson narrated Grace’s late Uncle Benji. She didn’t speak a word through the whole ride but as the car halted as they had reached their destination, and his story ended, she tightened her throat and in took a breath, as a tear sled from her sea blue eye.

Dr. Stevenson opened the door for her and she stepped out of the car with her slightly feeble feet. Stood in front of them, a huge house, unfolding brickly, with a gigantic door as if guarding upfront. There was an enormous brisk staircase which led to the door, elevating the giant house even more.

 Dr. Stevenson gave a look to Grace which asked if she was ready. She, undoubtful however, agreed to continue.

 They climbed up the enormous flight of stairs which unravelled in front of them. And reached to the uncommon door.

“Grace, would you like to knock?”

She asked with denial to go in, even though she knew the answer.

“Dr. Stevenson? Why are we doing this?”

 He chose not to answer.

 “Why would Uncle Benji want to send me here?”

She asked to herself and to Dr. Stevenson.

 With his eyes, he pointed to Grace to knock on the door.

With denial she did.

As they stood outside, they could hear the placing of books and footsteps coming near the door. They looked at each other.

 The huge door unlocked and creaked open, as a handsome young man stood up front. But Grace had lost the remembrance of all emotions except fear.


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