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Stuffed, Oh Dear!

Stuffed, Oh Dear!

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Hiya .. hope you all doing well! It's been long I put any random mind-boggling thoughts, so one goes here.. 

Amidst the Corona era and particularly this phase of Lockdown wherein we are all home-bound and busy at the same time; the feeling is not really great! Yesterday after close to 3 months of being home, we had been for a stroll outside and eventually walked up to the nearby Indian store. Living outside the country, any store that particularly sells Indian specific goods is more often referred so.

On our list, were those small eggplants and as the cover pic says, I prepared the authentic dish 'Stuffed Brinjal ' . ..

 Nah, I won't talk about the recipe here :D

While I was doing the top job like preparing the masala and stuffing it in those partially slit eggplants; I felt it's so similar to our lives at the moment!

Those thoughts, justifications, grievances that our heart or mind holds on and has been left unheard and untold .. That feeling of being ignored, That fear of being judged often misjudged, that horror of being alone and unattended, the want to be acknowledged but could never be just so scary. And in all those times, we appear to be calm and composed to the outer world, just as the beautiful eggplant! Glutted but presentable, isn't it?

Meanwhile, I noticed that the moment I placed those jam-packed brinjal on a pan with little oil and on a medium flame; I observed that they were being comfortably  cooked and oozed out the extra stuffing.. Relating back again to human beings; it was about the feeling of being heard one can ask for, the ears that one needs to be lent when someone needs, those consoling words one looks for while in a comfort zone. 

Well, Had I put them on a high flame, they would have been burnt .. quite similar to way we would felt in a not so welcoming situation!

Yes, I am talking about Mental health - it's crucial in these times and let people know that they do not need to struggle silently! It's okay not be okay at times..

Come what may, mental health well being is the highest priority , all they need is a little care and lots of love with a confirmation message 'You are not alone' !

Oh, yea, the dish turned out really well and we enjoyed our meal yesterday evening ..

Until next time, Take care xx

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