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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Asha Palo

Drama Romance


Asha Palo

Drama Romance

An Unsaid Affair..

An Unsaid Affair..

3 mins

Ria was all set to move to London for a post-graduation and was busy winding up. This is when the decision was turned down and she eventually ended up working as a Software Engineer.

Exactly after 1.7 years of work, she then got a chance to fly to London for an executive post-grad and without a second thought, she agreed to take it up. She enrolled herself in King’s College London and opted for a Hostel facility as well. Absolutely excited about the year program and was looking forward for it.

2013 July: It was pleasant England summer and she was out for a coffee with her college senior, Vivek. They got to be quite close friends from day one in the college and Ria enjoyed his company. Their conversations went beyond small talk and lasted hours.

One such evening, Viv walks her home after they had a house party at another friend’s place and two hours later, around midnight she receives a phone call. The phone rang and Ria was surprised to see the caller at that hour. It was an awkward conversation but she took it right.

Viv was reluctant as if he didn’t want to ask her that question but also wanted to know the truth. Ria could sense that there was something which Viv wanted to ask but isn’t able to; she then makes him comfortable and says ‘ C’mon Viv .. tell me what is it? You don’t sound okay’

Viv: See I don’t want to tell you but.. I mean I don’t know how would you take it .. see see.. now just don’t judge me .. ah .. forget it .. I think we shall speak later

Ria: I shall count 3 and I want to ask or say what ever you want to. I just can’t have a good sleep if you don’t!

Viv: Ria, I think I am attracted to you. I find you pretty and love when you are with me. I just don’t want you to go .. I think I am in love with you and I know this is wrong because I am married but this is the truth..

Ria: Can we meet tomorrow for a coffee?

Viv: Did you even listen to what I said just now, I mean did you even understand what I meant??

Ria: Up for a coffee, yes.. no ??

Viv: Right, okay.

Ria: See you then and let me sleep now:) She hung up.

Viv was confused and surprised as well, he just could not digest Ria’s reaction! They met for coffee the next day followed by a long walk and hours of discussion.. After listening to Viv, Ria made it very clear he should respect his marriage, if not walk out of it but did not entertain an extra marital affair. Viv, on the other hand, was confused about walking out of the marriage, about the divorce. That was strange but was true. It was close to 3 am and Viv dropped her home.

They kept meeting at a friend’s place, went out for dinner, for a drink and spent a good time with each other but never did they discuss this.

It was time for Ria to shift out of England and move to a new place where she had picked up a job after her studies. That last meet, Ria confesses her feelings to Viv and also said, she was glad that Viv stood by the marriage and respected that special conversation. Viv and Ria are still in touch and they named it as ‘an unsaid affair on that special universe’..

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