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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Md. Junaid Mondal

Horror Thriller


Md. Junaid Mondal

Horror Thriller

Story of Two Friends

Story of Two Friends

4 mins

Amit and Mir are two very good friends. Both of them are from West Bengal. Mir is a doctor and Amit a businessman. They both used to meet regularly and spend some time together gossiping. But due to the pandemic lockdown was introduced. Amit was forced to close his shop and return to his home in Digha. He was in tension about what's going to happen. And his friend Mir was an on-duty doctor. After a week of lockdown when both the friend was talking over call, Mir understood Amit is in huge tension and feeling depressed. So, Mir decided to take a leave from the hospital and also a pass from the police to go to Digha and meet his friend to give him some moral and financial support. 

On the very next day, he spoke with the management for 3 days' leave. The management allowed him to leave on that weekend and take the next two days off. Mir also agreed that. Now, he goes to the police station and takes the pass as well. The weekend comes, he was all set for Digha. But suddenly he gets a call from the management. He picks it up. 

Management: "Sir, your patient bed no. 31 is very serious. She needs immediate surgery"

Mir: "Dr. Kumar is there. You may transfer this patient. I took off for the next 3 days. 

Management: "Yes, sir I know but he is also not available. Can you please manage? You just give the first half and take your leave from the evening"

Mir: "Not really I am ok with it....but"

Management: "Sir please"

Mir: "OK....ok, I m coming"

He wents to the hospital and attempts the surgery but unfortunately, the patient dies. He was really feeling very bad about it. But nothing was in his hand. Now he sets his way to Digha. He was almost in the midway and it was midnight. The road was deserted and looking haunted. At this point, he was feeling very scared. And all of a sudden he noticed a girl standing by side of the road was raising her hand to stop the car. Then he opens the window of the car and gets mesmerized with the beauty of those eyes of that girl. 

Mir "Yes, what are you doing here and why you stopped me?"

Girl: "Can you please give me a lift? I work in the Digha Hospital and today got a bit late in finishing my works."

Mir was lost in her eyes and he was willing to see her face but she was wearing a mask. So, Mir said 'Ok...get up I will give you a lift till 42 G.R Road.

Girl: "Thanks a lot"

Then she gets up in the car. Mir asked her some questions about her but she didn't reply. Mir was still very much eager to know about her as somewhat he has started liking her. He was admiring her eyes through the side-view mirror. And suddenly he noticed something happened and the girl puts down the mask a bit. And the moment she does so, Mir was shocked and brakes the car with a huge jerk. As the face of the girl was having such a scary face. Her teeth were a ghost.

The girl said: "What happened?"

Mir with a stammering voice: "NO NO I just got a bit sleepy."

Girl with a smile: "Be careful"

Mir said "Yeah sure"

Then after a minute he reached G.R Road and dropped the girl and turned toward his friend's house with full speed. His legs were shaking and somehow he reaches Amit's house. he knocks the door. Then Amit opens the door and was surprised to see Mir trembling and stammering. Then quickly he takes Mir inside and gives him water and asked what happened. Then Mir narrated him the complete horror story. Amit was also shocked to hear and suggested him to forget what happened. The next morning Mir was still feeling very scared to return home alone. So, Amit told him he will also accompany him. 

So, in the afternoon they set their way back. Soon the sunsets and it was dark. The car reached the same place where last day the girl was sanding. Today also she was standing in the same place. This time instead of stopping the car Mir accelerated and crossed her. Amit asked what happened suddenly. He told him that was the girl whom he met last night. Then both of them looked at each other and didn't say anything. 

But after a passing a bit suddenly a scary ghost comes in front of the car and then the police found the car in G.R Road with the dead body of Mir and Amit. And in the glass of the car was written "BED NO- 31"

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