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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Mangesh Shirke



Mangesh Shirke


Snowfrost And The 7 Stones

Snowfrost And The 7 Stones

8 mins 10.2K 8 mins 10.2K

Somewhere in a far off Parallel Magical Universe, in the city of Hiozland, the deadly evil lord Kaevan have expropriated the 7 precious stones, previously in the hands of Sarumaan, the renowned Magician, to become the infinite power in all the Universes. Each stone represented the 7 different planets in 7 directions which maintained the balance of that entire universe. The theft of these stones had caused imbalance and climatic chaos in the Universe. Sarumaan fought with his entire might with Kaevan, but got injured & bedridden, and decided to send his best disciple in search of the Main stone. The 7th disciple, Snowfrost, was chosen in this quest, and was accompanied by Edana, the half witch. They had to get the White Moonstone before Kaevan completed his rituals, as it’s light would therefore guide them to find the other 6, failing which he’ll rise as the supreme power and will become invincible.

 “Head in the South direction & cross all the 4 countries to reach the floating Castle of Kaevan,” the exhausted Sarumaan told them “Kaevan has the most precious of all stones, The White Moonstone. Remember, the moment you take the stone, cast the spell of light on it, & it will guide the rest 6 disciples in finding the rest 6 stones. The moonstone is the most powerful of all stones. If Kaevan wins over it, we are lost. So use your powers wisely. And, remember, I’ll be watching over you...”

Riding on horses, Snowfrost & Edana reached the Desert of Xeblar, in which resided the one-eyed demon Xeblar, a devotee of Kaevan, who was made entirely of sand. They both fought with all his forces. Edana, using her unique powers, bended space and created thundershowers, Snowfrost used her White Magic and turned Xeblar into a pile of mud. As they crossed the desert after defeating the Demon, Snowfrost received a boon which can be used only once: She can now gain power anytime using her mind and a magic spell.


After days of horse-riding journey, they reached the Forests of Vestonia, which was under the influence of Vesta, the bald goddess, a dedicated devotee to Kaevan. The forest was full of deadly trees. The goddess used all her magic on the trees which tangled their creepers around Snowfrost, but she used all her powers and all her spells, and fought the Goddess. Edana then bended space and created firestorms which caused the whole forest and the Goddess to burn down. As they crossed the forest, Snowfrost received a boon which can be used only once: She received a Magic Spell which can heal her wounds as well as can heal anyone.


They again rode day and night towards South, and finally reached the Colossal Castle of Qublous, owned by Qublous, the castle owner, the limping Demon, again a huge devotee on Kaevan. The huge castle was a maze of rooms and chambers, and Snowfrost had to find in the right chamber, where Qublous was seated. Edana then bent time and found out the exact chamber were Qublous was hiding. He used his powers of creating thunderstorms inside the castle, but Snowfrost turned his powers against him and destroyed the demon. As she exited the enormous castle, the whole castle collapsed and she received a boon which can be used only once: She received The Enchanted Sword Trinity, which she can use to kill anyone at any time.

They rode for days and nights, and finally reached the Ocean of Thueland, the deadly ocean which had the deadliest creatures inside, inhabited by Charyclover, the Sea-monster, who believed Kaevan to be the god. Snowfrost used her Purple Magic and casted the control spells on the creatures as well as on Charyclover. As they were under the spell, Edana used her powers and bended time, causing time to slow down, during which they crossed the sea. Snowfrost then used her powers and destroyed the Sea monster, after which she received a one-time boon: She received the Magic Spell which can give life to any dead or non-living person or a non-living thing.


As they crossed the ocean, Edana pointed towards a floating Citadel on top of a mountain at the far south. The whole castle was glowing with White Light.

“That’s the Citadel of Kaevan, the evil worshipper,” she said. “You see the glow around? That glow is because Kaevan is possessing The White Moonstone, the most powerful in all the stones.”

They rode the entire barren land and reached the base of the mountain. The huge Citadel was floating above the peak. As they neared the mountain, the huge citadel came into view, its spears soaring high up in the sky.

“I’ll help you fly up there. My powers won’t work in his castle,” Edana replied, looking sad, “Once inside, you are on your own. Also….. please save my father,” she pleaded to Snowfrost, “The evil lord needs a half wizard to finish his sacrifice as a part of the ritual. Please get my father back .”

As Snowfrost stepped on the first step, she heard some chants. Slowly she climbed all the steps, and as she reached the top, she knew the source of voice. Somehow gathering strength, she pushed open the doors and stepped inside the Citadel.

She entered into a huge, tall & long altar. On either walls were statues of hideous creatures, with glowing Red eyes and holding burning torches with Red Fire. Exactly in the centre was the statue of the Demon God. Below that was a pedestal, on which a body of an unconscious old man was kept with fire burning all around on the floor. The deadly evil Kaevan was sited below, eyes closed and chanting verses. He wanted to sacrifice the old man as a part of certain rituals. On top of the pedestal, on the feet of the Demon God, was The White Moonstone, glowing nicely and spreading its divine white light all around. Snowfrost was mesmerized by its beauty.

“Go from where you came, MORTAL……!” a huge voice boomed in the entire castle which brought Snowfrost back to her senses. Kaevan, the evil lord, stood up and pointed his spear with four pointed spokes towards her and said, “I’ll defeat you in no time, you brunch…!!! You are no match to me...!”

“FIGHT WITH ME…& SHOW HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE…!” Snowfrost confidently shouted back.

“Watch thissss…!” Kaevan answered & casted a spell on her.

In an instant, Snowfrost felt totally weak. She collapsed on the floor. She felt as if she was losing every bit of power inside her. She felt her body draining and all she could hear was the evil Kaevan’s creepy Laughter.

“Use the boons that you got in your journey, and use them wisely..” she heard Sarumaan’s voice in her head. Her master’s voice immediately got up confidence inside her.

She used her 1st boon and chanted the magic spell which helped her gain power. Instantly, she felt her body beaming with health and her potential increase multifold.

“HAAAAA……what you think with these powers, you could defeat me…?” Kaevan’s voice echoed in the altar.

“I am here to annihilate you…!! Be ready to get destroyed..!!” furiously, Snowfrost shouted back.

Next, she used her 4th boon & chanted the Magic Spell loudly and directed it with her hand towards the altar walls. Her chants gave life to all the hideous creatures with glowing Red eyes. There they gathered around her, each of them more than 10-12 feet tall and holding the glowing Red Torches in their hands. Snow frost’s spell had brought them totally under her control.


In an instant, all of them pounced on him, using their spears & glowing torches to attack him. Kaevan then changed his shape and increased his height. He started fighting all the creatures that came near him.

“Use your boon and target the middle of his temple….” Sarumaan whispered in her mind, “That’s where his life is…!”

Using her 3rd boon, she casted a spell on the Enchanted Sword Trinity, and threw it towards Kaevan. The evil lord, totally engrossed in fighting the army, didn’t see what was coming. The sword pierced in directly between his eyes. Kaevan cried in agony and pain. He tried removing the sword, but it couldn’t come out, and eventually, he fell on the ground, and wincing in pain, he died.

After his death, all the evil creatures got destroyed themselves. With explosions all around, the entire castle started vibrating badly. Every pillar, every wall started collapsing on the floor. Amidst the chaos, Snowfrost then used her 2nd boon and casted the magic spell to heal the wounds of Edana’s Father. Inspite of the destruction around her, she ran and grabbed the glowing White Moonstone. Together, they escaped out of the huge citadel as it collapsed down.

Once outside at the base of the mountain, Snowfrost then casted the spell of light onto The White Moonstone. It glowed more intensely, and it shoot up a star in the sky, sending light in 6 different directions, marking the locations of 6 other stones.

“You saved us, Snowfrost,” Edana’s father, Bardolph, said “all the seven planets and Sarumaan himself will be very much thankful to you..!”

As the three reached Hiozland, the 6 other stones were discovered. Together, Sarumaan placed the 7 stones in the 7 casket placed along 7 directions. As he placed the precious of all, The White Moonstone in its casket, all 7 of them got aligned, & it sent a white light high up in the sky, balancing the whole Universe and subsequently ending all the imbalance and climatic chaos by spreading its divine white light all around.

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