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Small Love Story

Small Love Story

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At her home, Neeta held a weekend party. All her friends and acquaintances were present. The only person who abstained from attending was her boyfriend, Shiv. He was a simple guy though had a background of a rich corporate family. Yet in his age, he was satiated with his work and Neeta. Opposites attract and it was true because Neeta could hardly match his calm and composed mindset but balanced with her coltishness.

Himanshu, youngest cousin of Neeta was a party person and he enjoyed the company of Shiv. They were playing pool together when Sarika entered the game room with a glass of wine in her hand. She was in a black shirt and white short skirt.

Both the guys turned around at the sound of the door creaking suddenly. Himanshu welcomed her and asked to join the game. She showed disinterest but somehow accepted his offer and agreed to play one game but with Shiv.

Himanshu was offended at her proposal but let her play with him.

Shiv was a committed person who never even looked at any other woman except for Neeta.

Tarini and Shiv were best friends but Neeta never had any problem with their closeness. She believed they would never cross their lines. While Sarika had her eyes on Shiv from the day he was introduced by Neeta to her friends' group.

Shiv and Sarika had a good round of game and Himanshu was watching them sitting on the couch.

Neeta had called Shiv and asked him to be in hall as they were supposed to have couple dance. Shiv turned down her request and disconnected the call.

This made Neeta furious and she walked upstairs to the game room but to find him playing with Sarika.

Himanshu was speechless to see her but before he could utter a single word, Neeta grabbed Sarika's hand and took her to the hall. There she announced, Sarika was the best dancer and she can make anyone dance. Everyone went silent with her statement.

Himanshu went downstairs and saw the mess and he announced that he would accompany Sarika for dance.

This enraged Neeta but she stopped herself from stepping ahead and say anything.

The music was turned on and Himanshu unwillingly matched his steps with Sarika just to prevent any scene.

Shiv came down silently, he smiled looking at Neeta and held her hand. She was upset with him and didn't talk.

But after the dance of the Jodi's were over, Shiv started singing a romantic number for Neeta. He was melodious and won Neeta's heart. To her surprise, he even kneeled down to propose her and it made Sarika furious.

She walked away from the party and got inside her car.

At the nick of time, Tarini followed her and gifted her a slap. She had a play recorder in her hand. Tarini started the play button and the voice of Sarika was heard. She had planned to ruin Shiv and Neeta's relationship but failed.

It was Tarini who heard the conversation of Sarika with her mother at the market. They had planned to snatch away Shiv from Neeta and use him for his property.

When she saw Neeta with Sarika she realised something might have happened and it was the outcome. But Tarini saved the embarrassing moment from getting ruined at worst. She had made Shiv hear the recording and asked him to propose Neeta by singing her a song in front of everyone including Sarika.

That was the final time when Sarika had been in their lives.

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