Participate in 31 Days : 31 Writing Prompts Season 3 contest and win a chance to get your ebook published
Participate in 31 Days : 31 Writing Prompts Season 3 contest and win a chance to get your ebook published

Zero To One

Zero To One

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Life is full of surprises, whether you accept the fact or not. But we are accustomed to a saying since our childhood, "Life is not a bed of roses". A simple example that defines life is how we percept it and make it. We are the creators of our own future. A kid grows up with all love and care. Similarly, our future is like a baby. We can simply make it beautiful with hard work, honest efficient efforts, and consistency. But do anyone believe in another important factor that makes our life beautiful? It's our belief in ourselves.

Something inside our mind keeps shouting, "Don't give up, keep focussed". It is not the end of our life. If we give up how will we create our own path. When we build something it takes time, we need to give that time to ourselves. Today if sowed a seed, we can't expect it to grow into a plant tomorrow. It needs time to get nurtured and essential conditions to grow. Similarly starting with alphabets, words are formed. Those words make a sentence and in turn, it creates a story. Who knows when we are writing to express our feelings, we are motivating someone. Even by reading those written stories, it might be possible that some people are getting influenced in the right way.

I am simply a beginner, an amateur looking for opportunities to work as a scriptwriter and a storyteller. Who is going to listen to my stories? Anyone who wants to would go for a reputed person who is an expert in his or her field. A completely wrong notion we have.

Wonderful pieces are available everywhere. When we go to markets or shopping malls, we see beautiful showpieces on the shelves. Most of the time, due to its price we fail to buy it but we tend to talk about that beautiful artistic decor, the place where we saw it and the price as well. The ones who can afford to buy would search for it while others would publicize about its beauty.

In a writer's life, imagination and creativity both give shape to a magnificent masterpiece of words. Some are in the form of poems and some form stories. The best attribute of a poem is, it is quite philosophical and the stories have fine incidents described and the reader may be delighted to view them through the author's writings.

Some writers may not have the intention to be a professional one, while some dreams to start from scratch and fill up pages with their experiences, emotions, facts, imagination. The best part of any writer is their struggling phase. They pen down every tidbit of their thoughts. It is quite evident in the initial stage, encouragement lacks but with consistent effort to read and write, a person becomes so engulfed in the stories and poems, he adopts the art of writing skills, participate in various competitions, and dream to become a writer or a poet.

Keeping everything simple, life is too complex to live with expectations. Weird thoughts creep in the minds, will anyone even read this book, will they like my writing, etc. We for sure are not spending hours writing just to entertain people. Many want to become a professional writer, an author to be more specific. I also had the notion, a writer must be well educated, have good contacts, social media influence. In vain, my thoughts faded, I felt the luckiest person to take part in writing challenges. Only a handful of people know me, it is just the beginning.

I have miles to go, innumerable emotions to share, stairs to climb in the process of reaching the pinnacle of being a people's poet, a storyteller.

The core responsibility of a writer is to make the reader believe the written words are true, they exist. Starting from nowhere the journey of a writer begins when different imagination flies in the mind. The feelings when crafted in a required format, the reader seems to find an attraction in the stories. In a word, the reader drowns in the stories. Old school form of writing stories have not died yet. Newer ways to introduce different stories of different people have made their way.

The Internet plays a crucial role nowadays to expand the scope of writing. It is a writing competition where I am writing now, to be very practical. Competition and analysis of the writings would select few persons if their writings can carve a path through the reader's mind or not. I believe I can be the writer with a heart full of love and hurts, happiness and I am to share my stories with the world. My intention is to attract the attention of the readers. I am not to write for free though, in course of time, through various blog sites, writing applications, competitions, I am to make a mark in the field of writing.

Moreover, I have a motto, to spread happiness among people. If one's writings can become the core reason for many to live their life with a positive state of mind, touch the hearts with the belief that good things happen with time, believe nothing is impossible to do in life, live with unconditional love in their hearts, then that person willingly accept all the challenges in the process to become a well known writer.

Clarity regarding our future has been given importance but writers try to draw a clear picture in the minds of the readers through their written stories and poems. A kid read books, a teenager reads and tries to understand the inner meaning behind those words, even an adult reads and creates different perceptions while reading. The writer doesn't write for his own but to tell stories to the world with the help of words and language. If a reader cannot understand even after reading a book or a story or a poem for many times, it is thoughtful to change the way of writing. Years after years, many authors have evolved from zero to bestselling writer or poet. There are many genres to write for, every writer and reader has their own preference for writing and reading respectively. Capturing hearts of few or millions depends on how strategically a writer presents his story.

A writer doesn't become a writer overnight, there are facets and channels to explore through the literature art. It takes much patience to read than to write. Therefore, to play with expressions in a simple way is the talent that justifies being an author for a reader. A thousand books come in the market every week, it is all about surviving amongst hundreds of writers. A bookworm may be very selective in terms of genres or linguistics. It may happen, a new writer have to write for free for a long time, after getting through many competitions, he or she may become well known in the field of writing.

How does it matter if you are not into deliberate writing? Changing the perception while writing plays the major factor. A lady in her early twenties and a woman in early thirties have different choices. Being obsessive about reaching out to many people might even lose the patience from the minds of future writers. Reading more books, journals and listening to the stories from our grandparents and the previous generation plays a pivotal role in sufficing the hunger to know about different incidents. With these incidents, we, the aspiring writers tend to fill in the pages. Even the renowned ones have written the stories they have heard from their elders and demonstrated beautifully in the books.

Apart from these, having a positive mindset to achieve our goals, be better than the rest will not uplift our career and life. Exploring the unknown and creating scenarios that will capture the minds of readers can develop a better way to become a writer. Writing is an art, it is connected to the heart along with the mind. Biblically, a good book can be a best friend sometimes for many people. The vast majority of authors need to recognise the apt method to make a place in the hearts of readers. It is not a story that forces a person to read but the manner in which it has been written.

The talent of writing stories, poems, drama may be present in many but to find the right method and increasing the writing skills would definitely help a struggling writer to succeed in the long run. Today's hardwork and consistent effort would bring a wonderful change among the aspiring writers. A better version of ourselves is evident when every day we upgrade our knowledge and hone the skills of a systematic approach to writing masterpieces for the readers. Book lovers lose themselves into the fine expressive stories and feel the characters. Creating a character also shows how we think about presenting an individual in the verses. A good book is formed with the heart and soul of a writer.

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