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Mimi's Light Fairy

Mimi's Light Fairy

3 mins

On a rainy day, Mimi was going to school with her mother. She was wearing a blue raincoat and her mother helped her get inside the school premises with much care. Mimi bid goodbye to her mother and ran inside the big school building. It was the English class. The teacher came into the classroom and every student greeted her 'Good Morning' by standing up.

"Class, I want everyone to go through the story 'Light Fairy'," told the teacher to the students.

The students started reading the story. Mimi was fascinated by the beautiful photos of the fairies and started reading. The class went on and then the next class started. Mimi could not stop thinking about the story of Light Fairy. She had read only half but was waiting to go back home and read the full story.

Her mother fetched her dinner and took her to the room. Mimi took her book and asked her mother, " Momma, please read the story of Light Fairy, I would sleep well."

She made her lie on the bed, put the blanket on her, and sat beside Mimi.

The moment her mother started reading the story, Mimi's eyes opened wide. She slowly fell asleep.

"Come with me, I will take you on a tour inside the palace," said a pretty girl in a white dress and white wings."

Mimi was surprised to see a fairy holding her hand and she was flying in the sky among the clouds.

The horses were dressed in white belts and armors. Another young woman in yellow dress and wings was seen traveling on a horse over the clouds.

Mimi asked, " Where are we going?" She smiled at the child and answered, "I am taking you to Light Fairy's Palace. She would make you a fairy."

"Really?" Mimi asked her with much surprise and joy.

They reached the palace. Little birds and colorful flowers were talking to each other. Mimi was astonished at how flowers spoke to the birds.

"How do you talk Rose flower?" asked Mimi.

The flower replied, "We too have life. We can talk, sing, eat, and sleep."

The white fairy told Mimi, " If Light Fairy would not have blessed the kingdom of clouds, no one would have had life."

Mimi asked, "When will I meet Light Fairy?"

"We are in the hall, she would come here soon."

Mimi was looking at the beautiful palace interior. All of a sudden, a palanquin arrived driven by four dwarf men. The light was sharp and it made it difficult for everyone to look at it for some time. Everyone bowed down their heads.

"Daisy, you are here at this time?" asked the pretty fairy after getting out of the palanquin.

"We have a little member who would like to meet you and wants to become one of us."

"When Light Fairy is here, all your wishes would come true."

The light fairy looked into the twinkling eyes of Mimi and touched her head with her magic wand. In a minute, Mimi was dressed up in a white gown and she had beautiful wings.

"Now I can fly."

"Yes, my child, you can," said Light Fairy, and everyone smiled at her. The moment Mimi started flying on her own to a tree from which apples were hanging, she got a jolt. She fell down.

"Mimi, how much hurt you are my child," said her mother. Mimi opened her eyes and found herself in her bedroom. That night, her mother took Mimi to her bedroom and made her sleep. Mimi would ask her mother to read the story of Light Fairy every night. In her dreams, Mimi would meet Light Fairy and travel to different places and make friends in a different world.

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