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At crossroads, Neha thought of giving up but somewhere in her mind, she was in a constant fight whether or not to believe her friend for the second time. Ashima, her friend had duped her once and she cut off ties and put in efforts to build her business from scratch. Though Ashima had begged for apologies and paid her back half the investment they had made together. Neha could not forgive her for her past deeds. It was winter, the season of picnics, excursions. Neha was a Chef and a confectioner at her own bakery after leaving a 5 Star Hotel. Hira was her assistant and caretaker who would care for the connections and people more than Neha would do. After few years Neha had cut off ties from Ashima, Ashima came back with an offer to start a new venture and become her business partner.

Neha was adamant not to forgive her and turned down her offer. Hira decided to find the intentions of Ashima as he gave it a thought. He took leave for few days from his work and started following Ashima. Ashima had her restaurant in the same neighborhood and it was quite a suggested place by customers. He decided to go there as a stranger and ask for work.

Ashima was convinced of Hira's poverty and gave him a job as a waiter at her restaurant. Within a week he noticed a strange thing. Ashima was not too well, she wanted a business partner for her new to be opened lounge. She was suffering from a rare disease and her mother had passed away. And she was all alone and no one to look after her and her business.

And that was the moment when Hira asked for emergency leave and went back to Neha and told her every detail. At first, Neha was angry with Hira and fired him from the job. But after thinking about Hira's concern for her business and getting to know about Ashima she felt disappointed with herself for underestimating Hira's honesty and change of Ashima's mindset.

Neha decided to go for Ashima's venture and one fine day he had called Hira and asked him to come to her bakery and take the pay. Hira arrived and Neha apologized for her behavior and asked him to go and meet Ashima at her restaurant. Ashima was completely blown seeing Hira and Neha together. Hira didn't utter a word but Neha told her whatever Hira did for her. Ashima was glad to know that Neha wanted to invest in Ashima's venture and become her business partner. Both of them thanked Hira.

Sometimes we fail to see the good and skip forgiving people. Risks are a part of our lives and without risk, there's no gain.

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