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Sid, The Womb Baby- 3

Sid, The Womb Baby- 3

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Not sure why, they are having a lot of discussion about the future.

After about an hour, I guess they have finally made the decision. They are now heading towards the hospital.

Dad said while driving, "Don't you worry, we are taking the right step".

Mum just nodded the head and leaned herself on the seat closing her eyes.

They reached the hospital. They both are speaking to the Doctor. Doctor asked mom to come along to the ward room.

Dad stays outside the room. I don't know what Doctor was talking about, I could not understand what she was talking. She was using more of the terms I can't guess what it meant.

She was checking mom thoroughly. She prescribed medicines to my mom. Dad went to get the medicines she prescribed.

I was still confused here. After all what's going on?

What have they decided? Am I getting aborted? Are they planning for that? What are the medicines for? Dad comes with the medicines and Doctor asks Mom to come back after two days again post having the course of medication.

Dad said, I know this is going to be a tough decision. But, I am sure this is the right thing to do. They headed towards home. Not sure what he meant?

Please wait for two days to know about it..

Stay tuned..

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