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Son Of A Gun

Son Of A Gun

9 mins 347 9 mins 347

I was slowly moving towards her, treading my ground carefully so as not to make even the faintest of noise. I had to destroy her today for I knew she will not stop on her mission. I knew she was covering herself behind some old machinery in that abandoned warehouse. Not that she was a coward, but she was a shadow that hides in the darkness. But this time I was confident that I won’t miss my mark. I knew it because I can predict her instincts. And why can’t I? After all I was her brother and we were forged from the same furnace.

“You can’t outrun me this time sister. This is your last day.” I told myself and it felt good to feel the gush of victory coursing through me.

“There she is. Finally, I have my shot” I exclaimed and it didn’t take me too long to do it. I shot a bullet directly at her and then another and within moments her head shattered. “I’m sorry sister, but you didn’t leave me any choice” I turned back and left the place immediately.

I always feel that the likes of me were the masters of death. That we had the power to decide between life and death. But my sister whom I just killed just now caused a little rebellion. She said we should be the guardian angels and should be on the side of life. Her conviction was so strong that she went on to destroy the likes of us, her own brothers at arms, to protect life. That traitor. She believed that she chose the side of good and she was right. But this is where she was wrong. She thought that we were serving the evil. But in truth, we were the evil. 

That’s the difference between good and evil. When you choose good, the stakes are high and you can’t afford to trade lives. Even it means destroying evil, there stands a line of morality in front of you. That’s what gets the likes of her killed or so I believed until I saw him. That son of a gun.

He was a glock 22 and his mother whom I killed was a Beretta. Glock was manufactured reusing the components from his mother. And about myself, though I enjoy being called as the master of death, I am a browning and my two subordinates are walther PPKs. I now know that Glock will come after me. Why won't he? After all I killed his mother. He will definitely want to seek out revenge and when he comes, I should be ready for him.


Obviously, Browning is under the wrong assumption. I am the son of a gun. Yes, the son of Beretta. But I am way above revenge. I am here to complete what my mother set out to do. I am here to stop the evil that killed my mother and that took several lives. But this time, I won’t repeat the same mistake that my mother did. I will not, like my mother, fall into the hands of a dutiful police, who follows the law. Instead, I chose an outlaw, who has no bounds yet believed in the good. And so, I started my journey. 

I am not sure when I will meet the Browning, but I am sure about one thing. This particular encounter of us is going to be fascinating. Two guns taking the sides of good and evil and both not by bounded by morality. What more can I ask for?

“They say any weapon is only as good as the wielder that wields it” Browning smirked at his allies.

“Where are you going with this Browning? You know that shooting bare words at the enemy won’t kill them” Walther PPK1 replied.

Ignoring the sarcastic comment, Walther PPK2 spoke. ”We know that Glock is coming for us. So, it will be good if we could discuss plans to deal with him.” He said with a measure of concern.

“I’m getting there only. I have not seen much shooters in my life, but after seeing so many kills, I must say that the man who wields me is the best shooter the world has ever seen.” Browning said with a sense of fascination. 

“And removing false modesty, I must mention that I am the best gun that the gun world has ever seen” he added with a proud smile. “Considering all these, I must say that killing glock will be an easy ordeal.” Browning paused.

“But?” Walther PPK1 asked with curiosity.

“But Glock is a powerful firearm. Even the richocheted projectile will have enough power to kill. All he needs is one shot and we will have to find our grave. This gives him an edge over us.” Browning added.

“So... Erm... Do we have a plan?” Walther PPK2 asked with a hint of confusion.

Browning gave a cunning smile. “Yes, we do”


“He believes that I have a deep intention to avenge my mom and that I will come for him. If that’s the case, then he will be expecting me and will have battle plans drawn out.” Glock thought to himself.

“Since he hasn’t come to attack me yet. He wants to lure me into his place and use the home advantage. That will be trump card that he will be betting on. So how should I negate him of this advantage?” Glock pondered over this thought for a while. Suddenly, he caught on to a wonderful idea. He smiled satisfyingly.

Next morning, the cops received a call from an unknown informant. He stated that he knew the hideout of the outlaw who wielded the Glock and gave the location of Browning instead. After a brief shootout, Browning and his allies had to escape from their hideout and relocated to a new location.

“The plan worked perfectly. The rats have flushed out of their holes” Glock thought to himself. He followed them to their new hideout during their escape. “It’s time to hunt them” Glock decided.

The next day evening, he reached the abandoned chemical factory where the trio were hiding. He waited out till it was night fall, hiding behind the thick bushes outside the factory compound. He was surveilling the entire area all the time while waiting there. As darkness fell, Glock slowly climbed the compound wall and slowly came to the building. Upon reaching the building, he scanned its outside walls and as thought he had it planned out, he silently climbed up the building.

As soon as he reached the parapet wall, he leaped on to the other side, but as he did so, he pushed an empty metal can that was sitting there from God knows when. But the din caused by the empty can was enough to alert the three guns. They immediately took their positions.

Glock having realized his mistake had to relocate immediately. He quickly climbed up to the roof of the building. As he reached a point in the roof, he found that there was a hole in the roof which revealed the inside of the building.

Glock understood that this was a perfect vantage point for him to take out his opponents. This position gave him a bird’s view of his opponents’ location. But to his utter dismay, the roof was very high, not giving him enough range. This meant, he had to get inside the building to take them down. 

Before getting inside the building, he took one last view inside the building. The three men were hiding at 3 ‘o’clock, 6’o’ clock and 9’o’ clock positions with Browning setting himself at the 6’o’ clock position.

“Classic formation” Glock said with a wry smile.

Glock scanned at Walther PPK1 and Walther PPK2. He caught onto something and immediately looked back Walther PPKl. His whole body was shivering. “Was it out of fear or out of uncertainty?”. He didn’t care for he had already decided his first target.

Glock entered the building from the roof on to the first floor. He ambled to a place right above a few feet from Walther PPK1’s location. But he didn’t take a shot at him yet for he knew it will give away his location. After staying there for a few seconds, he relocated.

Below Walther PPK1 slowly moved towards the place where he assumed would be the ideal defense position. But as he took a few steps, he tripped a hemp rope. This triggered a plastic drum to roll above. Because of the immediate chaos, he took a shot at it out of his overcautiousness.

The gunfire alerted the other two immediately and looked towards Walther PPK1 with concern. This was all Glock wanted. He casually fired a bullet at Walther PPK2 who was expecting that his opponent was on the other side.

Walther PPK2 was taken down. Browning was left clueless in all aspects. Two-gun shots fired simultaneously and both the ends were silent. He couldn’t know who was alive. Much worse he still didn’t know where his opponent is.

“Smart fish” Browning smiled approvingly. Almost at the same instant, he came across a thought. He replayed the gunshots and was able to differentiate the gun fire sounds. 

“Walther PPK2 is dead” he said to himself. Such meticulous planning led to only one conclusion. “He exactly knows where we are located”. He was left with the only choice. He had to relocate. 

“He will either go to Walther PPK1 directly or he will come for me. If he doesn’t find me here, then he will go for Walther PPK1. In both the cases, he will go for Walther PPK1 only” This thought gave Browning an idea. He moved away from his initial place. 

Glock found another vantage point in the ground floor. He scanned the location where Browning was hiding. He was not there. Glock thought for a while. He was left with no other choice but to go after Walther PPK1, since that’s his only way of luring Browning out. It was a risky one but he had to take it.

Within minutes, Glock took out his next target. As Walther PPK1 fell, Glock felt a chill run down his spine. He was taken down by a perfectly aimed bullet from Browning.

Being knocked out of his balance, Glock fell down. Browning stood over silently observing him at his last moments.

“You were brilliant. But only too brilliant” Browning said with a smile of appreciation.

“Your Mother died protecting humans from us and now you are dying for the same cause. Do you think it is worth dying for?” Browning asked.

Glock laughed at the ironical question. “And what do you think is your life worthy of?” he asked as his life left his body.

Browning’s demeanor immediately changed. He stared at the lifeless Glock for some time. Glock’s final words rung in his head all the while. He silently turned and left the building.

====THE END====

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