Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Abhinay Raj Kalambur Sabarajan

Drama Fantasy


Abhinay Raj Kalambur Sabarajan

Drama Fantasy



15 mins

3200CE... Somewhere on Earth…

    “Good Morning Mr. Kaniyan!! Its time to wake up” Kaniyan’s Home management system (HMS) annunciated. Kaniyan opened his eyes lazily to the loud reverberation. 

    “You know, you don’t have to wake up the entire street. Can’t you say it in a lower volume?” Kaniyan replied.

    “I can sir, except that you asked me to make sure that you woke up exactly at 6AM. I found that speaking in a higher volume is the simplest and effective way to do that” HMS replied.

           Kaniyan shook his head, “If it wasn’t an important day in my life, I would have replaced you for a 21st century computer”. He muttered as he walked. Kaniyan reached his bio-monitor and connected the leads that were embedded on his neck. “Run diagnostics and while you are at it, did I get any emails in the 4 hours I slept?” he asked

    “You have received a couple of emails!! One from the Cryogenic lab and another from the MB installation” HMS replied.

       “Ok!! Read them one by one!!”

    “Cryogenic lab reports all the issues caused there due to the recent solar flare last month has been fixed. It’s completely functional now”

          “That’s good news. What else have you got?” Kaniyan asked.

    “MB team has communicated that the final Dyson sphere for the Matrioshka Brain has been installed around our sun and nested with the remaining Dyson spheres. The final testing is complete as well and will be activated upon your approval” HMS mentioned.

      “Finally!! Once the tests are complete, we can finally upload the consciousness of every human who is preserved in the cryogenic lab. That’s the compute power we have been waiting for. It’s so exciting!!!” Kaniyan said as he was scanning his diagnostics on the monitor. His eyes suddenly caught on to something. “That’s odd.” He doubled checked this engine core.

    “I’m seeing very elevated and unhealthy temperature spike in your engine because of the core Sir” HMS said to Kaniyan..

    “That’s disturbing!!” Kaniyan said as he opened a portal and placed an order for the replacement of the core.

    “The replacement will be arriving in a couple of days” HMS notified Kaniyan.

    “It’s a good thing that I have made myself a synthetic human. Body part replacement is no big deal now” He said as he started getting ready for the day.

    As he was about to leave his house for the office, HMS spoke hurriedly. “Mr. Kaniyan, I’m getting some disturbing alerts. Please tune into the news now”

    “oh!! What now?” he said with concern as switched on the screen and tuned into the news channel.

    As soon as he saw the news, He went speechless as he started to understand the implications of the news that he had just heard.. A coordinated attack from humanoid robots and drones had destroyed the synthetic human organ production factory, design factory and the organ warehouse all around the world.

    “It means the synthetic humans all around the world who are in need for new body parts will need to wait for years before they come into production again. Including himself” Kaniyan sat in the hall sofa, wondering what to do next. He may have a little less than a week left now, before the defective core burns out his body engine. Suddenly a more disturbing thought occurred. “It’s impossible to control all the drones with such coordination. That would require a lot of compute power, unless….” Kaniyan immediately reached over to his computer and logged into MB portal.

    The Matrioshka brain has been activated a couple of hours ago and has coordinated all the drones and robots for the attack. “There is a leak in the network” Kaniyan said to himself as he scanned the Earth based communication system to the Matrioshka Brain. 

    Kaniyan thought that someone breached the security to use the superstructure for the attack. But as he was scanning the system, his eyes caught on to something else. “Stellar engine Protocol has been disabled” He said. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

    “What does that mean?” HMS asked Kaniyan.

    “It means that the Matrioshka brain has become self-aware. Right now, we are at the hands of one superbrain with unlimited resources” Kaniyan spoke with disbelief…

    Kaniyan rushed to his office to find out where the breach came from so that he can revert the changes before it becomes a point of no return. As soon as he reached his office, Kaniyan hurried to the Matrioshka supercomputer. The supercomputer logs in every user entry, logins, command entries and program changes. 

    Kaniyan logged in and looked out for the most recent login and command entry as a start. He was startled right way as he saw. The terminal displayed the most recent login at 4.19AM, just a couple of hours after he went to sleep. Without so much of an idea, he then started looking for the user command entered by this login. It was the entry to disable to stellar engine protocol, which had specific commandments for the Matrioshka brain functioning.

    “Someone has tampered with the protocols using my login. I have to find out who it is. But before that I have to try and reverse the entries and try to enable the protocol again” Kaniyan said to himself. “But the Earth communication system is a highly secure installation, it’s accessible only to me and the owner of the Cognitive visions, who owns this whole facility. How could anyone break into this network without either of our approval?” He wondered.

    While rushing to office, Kaniyan spoke to his boss and confirmed with him that he didn’t have anything to do with these cyberattacks. Moreover, Kaniyan himself knew that his boss doesn’t have the technical skillset to take it on his own. All the while he was working on a solution to revert the changes to Matrioshka brain.

    “Got it!!!” Kaniyan said as he found the source. “Huh!! There is a loophole in the secure engine protocol and someone smart enough used to sneak in. So that’s how they did it” Kaniyan said to himself, as he worked his magic on the system. Within minutes, He was able to fix the loophole, revert the changes and bringing back the Matrioshka brain under control. 

     “Phew!! That did make me sweat” Kaniyan said as he wiped the false sweat that has formed on his synthetic skin. To keep the internals of the synthetic human under optimum temperature, everybody has 2-3 litres of distilled water running all around just like the normal blood flow. This will help in cooling down the body and also to transfer the internal heat to the outside part of the body. Such a transfer will react with the humidity in the atmosphere to mimic the effect of sweat.

    As he was communicating the recent developments to his boss, Kaniyan got an alert from HMS. He looked at the message and froze as he read it out. A virus has been uploaded to the master copy of his consciousness and has started to corrupt it. This means that the moment, Kaniyan connects himself to his consciousness, he will die. As long as he is working with the current copy of his consciousness, he is fine. But the issue is, to reduce the load on his brain, Kaniyan created partitions in his consciousness. So currently his synthetic body held only a partition of his consciousness.

    Kaniyan leaned on his chair and started to stare at the high ceiling in his office. He knew that he had no other choice. “Time to initiate back up” He said to himself as he reached out to his computer. 

Suddenly a disturbing thought entered his mind. He immediately logged in to Matrioshka brain once again. Just minutes before reverting back the protocol changes, the attacker has used the Matrioshka brain again to implant a virus to my consciousness. Matrioshka brain has the resources to attack big files such as human consciousness with brute force. To make it worse, the amount of CPU used to do that was 0.00000001% of the total CPU power of the Matrioshka brain.

“So why would attacker do all these just to corrupt my consciousness? That too using my password.” Kaniyan wondered. His eyes were fixed on the email from the cryogenic lab thoughtlessly. After a few seconds, Kaniyan realized that he has wandered off with his thoughts. As soon as he got his wits back, he stared at the email from cryogenic lab and a gruesome thought entered his mind.

Kaniyan immediately grabbed his car keys and made a dash to the parking lot. “Damn!! I was so busy with the Matrioshka brain installation that I couldn’t take care of what mattered the most” He cursed himself as his car sped towards the Cryogenic lab facility.

Upon reaching the lab, Kaniyan at first checked the ground level, where there were hundreds of humans kept in cryogenic state waiting for their consciousness to be uploaded to the Matrioshka brain. Everything seemed fine in the ground level, nothing out of place. Satisfied, Kaniyan went to the third level in the lab, where he had kept his own body in cryogenic state.

As soon as he entered the cryogenic chamber, he reeled after finding out what had happened. The bio-physical Kaniyan has woken up from his sleep after 800 years!!!!

    The solar storm that happened a month before had affected some of the facilities on earth and one of them was this cryogenic lab. Kaniyan’s biological body that was placed in the upper level took a pounding because of the solar storm and as a result, his cryogenic system failed, causing him to wake up from his long sleep. 

“You sneaky devil!! What are you upto?” cried Kaniyan as ran towards the lab operations facility. He logged into the computer, entered specific details and hit “Enter”. The screen immediately flashed a window which pinpointed the location of his biological self exactly. 

“Got you oldman!!!” Kaniyan took note of the location and left the lab. Half an hour away from the cryogenic lab was one of the warehouses that was destroyed recently. Using the tracker that was placed on his biological self, Kaniyan was able to track his location. He suggested this idea when the cryogenic lab was installed as though he foresaw such accidents and thus a tracker was placed on all of the bodies that are under sleep in the cryogenic lab.

Kaniyan slowly stepped outside his car and walked towards the ruined building. He was not sure how his biological self would react towards him, so Kaniyan took measured steps inside the building. As soon as he emerged around a corner, Kaniyan saw a dimly lit lamp and a single laptop placed on a table below it. He saw around cautiously and not finding any movement, carefully reached near the table.

“I was expecting you here much sooner newbie!!” a voice sounded hoarsely, as Kaniyan’s biological self, emerged from behind a pillar. 

“You sound pretty solid for an old man. Good for you” Kaniyan replied.

“It feels weird, to see me talking to myself. Doesn’t it?” 

“Well, I have seen those lots unlike you. So technically you are the newbie here” Kaniyan replied.

“And you, the oldman!!” his biological self, replied dismissively.

Without extending further social nonsense, Kaniyan shot his question. “What are you doing here?”

The most pertinent question is “what am I doing to you?” He replied as he logged into the laptop and started working.

Kaniyan sighed out of exasperation. “Enough of this nonsense. Come with me, I have to place you in cryogenic sleep again, else you are going to lose your sanity” 

“There is no use in that. I have seen enough of this new world to go back to sleep. Until I set these things right, there is no sleep.” He said.

“What do you mean, set things right? There’s nothing wrong here” Kaniyan was at the verge of losing his temper.

“I’m not surprised that you don’t see it. After all, I was the one who sent you on this path. It’s only fair that I corrected it” His biological self, replied calmly.

“Please. Come with me. What you have done is a wonderful thing and it’s paying off for all of humanity. Your inventions on cryogenic sleep and virtual immortality has rendered humans indestructible. You haven’t done any mistake. It’s just that you are overwhelmed by 800 years of technological advancement.” Kaniyan tried to pacify him. His important goal was to get his biological self, back to cryogenic sleep. His physical body is very important for Kaniyan for lot of his current research depended on it. There was too much at stake.

“We have come a long way, yes. But at a cost of what. In our shared quest, we have eliminated the freedom of thought, the uncertainty of success and failure, the beauty of love and compassion and the choice of freewill. This is what makes us human, not our success, not our evolution and not even your ill-favored immortality” He argued.

“You are talking about genocide here”

“No, I’m talking about quarantining this emotionless intelligence. Speaking of which, thanks for fixing the loophole in the earth communication system. I couldn’t do it myself so I had to point it out to you”

“How is that going to help you? It has helped me to make the system more secure. It’s of no consequence to you”

“Are you sure? Why don’t you try to log into the system?” His biological self, questioned.

Kaniyan took out his cell phone and tried accessing the MB communication system. To much of his shock, He couldn’t get into his own system. “What’s going on?” He shouted in disbelief.

“When I breached the user access last time, I used the Matrioshka brain to implant the virus on the communication system, such that after the next user entry it will deny access to everyone except me. So, as you can see, I needed you only to fix the loophole in the system’s security. After that, you are of no use to me. Therefore, I fired you from your own system. Now that I mention about fire, how is that core of yours doing?” He asked with a satisfied smile.

At the same time Kaniyan’s cell phone beeped. “ALERT!! Overheating of core detected” Kaniyan looked in horror.

“Yes, I have already hacked your core when you ran one of your diagnostics. You may have noticed this effect previously. Didn’t you? That’s just a glimpse. Here comes the devil.” His biological self said as he sent the command to create another temperature spike.

Kaniyan realized his fate and in that dying moment, sent out a signal from his phone as his core blasted the memory and his other body components.

Kaniyan looked intently at his destroyed synthetic body for a while and took a deep breath as he took his laptop and walked away. Back in the cryogenic lab, he woke up all the rest of the humans who were in hibernation. Kaniyan looked over from the upper level, as the humans came out of sleep and walked towards him with daze.

With the Matrioshka brain in his control, He had total control over the entire solar system. With a satisfied smile on his lips, Kaniyan eerily spoke “Human uprising as begun!!!”


In Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons:

    The base station’s super computer sprang to life as the screen popped up a message. 


    The file’s download took no time to complete. Immediately a booting command was sent from the supercomputer. The terminal message read,

    “Kaniyan’s consciousness booted successfully”

    Kaniyan woke up from his deep sleep and walked to the terminal. Apart from the booting command, there was a separate memory patch from his earthling self. Kaniyan downloaded the memory patch to his consciousness and immediately found out what has happened back in earth.

    He knew that he had only choice to win this battle. But this plan has to be carried out secretively. Kaniyan closed his eyes, “There is no turning back from now” He said to himself and he entered the key strokes in his super computer. The terminal flashed in response.

    “Jupiter brain activated”

    Kaniyan walked out of his lab to take a look at the giant planet. The Nested Dyson sphere surrounding it sprang to life as the brilliant lights from this superstructure flooded the little moon.


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