Rilsina Pegado

Crime Thriller


Rilsina Pegado

Crime Thriller

She Visits Us Every Night - The Hunt

She Visits Us Every Night - The Hunt

4 mins

" I was drunk, while my three friends slept, I was awake and around midnight, when I was looking through the window, I saw two kids walking in through the gate, they rang the bicycle bell and a young lady with a black hoodie came out from the house, they exchanged some bags and left"

The lady went inside the house, I was least bothered to check who she was and I went to sleep, the next morning however I asked the granny if someone had visited last night, she said I must have been dreaming. The next night, I slept quiet early after dinner, I dont know why but I was really sleepy."

That was Daisy's story, really helpful and confusing too because me Sharon and Daisy, three people experiencing three different things in the same house, but what was common?

First the ringing bell, Second the sleepy feeling, Third the kids. While I saw the kids in the house by the hills, daisy saw them visit the house, so one thing was for sure, they were real people whom I saw in bright day light and whom Daisy saw that night.

"The kids rang the bell, so that concludes why the bell rang and so mystery solved", Vaishali made the quick conclusion but I was not happy with it because I knew my mind would not make up so much of that dramatic experience and ofcourse the snake story, why did granny tell me that story.

The old couple was lying for sure, it was once we saw the grandpa, else it was only the granny in the house. Daisy's story had a young lady but daisy was drunk, we couldn't trust her.

" Lets go back to Pegaspur" was Vaishali's first suggestion and no was my direct answer, I couldn't get over my fear.

My big question was still " Who was that man, who was there with the kids in that hilly house, none of the stories mentioned him, but I saw him, did Daisy misunderstand that man for a young lady, I called back Daisy to know.

"Babe, I was drunk but it was a young lady because men dont use nail paints or wear floral pattern mobile covers. The lady handed the bags, I could see her nails and then she sent some texts and went inside with the other bags from the kids"

"Hey, Floral mobile cover" shouted Vaishali , " Remember I teased Granny saying where she got such beautiful mobile cover from and she said some guests gifted her.

And there it was our first clue, the granny who had told me the snake story, whom Daisy saw that night and whom Sharon asked about the bells but that man I saw was still a mystery.

Something fishy happens there and it is all planned, we have no proof, no witness other than a drunk account of Daisy which will never be considered in any court.

"You finally know that all that happened that night was a plan and there night be something but our mystery is solved now we dont need to get in more, so I Sherlock want you Watson to forget it all and get back to normal life", Vaishali was talking but I was not listening, for my mind was stuck on finding that man, who was part of just my story.

Others felt sleepy, I did not, neither Daisy nor Sharon visited the house by the hills. It was me who visited the place twice, once with Vaishali and once alone.

It was an empty place when we went there that evening, though we saw it from afar, but which human residence does not have lights in dark. Why was granny lying, who were the kids, what was in that bag, was the lady the guest who gifted the floral mobile cover to granny and what was all that I saw that night if it was planned then why what was the motive?

Was confronting the granny the only way to find out or were we missing some facts.

It was now time to go back there, to Pegaspur, to the house on the hills.

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