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Ashwini Kabade


She Got To Live

She Got To Live

3 mins

She was alone in the room. Only sound was of the medical equipment those were keeping check on her vitals. She had given birth to a baby boy a day before. Everyone was happy, her husband had thrown a party that night to celebrate the arrival of his son. Her father was waiting outside her room, he sent his wife home to rest as she was there whole day. He was happy but worried sick for his daughter's health.

She was staring at the roof, suddenly she pressed the bell button for nurse. Her father came inside due to the sound of the alarm.

Father: "What do you need dear?"

Ria: "Dad, I want to see my son."

Her son was in infant care unit of the hospital as she couldn't attend him. Ria was already very weak during her pregnancy and child birth has taken toll on her. She had lost a lot of blood during child birth. She was weak, very fragile. Doctors had restricted even small movements. Because any kind of exertion was very bad for Ria's health.

Father: "Ria, I can't dear. Doctors have restricted any kind of exertion to you."

Ria: "Dad, please I just want to see him. He is my son. Please." She pleaded.

The nurse had arrived till that time. Against all the requests to not to exert herself, Ria succeeded in convincing those two to take her to her son.

She was standing there, watching him asleep. He was sleeping peacefully. His father had named him as well, "Vansh". Moments passed. Her father was standing beside Ria supporting her. She was now looking at the next baby bed where a baby girl was sleeping, the bed was tagged with her name as Ria. She was watching constantly both the infants. One moment she was looking at the girl, next moment she was watching her son. Her father was looking intently at Ria. Her eyes were crowded with tears.

The nurse forced them to get Ria to her room. She was inside. Her father was sitting by her bed. She was quiet. She was still holding the tears. Her father held her hand and it gave the way to those pool of tears.

Ria: "Dad, Ria is looking as beautiful as Vansh. She is as fragile as him. She will grow into a wonderful person as him."

Father: "Yes dear, indeed! She will. Like you." Her father smiled.

Ria: "No dad. She will be better than me. But, do you know the similarity between me and her other than our names???"

Her father couldn't understand where that conversation was heading. But he went on.

Father: "No dear. What is it?"

Ria: "We both got to live!"

We both got to live....We both got to live! Ria was repeating those words over and over. And then she went to sleep. Only that she never woke up again.

Still there are many people who want a heir for their family . They want a boy who will take their race ahead. And for that desire there are many women who are suffering from frequent child births or abortions. There are so many Ria's who has given their families a heir but lost their lives in those attempts.

Save the girl child but also save it's mother!

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