Sense Of Non-Sense

Sense Of Non-Sense

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Thought of the mind can justify itself faster than the speed of light. It can be stopped through the act of writing

-Byron Katie

In justifying the quote I started writing. Any story should have 5 main elements. 1) Characters, 2) Setting, 3) Plot, 4) Conflict & 5) Resolution.

Amuse, persuade, inform, or satirize are the main objectives of story writing. I believe that the opening of a story should draw attention to the audience & I follow the '2 Q' rule i.e., a quote or a quotation. ( Read the quote again ). I hope I am making sense.

The purpose of life is to find sense. Do you agree? For the next few minutes of your read, my job is to make you believe the fact that my title "Sense of Non-Sense" is apt with the title backdrop, body of examples, proper transitions & closing. Adding to it I also want to project myself smart by quoting a book & an author, repeating the title whenever I miss the content. Am I making sense in the nonsense?

This is the setting.

I now enter the body of the story giving you the backdrop of my thought process in choosing the title "Sense of Nonsense". Wish & hope you find some sense. The author whom I admire the most in writing the speech is "Rashmi Bansal". One of her publications is "Connect the dots".

Now you guys started to think how the title "Sense of Nonsense" is logically connected. I will tell you.

Plot: Episode from college days

Year: 2014

Age: 23

Venue: Badruka PG college, Kachiguda

Subject: Business Communication

Character: Dr. Reddy, dean of the college was distributing MBA 1st year answer papers in person to the students of the class.

Conflict: Out of 60 students 55 students flunked. All these 55 students are graduates from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological university & Osmania engineering colleges. Looking at the answer sheets & addressing the class, he taught us a very important lesson that day. He said-"I know that you guys are from engineering background who got habituated to fill the 32 pages answer booklet. But how is that you guys had answered with circuit diagrams & Kirchhoff's law for the question-media channels for business communication". He then pleaded us to make some sense in answering nonsense after reading the questions. Inspiration for the story title. Am I making sense in connecting the dots? I do.

Sense of Nonsense drove me to accept challenges as well. Last time when I was awarded the best speaker in one of the public speaking platforms I went back home with a lot of excitement & happiness. I walked up to my father who was watching Sadguru videos in YouTube. Give me a shout out if your parents are spending more screen time these days over the young generation. Looking at my father, I said that I got awarded as the best speaker. I expected a compliment. But no. He was then watching "Learn to use yourself"( about education by Sadguru & as a typical father passed an open question in his swag style. He said-"What is the use?" As a father he wanted me to excel at what I do, accept challenges of life & push my boundaries. He is a big picture man. Love you dad.


I would like to conclude by saying that it is your perception that matters to redefine & look at the situations on a positive note to seek meaningful sense from the nonsense we face in our lives. Sense of nonsense helped me to write this story, connect the dots & accept challenges.

Thank you.

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