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God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.


The book of proverb says that a mother, looks well into the ways of the household & does not eat the bread of idleness; her children rise up in holoblast, her husband also embraces her by saying many woman have done excellently but you surpassed them all.

8:00 AM in the morning. It was a bright sunny day & I was in a hurry to reach the nodal point by 8:10 AM to board my company bus. Any delay in reaching the nodal point on time has a two-fold effect. Accepting driver Ramesh challenge to participate in formula 1 race to board the bus in the next nodal point or losing the race by seeking the help of public transport or self drive ( Distance from home to office: 27 Km ). I was all ready to be the next Usain bolt to reach the destination on time, bracing myself up. Skipping my early morning breakfast made & grabbing the lunch box placed on the dining table, I was about to step out. I stopped.... after overhearing a sweet note of send off message from my mother- " Breakfast kiske liye banayi thi maine, Khaake jaa, gadhe!!! " ( Translation: For whom did I prepare the breakfast for? Eat & go-you donkey). " Mother love ".

My mother is a pro:

Your childhood is incomplete if you hadn't come across the momism pro statements that every mother uses against/for you. I could be 15 or 55 & my mother would still ask me where I was going.My early childhood days growing up I remember few momism pro statements that she used to shoot at me like below:

1) If I had an argument & asked why? Answering-"Why? cause I said so, that's why" 

2) Why did you score less marks in exams?

Me: I don't know, I studied well.

Mom: I don't know is not the answer.

3) Mom:I would never have talked to my mother like that.

  Me: Speechless.

4) If you are old enough to critique what I put in your lunch or how I made it, you are old enough to make it yourself. 

My mother is a warrior:

In fact every mother is a warrior in their own stand. To give you more insight on why my mother is a warrior here are the evidences. In spite of being a working woman for 25 long years serving Indian Postal Services ( retired last year ), she never missed that smile on her face in managing both professional & personal lives. She had a great positive outlook to life that lead her to be such a balanced person. She is a happy-go-lucky person who loves actress Savitri, gardening & humour. She holds a PG in MA political science,but never interested in politics. She is an embodiment of love, sacrifice & patience. 

She was in her late 50's by the time she identified that there was a lump in her left breast. After the biopsy report results were out, Oncologist Krishnam Raju from NIMS ( Nizam Institue of medical Sciences) said that she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I still remember the days of trauma & pain she had undergone a couple of years back in the course of the treatment. Results of chemotherapy & radiation sessions are hair loss, anaemic & fatigue. Little did I knew back then about the seriousness of the chronic & the impact it leaves in the form of side-effects it causes. The mental condition of the patient knowing about the health condition plays a vital role. By nature she was an ardent believer in god & possess great self confidence in believing that bad times will fly. In spite of all those hard times & the biological changes that she was going through, she fought like a warrior & won the battle against the demon.

Life lessons learnt from my mother:

1) To love

2) Utilisation of resources to the fullest extent ( I still find my mickey mouse T-shirt that I bought in class 4 hanging in the kitchen being used to clean the range )

3) To always carry a smile on the face no matter what

   I would like to dedicate this story of my mother to all the mothers out there who are warriors & pro's in their own battles & lives who made me what am today.

                   By the time I was about to conclude my story I overheard my father calling "VIJAYA" to accompany her in the evening supper. 

                                                               Clock ticked 6 PM.

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