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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra



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At an elderly age of seventy Sudarshan Babu had grown detachment from the ordinary affairs of life. Undergoing a decisive battle inside his mind one day he left his ancestral home to move to the city of Banaras. His decision was driven by the belief that death in the holy city will bring salvation. The Ghats of Banaras beside river Ganges suited his inner quest. He walked along the Ghats watching the panoramic blend of nature and human life. Eventually he settled at Manikarnika Ghat.

In due course of time he got familiarized among local inhabitants as ‘Gosai Baba’. One fine morning after returning from bath his eyes fell upon an approximately four year’s old child. The child was excessively malnourished and his face appeared desolate. He was wandering around Gosai Baba’s hut. Lump of dry catarrh was attracting flies on his nose. Gosai Baba took him inside his hut. Within a moment he sensed that unfortunately he was a missing child. He endeavoured his best to extract some information that would help him in finding his parents. But the child seemed enveloped by a traumatic cloud.

Seeing no traceable option Gosai Baba fell in dilemma. There ensued a moral conflict between his heart and mind. Adopting the child seemed a hindrance in his path and purpose of attaining salvation. At the same time abandoning him in such a pitiable condition appeared a sin. Ultimately Gosai Baba concluded that accepting the responsibility at hand would provide existential salvation to his heart. That the former perception of salvation is, perhaps, a clueless illusion. Who knows what happens after death?

Gosai Baba felt happy and enthused nurturing the child. Taking him for evening stroll became a routine affair. His intense desire of attaining salvation after death got gradually evaporated by an increasing desire for upbringing the child whom he lovingly called ‘Pushkar’. Manikarnika Ghat was a place flooded with grieving scenes of cremation so he shifted his dwelling to Dashashwamedh Ghat known for its liveliness and spectacular charm.

In six months of togetherness there developed a deep reciprocal love between them. One evening while strolling around Vishwanath temple Gosai Baba’s gaze fell upon a poster displaying photo of a missing child. His heart thumped at the sight of the photo. Minutely scrutinizing the poster he got assured that it was about Pushkar. He couldn’t sleep the entire night thinking over the sorrow of separation from Pushkar who had become an inherent part of his life and his world. At the same time, he imagined the frantic state of his parents. Next morning he stepped towards a telephone booth and dialled the number which he had noted on a small piece of paper. “Hello, your child is safely with me at Dashashwamedh Ghat, Banaras. My Name is Gosai Baba’. And then he disconnected the phone.

The same evening a woman with swollen eyes accompanied by two people reached his hut. She burst into tears at very first glimpse of Pushkar. Tightening him to her breast she showered incessant kisses upon him.

When they were departing Pushkar was intently looking at Gosai Baba with innocent hope that he too will come with him. Gosai Baba stood outside his hut sobbing silently. At the moment the thought that dominated his mind was about the mysterious chemistry of universe that paved this unanticipated reunion. In his heart of hearts he was immensely happy. Gosai Baba felt that he had attained his salvation. The real existential salvation.

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