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Khushboo Narang

Inspirational Drama Children Stories


Khushboo Narang

Inspirational Drama Children Stories

The Impractical One

The Impractical One

6 mins 351 6 mins 351

Aksha rang the doorbell of Sanaya's house for the third time. She was sure that Sanaya would not wake up early and that's why she had called her friend early in the morning. She told her to get ready soon. But still, here she was standing right outside Sanaya's home. Sanaya finally came out after 15 mins. Aksha glared at her. Sanaya laughed and said she was not able to find matching earrings for her outfit. Aksha sighed. Finally, they sat in the car and journey started.

Aksha and Sanaya were best friends. They had planned a trip together a week ago. They had decided that they would start their journey at the dawn of the day. But as usual, Sanaya was late.

Aksha was driving the car and Sanaya was changing the radio station in the car until her favorite song came.

Sanaya said, "We are already late so I request you that please don't start buying everything at each toll booth. You don't even eat those eatables which you buy."

Aksha replied "First of all we are late because of you and even though I don't eat everything I buy you do eat them up. So, stop complaining. And another thing is that those who are selling things at toll booth are the ones who don't beg. We should support them."

Sanaya rolled her eyes and said, "God, when will you stop getting emotional at each and every thing. When will you become practical? "

"I will become practical when you will stop getting late" Aksha replied.

"One more thing don't buy those expensive clothes or jewelry from local handlooms in Udaipur. If you really want to do some shopping then I will take you to some good shops which I know and will get you fashionable and trendy clothes at a good bargain" said Sanaya.

"You know I hate shopping and I love buying traditional artistic clothes made in our country" Aksha replied.

"But they are very expensive. Like the Kurta that you bought from Jaipur last year. I can buy 5 jeans at the cost of that Kurta " Sanaya said.

"Hmm. May be you are right. By the way what about that Kurta which you bought in a summer sale last month? "Aksha asked.

" I wore it many times and then its colour got faded," Sanaya replied.

"Now look at me carefully. The kurta which I am wearing right now is the same which you were talking about. I had bought it from Jaipur last year. It still looks new. This is the quality of our handlooms" Aksha stated.

"Yes, it still looks new. But still it is too expensive. But you won't understand it. You never think practically. It is true our handloom clothes quality is the best but still they are very expensive. " Sanaya concluded.

"Hmm. Leave the topic and tell me what is your plan for the third day of our trip. The sightseeing will be done in two days" asked Aksha.

"I haven't thought about it yet. May be will rest on the third day. Do you have any plan for the third day ?" asked Sanaya.

"Yeah. I do have something on my mind. I will take you somewhere on the third day. But I won't tell you where. It will be a surprise for you." Aksha replied.

"Done," Sanaya concluded.

They enjoyed the two days of their trip thoroughly. On the third day, Aksha took Sanaya to a village near Udaipur.

"Why did you bring me here? " asked Sanaya.

"This is my maid's home town " replied Aksha.

"Don't tell me we are here for any social service or something. We are on a vacation. Please let me enjoy it. " Sanaya said annoyingly.

"Don't worry we are not here for social service. We are here to visit an art gallery" said Aksha.

"Art gallery in this town" Sanaya exclaimed.

"Yes". Aksha replied. Soon they reached an old looking factory kind of place. But when they entered it they saw beautiful hand made paintings, crafts, decorative items and traditionally printed clothes and beautiful jewelry.

Sanaya admired the place. "Do you want to know how these are made? The place where these are made is just behind this place. Do you want to see it? " Aksha asked.

"Now that we are here. I won't mind let's go." Sanaya replied.

They went to the backside of the art gallery. There was a signboard of Mahila Grih Udhyog outside that place. As soon as they stepped in they could hear a traditional folk song being sung. There were many women inside painting, dyeing, stitching, printing, and carving. They all were happily engrossed in their work and were singing their traditional folk songs. Some of them also have their small children maybe a year or two-year-old sitting beside them. One of the children sitting next to a woman was smiling listening to her mother's voice and was staring at the handicrafts with fascination.

"They love their work. They are artists. Let me capture this beauty in my camera." Sanaya said.

She was a photographer by profession. This was something that had touched her heart. When one of the women noticed them she smiled and welcomed them. They sat at one of the chairs and started conversing with them. Aksha told them that Kamla works at her house as a maid and she told her about this place. The women rejoiced hearing Kamla's name. They remembered the old times spent with Kamla. She used to work in that Grih Udhyog. The women even showed them some of their best works. Aksha and Sanaya bought some decorative items and clothes from them. The happiness on those women's faces was something out of the world.

When they finally came out and started walking towards their car Sanaya suddenly stopped. She looked at Aksha and asked, " If Kamla used to work here then why did she leave her job and started working as a maid ?"

"Because there are many like her who don't want to leave their job but they have to. She has a huge family and there are only two working persons in her family. The handlooms are dying in our country. And they cannot give a good amount of salary to a large number of employees. And due to that many of these workers have to leave their job and have to engross themselves in some odd jobs. When we buy something from our local handlooms we don't only get good quality goods. We also provide income to hundreds of women like Kamla. Our handlooms make one of the best goods in the world. But still, there are only some foreign tourists who know the value of these good and buy them whereas we buy foreign cheap quality good. The result is that these handlooms have to sign a contract with multinational companies who sell our product under their name or they have to shut down the handlooms. We spent so many rupees every year on luxurious trips. But when it comes to supporting our own country it is too expensive for us to buy our homemade goods. If we are on a foreign trip we always buy something which is the specialty of that place to show off even if it is expensive. But when it comes to our own handicrafts we don't buy them and find them expensive even though they are better than any other foreign product. Although due to schemes like 'Make in India' the conditions have been a bit better. But still, as a youth, we also should support these handlooms. We should provide them some free online support like making an online page or website if they agree. We should buy their goods and show off them with pride."

"You are right. I always thought you to be an impractical person. But after understanding the whole situation. I think sometimes it is good to be the impractical one." Sanaya concluded with a wink.

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