Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Return Of Aladdin

Return Of Aladdin

3 mins

He was a fun loving kid and his parents died in an accident. He lived along with his sister. Life was difficult for him, being a kid with lot of responsibilities. Every day he used to go to the market to sell the clothes which his sister stitched. Slowly he developed some skills by observing others.

He bought some good collections of books and started selling them at various locations, in traffic signals and near the college and schools each day.

But one day, heavy rainfall and flood ruined all of his books and he was back to poverty.

As the fortune of luck turned, one guy saw him in the road and mentioned that he was his uncle.

He shared his memories and photos with his father. The boy was happy to see, his new relation.

He took him to his home. But his uncle was a black magician; he didn’t know he was behind the famous Genie lamp. He decided to move with his uncle for better opportunity. He left the country and joined the adventurous trip.

As they were traveling, the magician changed the course and he took him to a haunted mansion.

He stayed outside and asked him to get the lamp. When the boy asked about it ,magician said these were his father’s belonging and only he has the right. There was a wicked face behind that affectionate mask.

The boy went in; the room was filled with darkness as in his life. He met with lot of things and finally saw the lamp, he blew the dust and the Genie came out. Genie looked some what older now, and he looked tired and without any enthusiasm

He asked, "What can I do for you, My master!" and he coughed.

The boy was afraid, then he relaxed and he inquired about the Genie.

Genie offered him three wishes, and they should be selfish, he said.

The boy was a bit perplexed and said just two wishes are enough for me.

The boy mentioned, “There should be only good thoughts in everyone’s mind.”

Genie replied, “That’s not a selfish wish, I can’t accept it, My lord!”

The boy said, "It’s a selfish wish of mine. I didn’t say this selflessly! If everyone has thought of doing hard work, loving others without expectation etc.,then I, as well, being part of them will win my hurdles."

Genie thought for a while and mentioned it's fine.

The boy asked the second wish-

“You should not be slave to any one; you are a master to yourself.”

Genie was so happy and finally he got freedom from the lamp.

As the boy saw the Genie, his mother woke him up.

The boy then realized that,

"Life and situations shouldn't change someone's path, it's the strong value that needs to change the situations."

If everyone has a good value in them, there won’t be any issue in the world and no one deserves to be slavery,be it Genie or any life form.

By being selfish, only few people can lead a happy life, by being selfless everyone around us can be happy!

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