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Shree is very sad today. She called Shweta a week ago and asked her if she was coming home. Shweta informed that she could not manage a holiday and was unable to come home. On hearing this Shree became very sad. Shweta could hear her crying silently on the call. Since that day, the two sisters stopped calling each other. Whenever Shweta tried to speak to Shree she cut the call. Helpless, Shweta returned to work again.

Shree was watching a web series on the internet. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Shree went to open the door. She was most surprised to find it was Shweta! She had a box in her hand. They came to the drawing room.

“Give me your hand, Shree”, Shweta said. Wondering, Shree did so. Shweta tied a beautiful rakhi on her hand. Shree smiled in joy! “You remember?”

-“Yes, how could I forget to make rakhi for my little sister?”

-“Correction! I am not little anymore, I am grown up now.”

-“So what, you will be a little girl for me, always, forever. And we will be tying rakhi on each other’s hands always in this way. We are sisters, we celebrate our sisterhood on this day. And will, forever.”


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