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Part 4-The Mystic Retribution

Part 4-The Mystic Retribution

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"I'll destroy you...!" Varun, the God of Water and Rain, bellowed as he fought with the mighty demon Atikaya, "I'll annihilate you from earth..! You've caused the entire 3 worlds to suffer because of your unjustified objectives...! You've damaged my entire kingdom in the under waters..! Now I'll vanish you in no time..." saying this, Varun, using his bow Gandiva fired up his Varunastra towards the demon. They both were fighting above the sea. The water God was so enraged that it had created massive water currents all over the ocean. Huge sea waves were banging across on the shores, creating devastation, havoc and huge destruction of property. The divine Varunastra created huge turmoils of water which started washing away half of the army of the demon.

"You've said it many times, dear God..!" The demon shouted, his voice booming in the entire universe, "I've always destroyed you in the past...! I’m gonna repeat the same thing for you today..!" saying this he attached the Vishoshanastra and fired it towards the God. This divine astra was capable of drying out entire area. This not only dried out the huge amount of water created by the Varunastra, but it also dried up almost half of the Ocean & also Himavanta ,the huge citadel of Lord Varun inside the Ocean’s waters. Without losing time, the demon Atikaya fired Agneyaastra which created torrential amounts of fire all around. Within minutes the whole city of Himavanta was reduced to ashes.

The god of water had no option, but to watch in horror as his entire kingdom was destroyed. With no army left, the Lord decided to flee. With magical powers, the Lord converted himself into an alligator. He converted his divine bow Gandiva into a small amulet, & wore it across his neck. With the entire army of Atikaya celebrating their victory, the water God fled to the nearby river in the form of an alligator & swam across in the river current.

After swimming against the currents for almost two days, the water God landed on the banks of the river in a far off land. He got out of the water & looked around. Half of the trees in the forests had dried out. The river was not flowing, and most of the fauna inside the water had died. He looked around & saw that half of the bird population had almost vanished, with only traces of someone left behind. The Water God was totally exhausted, but still his mind was full of vengeance for the demon Atikaya. He was still thinking ways to destroy him completely & gain his own kingdom Himavanta back. Still engrossed in those thoughts, he leaned against a tree & fell asleep.

His entire kingdom was on fire. All the living beings around were running haphazardly. Half of the human race was dying due to scarcity of water. All the rivers & seas were dried out, with no traces of fish in any waters. No rains had fallen & there were droughts all over the earth. The entire cycle of earth was disturbed, & all the living beings on earth were dying due to scarcity of water.

“All the living creatures will die because of your revenge…!” he heard the voice of Atikaya in his dreams followed by a huge laughter.

Varun woke up with a start. He had just slept for a short while. He then realised that he was in the same forest, leaning against the tree.

“Sometimes we see what we think in our dreams.” Suddenly Varun heard someone speak & he turned around. He at once realised who it was. Tanun, the God of Wind & Storm, was seated on a small pedestal. He got up and bowed down. The God of wind bowed back in reply.

“All of us have experienced some bad days in our life. But one should never forget his duties & responsibilities even when there is no sunshine, even when there is nothing good that’s happening..!”

Varun at once understood what he was talking about.

“You have no idea what has happened to me…!” the Water Lord growled back.

“I may not have any idea what has happened to you…but I can surely show you what has happened to the world…!” Saying this, Tanun placed his hand on the Water Lord’s head. Instantly, his eyes shut & a dreadful scenario appeared before his eyes, “All the humans are dying. There is drought everywhere. No rains are falling. All the creatures in the sea are dying. The birds have lost their tune. They can’t find food..! No crops are going..! The high & low tide cycle is totally disturbed..! The lunar cycle is on a toss..! There is injustice everywhere…! A war has just started amongst all the bad men, because no one is there to look after Justice & discipline…! There are chaos everywhere in the Universe…!” as Tanun said this, Varun saw all the images described above in front of him. The skies, humans, famines, wars, drought...every image flashed in front of his eyes.

“And all of this is happening because of you..!” Tanun pushed him back with his palm. Varun opened his eyes as he fell down.

“You are responsible for all the tasks that I just now said..!” Tanun shouted angrily at Varun, “You are so engrossed in the spirit of Vengeance that you have totally forgotten all of your duties & responsibilities…! You’re so obstinate to take revenge that you don’t know how the entire world is suffering…! Because you have forgotten all of your duties, the world is distress..! Is this behaviour justified for a God who controls all the major activities happening in the Universe?”

Varun could only stare at Tanun. What the Wind God said was right. Why should he ever think about anything other than his sole responsibilities as a Water God?

“But that demon did lot of bad things to me..!” Varun screamed as he remembered the things that happened in the past, “I had a kingdom Himavanta in the under waters. I was ruling it nicely & at the same time maintaining perfect balance in all the three worlds. Out of nowhere this demon Atikaya attacked my land. He is supremely powerful. In his possession are all the mighty divine weapons which he used against me. He wants to establish control over all the three worlds. Using his powerful army & his weapons, he destroyed almost half of my land. I invoked my superpowers & counterattacked him, but that was of no use. I had lost many times, & this generated the feelings of vengeance inside me. I still want to have revenge on him..!” Varun banged his fist hard on the ground. The impact sent tremors on the entire surface. “He has destroyed my lands..! He killed many of the aquatic animals…! I avenge everything that’s been done to me…!”

“You know what the best part is? To not have revenge at all..! Vengeance only destroys you. Not anyone else..! Seeking revenge doesn’t cancel out the behaviours that hurt you. It just perpetuates the cycle of pain…! Instead of focusing on revenge, it is much more beneficial to try to make peace with the issue. The only way to stop revenge is to give up and accept it. Replace the evil feelings with the opposite thinking. This is the only way; rise above it and let it be…” Tanun got up & placed his hand on Varun’s shoulder, “There is a famous saying, “Before seeking revenge, first dig two graves.” When you seek vengeance, you hurt yourself as well, if not more. You know what is the best way to come out? Living well is the best type of revenge. Showing the other person that his negative actions did not phase you will infuriate him. Instead of focusing on revenge, it is much more beneficial to try to make peace with the issue. The only way to stop revenge is to give up and accept it. Replace the evil feelings with the opposite thinking. This is the only way; rise above it and let it be.”

Varun suddenly understood what Tanun meant. It’s that way it should be, he thought.

“Be the God you always were. Maintain the balance that was required always. Get back to your work, understand your responsibilities, & focus on spreading in more positive thoughts around..!” Saying this, Tanun raised his hand & flew up high in the clouds.

Varun now realised what made the real sense. Finally deciding to move on, he got up & sat down for meditation. Folding his hands he envisaged that everything is restored as it is. He prayed that all be life be restored, all beings may do well & everywhere be peace & regular harmony.

Within minutes everything started restoring back. Every lost element, every halted cycle started restoring slowly. The Lunar cycle got running, with high & low tides gradually streaming in the sea. The water cycle started & within minutes, dark clouds of lightning & thunder crowded in the sky. The next instant, it started raining. Varun then converted himself into an eagle and soared up high in the sky. He flew above the clouds as he watched life slowly getting restored below, both in humans & nature.

He flew till he reached his homeland Himavanta. He looked around & saw the entire half of the ocean was dried up. Turning back to his original form, he used his bow Gandiva & darted his Varunastra. Immediately it created huge amounts of water, refilling the entire oceans. He then went inside to his kingdom of Himavanta in the under waters. The whole kingdom was destroyed. All the people in his citadel had lost all of their confidence & faith. They were totally helpless & had let down their hopes for living. Varun then fired the Prajnastra, which was used to restore back the senses & thoughts of anyone around. Immediately the scenario changed. All the people busily started helping each other to rebuild the city. Varun slowly restored all the lost things in the citadel.

As days went by, Varun entirely forgot about the revenge towards Atikaya, the demon. Slowly all the life on earth got restored. All the cycles were back to normal. Varun also built up his army with latest weaponries. He also prayed to the Elder Gods & got some nice extra weapons under himself to protect the citadel from the evil hands of Atikaya.

The progress of Lord Varun was now heard & spoken off in all the three worlds. Every single being in the worlds wanted to be a part of Himavanta, as half of the three worlds were owned by the demon Atikaya. Soon the Demon himself came to know about the progress & one day, he launched an attack on the entire kingdom of Himavanta.

“I’m still the ruler of all the worlds, Varun….!” Atikaya screamed on top of his voice. “I’ve come to attack your kingdom again..! Be ready to lose your kingdom..!”

“I’ve not invoked you this time, Atikaya..!” Varun rose up from the under waters & screamed back at the demon. “This time, I will not pay heed to any of your strikes & stay away from my lands, else be ready to face the wrath..!”

“I’ll finish you in not time, Water Lord..!” Saying this, he fired the Indraastra in the sea. It created an array of thousand arrows & all of them started advancing towards the sea.

Suddenly a huge trident swept across the surface of the sea. The trident created huge turmoils of fire which burned down every single arrow before it even touched water. The Trident then returned in the hands of Bhumi, the Goddess of Earth.

“I had warned you to stay away from my planet, Atikaya…!” The goddess’s voice boomed in the atmosphere, “But still you made this mistake..! Now be ready for the consequences..!” Saying this, she flew with the speed of light towards his army. Measuring almost in millions, the army was ready for the war, however banged her trident hard on the surface,& instantly with a huge cracking sound the earth fell open, eating up almost half of the army. She then threw her trident towards the other part of the army & charged ahead. Considered the most ferocious, strong, powerful & aggressive in battle amongst all the gods, she started cutting every single demon soldier using her sword with one hand & throwing her trident every now & then with the other.

Varun ordered his army to help the goddess of earth & he charged towards the demon. The demon had a powerful Mace, but Lord Varun had a equally powerful weapon, the Varunpasha, a powerful noose. He used his Gandiva bow & kept firing sharp arrows towards the demon. The demon had the Brahma Kavach, the most invincible armour on earth. Lord Varun kept firing rings of arrows towards the demon, but he was invincible for every arrow darted towards him. Lord Varun then drew out his powerful mace, Kaumodaki. A fierce battle started between the too. The demon flung his mace towards Varun, but the Water lord repelled it easily. Charging ahead, he dashed a strong blow towards Atikaya’s chest, but the demon blocked it. Varun continued to hammer blows on his body, but none of them could cause any damage to the demon. Instead, Atikaya forged severe blows towards Varun, who was equally skilled to block them. Slowly Varun had to use the defensive mode of attack, as Atikaya was still powerful because of his armour.

Bhumi, the Earth Goddess, was fiercely fighting with the demon army. She was so powerful that she destroyed almost half of the army on her own. Some part of the army started running away, but she used her Trident and annihilated them. While fighting, she saw that Lord Varun was totally helpless in front of the Demon’s Armour.

“Use the Brahmaastra…!” she screamed towards Varun.

At once Varun remembered the powerful Astra that he had received from Lord Brahma. Without wasting time he fired the Brahmaastra towards the demon. Of all the arrows, only the Brahmaastra was capable of breaking the Brahma Kavach. As the divine arrow struck the demon, instantly his armour broke off. In an instant Lord Varun charged ahead & with the speed of light, battered huge blows with his divine mace on the demon’s body. Before Atikaya could understand anything, Lord Varun pummelled in numerous blows on him. Gradually, the demon slowly started losing his power. Lord Varun used his Varunpasha & tied up the demon with whatever was left of his army. He then banged a final blow on the demon’s head & sent him straight down in the Underworld.

Bhumi had almost destroyed all of the army of the demon. Lord Varun then thanked her for the invaluable help which she gave in to him. She in return thanked him for maintaining the required balance in the entire ecosystem.

In a far off Galaxy, Tanun, the God of Wind & Storm along with Abhimani, the God of Fire & Lightning, were speaking to Devraj, The God of the Gods & the God of the Sky.

“The Universe is getting darker. We need to re-establish what has been happening. Alert the other Gods…” Lord Devraj said to the other two.


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