Akash Agrawal

Abstract Drama Tragedy


Akash Agrawal

Abstract Drama Tragedy

Not A Play Thing!

Not A Play Thing!

2 mins

“Don’t you dare turn your back on me boy!” shouted Divya, her cheeks turning red in fury.

“I know what you did to her! Is that how you behave with a girl?”

“But… but I was only playing with her Mom!” shouted Ashu in equally loud voice. He couldn’t understand the reason of her Mom’s sudden outburst.

“A GAARL IS NO PLAY THINGGG ASHUU!!” Her anger was getting better of her for some reason. She doesn’t really get angry so easily.

Divya couldn’t bear the horrible sight on the floor- A helpless girl laying there, a broken wrist, a cut on her cheeks, and no clothes around.

Ashu was so scared that he began shivering. He felt like crying but tears didn’t dare come out.

“Momm!” helpless, he whispered, “But it’s just a doll, Mom.”

And Divya then broke down. Tears began flowing down her face, uncontrollable.

She went near to that shattered doll, and sat there.

Helplessly, she tried to gather all its pieces, caressing her wounds, and covered that doll with her little pieces of clothes. And then she held her close to her heart in a tight embrace.

“But…. it’s a girl, my boy,” In her broken voice, Divya whispered, “And it deserves all the care and respect and love, as you would give to your sister…”

Through her teary eyes, she looked at Ashu, still holding the doll closer to her chest.

The little boy realized his mistake.

“I am so sorry, Mom…” he too fell on the floor and began crying helplessly. “I am so sorry Mom…” I promise I will never treat her like this… And I will play with her just like my sister.

And the three of them hugged each other tightly.

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