Drashti Badheka

Drama Romance


Drashti Badheka

Drama Romance

My Name Is Vaan And You?

My Name Is Vaan And You?

5 mins

The sunny morning with glittering light falling on the bamboo plant of the gallery, shining and glimmering dancing on the wavy breeze. Long money plants so greeny hanging through the balcony. Wil-charms making sweet noises like the music of flowing water. The wooden frames rich though standing, guarding the line. Sweet autumn clematis happily clinging, jumping on their own fragrance.I, sitting clumsily near them, smiling at those fresh breathes. The balcony was so rich than anything in my dull life. I stood up to have a view down, high up the sun shining, birds dancing though flying up and down. Down, there stand my other life, Darsh. Calm face, the sweet expression always soothing my heart though it's always at war in every moment. I smiled, quietly blushing. He disappeared to meet me. His footsteps sounding at distance through the stairs. I sat down again, waiting for him as if searching for some hope. A knock arrived at my balcony door, I turned to look, foolishly smirked at him, "you came!?" He answered assertively, "I had too. Don't you want me!!, to come?"

"No, no I mean that's not the thing..." It was the most embarrassing moment yet the pain in my heart didn't allow to think of it. I tried to recapture myself.

"You know I didn't mean that."

"Yup. Girl, you shouldn't worry about it". I looked at him furiously.

"Then about what I have to worry?"

"About...!! Don't you want to tell me?"

"What am I supposed to tell you?"

"About the thing, which made you feel relaxed yet furious when you saw me..."

"About the thing, which you want to get rid off but can't put into words."

This actually made me more furious, how can he read me and if he can, he must be already knowing about it. Then is it compulsory to tell him? 

Though I know I have to put into words. I tried.

"Yes. That thing which I wanted to tell you, no I mean, I want to ask you... it's completely your choice but before it, um I wanted to share something beforehand."

"Of course, I'm in no hurry. Go on." 

My heart beats at a high rate. I never shared this with anyone. Now, something has to be done someday. While trying with full heart never goes wasted. It's what I had always believed. I tried with some shaky words, with my eyes down,

"When I was in college, I had a friend, Dia. She used to be conservative, never talked to anyone. I felt bad for her, I didn't know how it felt to be lonely but it was always horrible in my mind so I wanted her to be happy, to be like everyone."

"So, one day I went to her, greeted her. She greeted me back but carried on with her work again. I asked her, 

'I wanted to talk to you' 


'why you have no friends? I mean, you don't get to see around much people, I just wanted to know is everything ok? You can tell me, you know'

'I don't like to be around people'

'Was it always like that?'

She remained silent for a moment and then with a slight smile she replied:

'There is never everything which is always like that'

'I didn't understand anything'

'I know that. Though I'm same as your age, I have gone through a couple of things which made me furious about people'

'will you be comfortable to share with me? I can keep up things'

She thought for a while and then told me her part of life.

'I was once a girl who was never afraid of people nor I ever distance myself until...'

'I met Vaan, he was a dark-haired guy with blue eyes. Anyone who would see him can tell the attraction he had when he walked around people. I was no exception, we met by coincidence in a cafe. I was waiting for a friend and he was sitting idly at a corner. As I told you, his incomparable beauty made me stare at him, at once he caught me staring at him and his eyes were so cold as if he held me through his eyes. It made me teary. I looked down and someone sat opposite me. I turned my eyes upwards and sat the cold eye guy. I didn't know why his presence frightened me...'

'He greeted me, 


I too replied, "Hi, I'm sorry I didn't remember you."

"Of course, you don't know me how would you remember me", he smiled at my sudden reaction.

"So how can I help you?"

"My name is Vaan and you?"


"So I wanted to ask you some questions if you like."

"Ok, I will try"

"So my first question is what's your favourite colour."

I was shocked by how this conversation started. It was as unexpected as a shooting star in the dark sky.

"It changes."

He thought for a moment and then again smirked at me:

"Which one is today?"

His words struck my mind hard, it was impossible to think in front of him but I had to think of today, surely it would be his eyes.

"It's blue. Blue like your eyes"

Unexpectedly, he took his eyes off me for long seconds. Why this avoiding if he came to question me? After a few long seconds, he again took the questionnaire expression on his face. 

"What is your favourite food?" It felt like he is going to write a dairy on me or what was going on his mind. No one in these years ever asked me this question, not of course at first meet.

"It's anything that's homemade." He seemed well satisfied with the answer. 

"What do you like in a boy?"

Ok, it's going a lot personal now. But I didn't know why can't I deny it.


"Well. Good. So I don't make promises but I wanted to tell you that I want to marry you, if it's of trust issues you can ask me whatever you want, you can live with me beforehand so to know me if you wanted."

I was foolishly shocked at the moment. Not even a 5 min meeting and a marriage proposal of this over handsome guy, of whom I know nothing except his name...'"

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