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Arjun Priya



Arjun Priya


My Arya ~ ArSu Fanfiction

My Arya ~ ArSu Fanfiction

4 mins

Subhadra's POV:- 

As me and Arya stood at the door waiting for Draupadi jiji to welcome us I was gulping my fear. 

I felt Arya Arjun twisting my hand assuring me that nothing will happen. 

I looked at him and he gave me an assuring smile. I smiled back helplessly. 

Draupadi's POV:- 

Arya, u have not only broken the oath , u have broken my heart also! Who is Subhadra? Princess of dwarka? I never saw her, but I will surely hate her in future. 

"Maharani, prince Arjun has arrived with his new bride. Please come at the entrance." A dasi announced.

A lone tear escaped from my eyes. I wiped it away and with confidence, I held the thali of puja and some flowers in my hands and walked at the entrance. 

Everyone moved aside to leave the way for me. 

Yudhishthir- priye, are u okay?

He asked me as my eyes were red of sobbing. 

" Yes Arya" I assured him and walked towards Arya Arjun. I saw his handsome face down with guilt. I saw Subhadra coming from back. 

"Subhadra" I murmured. I went towards them and did the arti for seven times and I handed the plate to a maid and showered flowers on them. Subhadra was smiling brightly at me.

I looked down and turned away. 

Arjun- draupadi!

I didn't looked back and went straight away to my chamber. 


Subhadra- Arya..... Why did jiji go away?

Arjun- Subhadra.... I think u need her permission to stay here with me.

Subhadra was shocked.

Subhadra- what is this Arya? I am going to console her....

Arjun- but will she listen?

Subhadra held his hand.

Subhadra- believe in me! Arya, I don't want to be a princess or queen, I just want to be your wife....

Arjun smiled with glittering eyes. Subhadra went towards Draupadi's chamber.

She knocked at the door. 

Draupadi- Who is this?

Subhadra- jiji.....

Draupadi- are u Yadav kanya, dwarkaratna, Krishna Anuja Subhadra?

She asked with chocked voice. Subhadra opened the door lightly and touched her feet.

Subhadra- no jiji, I am none of them.... I am just your slave....

Draupadi caught subhadra's arms and made her stand up. 

Draupadi- what are u saying? 

Subhadra- yes jiji, I am saying right.... I am just your servant!

Draupadi's heart melted. She hugged her tightly.

Draupadi- no bhadrey, u are my sister now.....

Subhadra- jiji, I will not and never take your place as a queen or princess, I just want to be Arya's wife if u allow me to. 

Draupadi- now u are my sister and Arya's wife too. U have rights on him as much as I have.

Subhadra smiled.

Draupadi- and..... I wanted to hate u but now I can't. Your look and talks had won my heart. Will u ever forgive me ?

Subhadra- forgiveness? For what?

Draupadi- because I wanted to hate u. I don't know why but I got this thought in my mind. But now I understood my mistake. I am very very sorry bhadrey.....!

She stood on knees before Subhadra.

Subhadra made her stand up and wiped her tears. 

Subhadra- jiji, what are u doing? Please don't say sorry to me..... I understand your feelings.

Draupadi hugged Subhadra tightly. 

Draupadi- Subhadra! 

Subhadra- jiji!

They broke the hug and Draupadi kissed her cheeks. 

Draupadi- come with me now....

She took her to the dressing room and made her wear her beautiful dress and heavy jewelleries. 

Draupadi- u are looking beautiful my princess.

Subhadra- not much than you. 

Draupadi smiled and kissed her forehead. She made her sit on the bed and they started chit chatting. 

Since Subhadra was the new wife of Arjun, she decided to spend this year with Sahdev. 

Meanwhile outside the palace-

Yudhishthir- Arjun, do u think she will listen? U should'nt have broken the oath.

Arjun- I know bhrata.... But I loved Subhadra from my heart and soul.

Yudhishthir patted Arjun's back. 

Yudhishthir- don't worry, she will understand.

Arjun nodded.

Arjun's POV:-

I should not have broken her heart but I also love Subhadra. Maybe she will understand. I asked bhrata that could I go inside and check. He nodded in yes. 

I went inside and was shocked to see draupadi hugging Subhadra and they both are laughing and talking like sisters. 

I went towards Subhadra. She winked at me. I looked at draupadi. She looked down.

Draupadi- Arya, thank u for giving me this much sweet sister. I will spend this year with Arya Sahdev. 

I nodded helplessly. She went away. Subhadra got up.

Arjun- Subhadra, how could u do that? U are really my yogmaya.

She smiled. Mata Kunti arrived in the chamber and took Subhadra with her to dress her for the first night. 

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