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Manaswita Sachdeva

Drama Romance


Manaswita Sachdeva

Drama Romance

Monsoon Love

Monsoon Love

7 mins 509 7 mins 509

One, two and three, It's 7 am and my phone rang. Four, five, six it's 7:15 am, my phone rang again. 

Seven, eight, nine, it's 7:30 am and this time It was not my phone, It was the most annoying voice anybody could listen early in the morning. 'Get up, don't you want to go to school, It's 7:30, Get up, Get up, Get up.' It sounded like my mom, right? But no there he was standing right next to my bed and howling, Samar, my best friend, my boyfriend and my source of transportation to school.

Samar, school starts at 8 am, It will take us just 10 minutes to reach, why do you have to come so early? I asked defensively. 

Like always, he frowned and said, because I don't want to be late. Now, will you get up?

I threw a pillow on his face while he smiled and said, it's drizzling outside and winked. 

We were not one of those cliche couples who would love to sing and dance in the rain. We both just loved rains.


I, Aalya, and Samar are childhood buddies turned into lovers. We know each other almost from the age of five. Our friendship was the result of the famous online chatting website called orkut. Earlier, we could have been identified as the biggest enemies of our school. Samar was the sweetest person anybody could ever meet and I being the most naughty girl, anybody could meet. Often, he would cry upon scoring fewer marks in the exam. I was the more carefree soul. 

It's been more than 10 years since we are best friends and more than a year since he got promoted to the post of boyfriend as he likes to call it. 

'The school is shut today. It's about to rain heavily. Go home,' The Security guard gave us the good news. 

Yes!! I was a happy one. 

Oh No! One more day wasted. Why do they have to shut down the school every time it rains a little? Samar said in a low tone.

The sound of thunder scared him and he held my hand. 

Ha! Ha! Ha! Rains a little huh? I asked him joyfully. 

Han! Han! No need to laugh like this, he joyfully held my hand and hugged me from behind.

We can spend a little time together? I asked him.

Just a little? He smirked.

Huh, or more than a little? I held him closer.

Yeah, let's go and eat something and then we both will study. Mr. Geek replied. 

Alright. Let's go. 

We began walking towards our scooter.

Maggie? He asked with excitement in his voice.

And chai? I replied. 

We gave each other a high five and left for home.

The best thing about that time was that our love was as innocent as the laughter of a child. There was no lust, there was no need apart from being with each other. The last four years of your school life are the most memorable ones and if you are lucky. Your best friends and your love lasts forever.

Why the hell do they have to give an off every time it rains? Samar threw his bag recklessly on the bed.

Calm down! It's raining heavily. I said.

Rains are not more important than our board exams. Nothing is Aalya. Understand. Be serious.

There were dissent and disapproval in his voice.

I understand Samar. We are all worried about our exams. They are important for everyone. Besides, instead of complaining about the school not taking our tutorials for doubts. We can perhaps calm down and study. I tried pacifying him.

You won't get it. You don't care. He said. Samar's voice was no more as soothing as it used to be.

Two years have passed and we were about to finish school. We were badly caught up in the race to win the best colleges of India in our respective subjects. The hunger for success was so much that we had starved ourselves to love.

Hey! I called him.

Say? He picked up and sounded as cranky as always.

Nothing just wanted to hear your voice. I said calmly. 

Aalya. I don't feel like talking until it's not urgent. It just seems more stressful. His voice was low.

I understand Samar but I think taking so much stress is not good for your health. It might affect your exams. I tried explaining him.

Hmm! He said.

Sometimes love is what we need Samar. I said.

Love will not take us anywhere Aalya. If we don't get a good college and a good job. Love won't buy our entities. He had a point. 

You're changed. I said.

We all do. He replied.

I guess. Anyway. I will hang up. I said.

My phone will remain switched off for a few days. Don't call and study nicely. He declared and hung up on me. 

More than talking, we used to fight and disagree. 

He had stopped coming to school. We saw less and less of each other and spoke a little. Every time we talked, we would argue. I had my own battles to fight and he had his own. We no longer stood as a pillar for each other. He had his own ambitions to fulfill and I was not ready to sacrifice my love for my dreams. 

I miss you! I texted him.

How do you get so much time? His reply annoyed me.

Because I love you. I held my calm.

His reply never came. 

12 hours later my phone beeped. It was Samar.

He never said it was not working out. We were not one of those cliches couples. We were best friends above everything. Honestly, I knew what he was going to say but I prayed that somehow he doesn't. 

Is it us or is this just a phase? Will it pass away?

He seemed sad. 

It is our dreams and our different ways to follow them. I replied. 

Our lives will change Aalya. We will move to different places. We will have different friends. 

We fight so much now what will happen when we go to college? He sounded worried and after ages concerned. 

We can deal with this but for that, It has to be 'us.'

I prayed to God that somehow make him see the problem.

I can't do this Aalya. I have become very selfish and honestly, I am fine with it. I can't fulfill your expectations. I can't keep you in the dark. I don't feel you are right for me. You're far too immature to take life seriously. He said everything truthfully. He was hurting my feelings but at least he was being honest.

I won't be able to live without you. At least we can be friends? Somewhere I was begging him.

Our friendship is over for a very long time. We just don't want to acknowledge it. His words were harsh.

Aren't you affected by all this Samar? I questioned him. 

No! There was honesty in his voice.

I will miss you. I said.

It's a matter of time. Take care. My phone will remain switched off till exams. Don't call. Study properly and all the best. Once again he just hung up on me.

The road to success belongs to those who are ready to sacrifice everything. He had that courage. I had to build that courage. 

Six years have passed, Our 12th standard mark sheets are now used as our identity proofs. The trend of work experience has emerged. We have lost much more than each other. We have new dreams and new hopes for survival. We have never spoken to each other after that except on Birthdays. I have just seen him on his Instagram posts. The worst part about teenage love is that it always remains our first love and first love is never forgotten. The best part about teenage love is that on a rainy day when after years you visit the school, It will always make you smile because first love is never forgotten. 

They no longer give off on a rainy day? A voice little unknown came from behind.

I turned back and saw a bearded man in a black jacket and blue jeans stood behind me. His smile was familiar. 

Studies are much more important than rains. I replied with a smile on his face.

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