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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Action Fantasy Thriller

Malisto, The New Life Episode 7/7

Malisto, The New Life Episode 7/7

5 mins 216 5 mins 216

Continued from episode 6

I felt as if even nature came to know about what was going to happen. The weather was not pleasant as before. The sky was overclouded with dark clouds. All the million colours of the sky were covered with the criminal dark clouds. The sudden thunderous lightning streaks in the sky were tearing the sky apart. Today, there was nothing normal.

Suddenly, I saw twenty UFOs in the sky. In fact, I was waiting for only them. Sparta, the new alien captain with its biggest UFO landed on Malisto and the rest of 19 UFOs encircled all the crowd being in the air, as usual. The door of the UFO opened up and Sparta came out with his one man. I went close to Sparta and said, “My lord, I fulfilled my promise. I kept my words. I have brought three thousand intelligent humans from the earth.” 

“Haha, great!”

I pointed my finger in the air towards one of the UFO. Sparta felt irrelevant the pointing of my finger in the air but still, he turned his eyes to see. And a BOOM! Out of nowhere, a laser beam appeared and destroyed the full UFO in a wink of an eye. Before anyone could understand anything all UFOs were destroyed within a second!

Sparta shouted, “You betrayer!”

The new three thousand men took their laser mousers with lightning-fast speed and aimed at Sparta. I started laughing loudly, “Haha, haha.”

Sparta screamed, “You bastard! I made you a king. You are going to kill me!”

“You demon, I don’t want to be a king with my clothes smeared in the innocent blood. Secondly, I am not going to kill you. It’s only Sophia who is going to kill you!”

“What! Sophia is still alive! It’s not possible! We killed her with our own hands!”

“You know what, you killed Sophia’s only body. But she is still alive in her stories within my brain. When we would sit together in the evenings and chat over a campfire. She would often narrate my stories. Some were created by her and some were not. I would listen to her thousands of stories just to make her happy. I was not really interested in those stories at that time. But after her death, I would recall all the moments I spent with her. Obviously, her stories were recalled automatically by my brain. But then I realized I can learn many things from these stories. In fact, I realized I can face each and every situation of my life with the help of her stories. Believe me or not. The foolproof plan that I made to destroy you was nothing but the implementation of her stories! I never thought just with the help of stories, I would be able to destroy the powerful aliens!”


“Sparta, you are just about to die! So, I want to tell you some more secrets! Your previous captain said his eyes were always upon us. But when I first time stole a laser mouser from an Indian soldier, you aliens didn’t come to know about it and with the same laser mouser, I shot your previous captain. But then I was thinking, you aliens are technically so powerful. How is it possible that you are stupid enough not to keep an eye on us? But you answered my question even without asking when you became a new captain. You said it was only you who can now save the aliens. It means as you want to kill us for your benefit, some other aliens want to kill you too for their benefit. That means you were not free enough to keep an eye on us. Yeah, one thing more, still I used a precaution. I revealed a false plan to the Indian captain while we were talking in the open. Haha, I didn’t know I was wasting my time. But when he took me inside the special room of his space shuttle, I opened my heart up and disclosed the real situation of the humans on Malisto. Then I told him my real plan. And you know what these 3000 humans are not normal humans. These are trained, Indian soldiers!”

“It all means, you cheated me! You are a betrayer! Mark my words, you have done all this for these selfish humans. Nobody is going to reward you for it. The people will praise you, your names will appear in newspapers and magazines for about one or two months. Then everyone will forget you. Then no one will remember you. No, one will help you in time of your need. I have also read many stories about your earth and your humans. What I am saying has been testified by the history of your humanity. If you don’t believe my words then after my death, read your history books. Search the persons who have done great things for humanity, they die of starvation! Now, you think you are doing a great job by killing me. Trust me, after my death you are going to remember me forever! I agree, we aliens have become very selfish, but there are reasons behind it! Now, I have had enough. I have spoken enough. I have listened enough. Now, kill me!”

“Sparta, you know what. Once Sophia told me about Lord Shri Krishna Ji. Lord Shri Krishna Ji said that one should do the things needed to be done but without any expectation! I don’t care whether the world is going to remember me or not. I don’t care if they are going to reward me or not. I don’t care if they are going to help me in future or not. But I do know just one thing right now and that is you must be killed.”

I shouted loudly, “Shoot!”

3000 laser beams tore apart the body of Sparta ruthlessly!

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