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Mad Court: Ch. 1 Welcome to the Mad Court

Mad Court: Ch. 1 Welcome to the Mad Court

10 mins


Day 0 – Welcome to the Mad Court


The music had reached its crescendo. The crowd hooted vociferously as they swayed and jumped to the enigmatic notes of the infamous band, Jade Maniacs. Numerous bands took a backseat to their intoxicating songs and out-of-this world music. And that was why they were known as the 'Devils of Rock Music'.

Their lead singer, Kai Scott, sang the lyrics of their latest, unreleased song, Twisted Starlight, as their drummer, Zara Mitchell, rampaged on the Ludwig Classic drum kit. Sweat dribbled down Kai's chiseled face. His dark hair wound in curls bounced as he sang the last of the chorus.

Kai stepped back and let the other band members come forth. The listeners absolutely lose it when Robyn Ferrer, their bass guitarist, and Vanya Bulat, the keyboardist, synchronized a melodic instrumental solo together. Kai watched the crowd groove to their music and exhilaration coursed through his veins.

Every year the Jupiter Amphitheatre hosted the world biggest rock music competition. The Mad Court Festival!

It had been the number one Rock Music Festival in the world. It was just not any ordinary Battle of the Bands. Bands from across the world would battle each other and the last one surviving would be named the Mad Court. The title was extremely esteemed and recognized by every musician. But it didn't mean the others wouldn't get their recognition.

The third place winner gets a scholarship to the prestigious music school, Mountainridge School of Fine Arts, while the second place winner get a prize money and a chance to get scouted by the biggest music production house, StringWood Music. Though the titleholders get the cream of the crop.

They would get a contract with StringWood Music and they're invited to perform at every music festival and music award show across the globe. With Jade Maniacs winning consecutively for three years, they've reached the same level of fame as any big names in the music industry.

And they were out to retain their title.

"That was amazing," Robyn said as he sat down on the luscious velvet sofa in their dressing room. The perks of being the reigning champions.

Vanya stared blankly at the group as she slyly reached for her bag. Kai noticed it and tossed it across the room. "Not now, V." Vanya pouted. Kai turned around towards his group and sighed. "You messed up at the beginning, Zara."

Zara rolled her eyes as she painted another layer of violet polish on her nails. "It wasn't my fault that you started a beat early."

"It was decided that we would start the song a note early as it fit the rhythm of the song. If Rob and V could follow it, why couldn't you?"

Zara rose up from the high chair of the vanity and stalked towards Kai in a slow, predatorily gait. Kai knew what she was up to. He stepped back and walked out the door. He wasn't in the mood for Zara's yet another seduction as he had succumbed to it on numerous occasions before.

Zara and his on and off relationship had been taxing. They were part of this rouse for years and no conversation with Zara ended with them not ending up in a bed. Or a broom closet. Or the middle of an historical site. Something till date he regretted. The faces of scarred children and petrified parents were going to be forever etched in his mind.

The thought of it ignited his need for a quick smoke. He patted his pockets and realized he had his last ciggy just before their performance.

"Fuck," he whispered to himself.

Music blared through the speakers of the hall and Kai exhaled heavily. The music resonated with the bands desperation and creative minds. Just like they were once upon a time. Overplayed and overworked, Jade Maniacs seemed like any other Hollywood rock band that eventually lost their soul and originality.

Kai strolled towards the backstage and watched the band playing reach their end of their performance. The crowd were wild. He had not seen them that way ever since Jade Maniacs had debuted. What band was playing? Kai stretched his neck in front to check the board that displayed the names of all the bands.

Euphonic Cavalry. 

Never heard of them before. Must be new.

The band left the stage after an encore. They walked by him, not giving Kai a second glance. Not that he cared. But one of them stared at him with a doe-eyed look in his eyes.

"You're Kai Scott," he said as he held the newest Martin-D acoustic guitar. Kai nodded. The boy grinned happily. "Oh man, I can't believe I'm meeting the Kai Scott."

"It's no big deal. You guys played great out there." Kai stuffed his hands in pockets. He wished he had the ciggy. He mentally decided to go and ask one of the groupies to buy him a pack.

The boy gasped. "Really, you think so?"


"Oh man, I can't believe I was acknowledged by the Kai Scott."

"Can you not say my name like that? It's a bit… weird."

The boy blushed in embarrassment. "Oh sorry. Didn't mean to make it awkward. I've just been your fan for a long time. Ever since I heard you during the Winter Festival four years ago, I've been a fan. You guys rocked the staged. Literally blew up my mind."

"You mean figuratively," Kai pointed.

"What?" The boy blinked. 

"You said 'literally'. You can't literally blow up your mind unless you were holding or were near an explosive." Kai had always been kind of a grammar Nazi. Also, the reason why he was the lyricist of the group. 

The guy threw his head back and laughed loudly. "Right." He was about to speak more when a girl a feet shorter than Kai's 6'2 appearance, bounced next to them.

"August, you freaking delight. That was amazing!" She leaped at him and smacked her lips against his. Kai frowned for a second before realizing Zara and him were exactly the same.

"Alisa, you came," August, the name that was finally revealed to Kai, said. A large grin stretched upon his face. "I thought you weren't going to. You said you couldn't."

"I lied." The girl, Alisa, was overjoyed. "How could I miss my boyfriend's debut at the Mad Court Festival? I took a leave. Maira helped me."


Kai looked at a girl standing behind Alisa. Wow. How could he have missed her? Not only was she beautiful, she was tall. Like maybe 5'10 or 5'11. A lot of people didn't know that about Kai, but he liked tall girls. It was odd that even though she was tall, she had little to no presence around her. 

He checked Maira out from top to bottom and back. Her long black hair reached just about her hips and she wore a low-cut lace summer dress. She looked extremely uncomfortable. Kai noted that it was probably forced on her by her friend who wore backless red skater dress. Kai wanted to smack himself for knowing the girly terms.

"Maira, you're here too? I thought you hated rock music?" August looked shocked.

She hated rock music? Why was she here if she had hated the music? 

A soft blush peppered her smooth, caramel skin. "I do. But I kind of like your music. You sounded way better than what I had heard during your rehearsals which were utterly drab." Her thick British accent took Kai by surprise. She rubbed the end of a stray lock of hair that was on her face between her fingertips. "At least, you guys aren't as loud and obnoxious as that other group that Alisa used to listen to. What were they called? Jade Monkeys?"

Kai's ears piqued. Maira was talking about his group. And she called them loud and obnoxious. It no longer mattered that she looked like a Goddess, how dare she called them loud and obnoxious.

"Excuse me?" Kai spoke out for the first time.

Maira looked at him with her piercing hazel green eyes from under her long, curled lashes and he was floored yet again. Picking his heart up from the mess, he stood tall and straight. He couldn't let her know how much she had affected him.

"Maira, Alisa, this is Kai Scott. The lead singer and guitarist of the band Jade Maniacs," August said.

Alisa's jaw dropped. From her expression, Kai knew she was mentally undressing him. And he was used to women looking at him that way. But his eyes were fixed on Maira. Her gaze was blank. Almost uninterested.

"I'm so sorry, Kai. She didn't mean that. She's just new to rock music. Once she hears your music, she'll be a fan too." August tried to cover up Maira's comment. Maira glared at him.

"I really meant what I sa-" Alisa smacked her palm against Maira's mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise. Kai wondered how a girl that tiny did manage to do that to someone half a foot taller than her.

"Oh my God, Kai Scott! I truly love your music. Can I get your autograph?" Alisa grinned jubilantly.

"Sure. But only if she asks." Kai looked at Maira, who was being restrained by Alisa. Alisa looked at her Maira with pleading eyes.

Looking at her puppy dog look, Maira sighed. "Fine." She looked at Kai. "Can you give my friend an autograph?" she murmured.

Kai leaned forward, holding his hand behind his ear. "I don't think I got what you said."

Maira pursed her lips. "Can you give my friend your autograph?"

He shifted his weight from one leg to another and pretended to think before replying, "Hmm, no. You don't seem like you mean it."

She scowled. "Look, I don't care about you or your music. But Alisa does. And as her best friend, I would do anything for her. So," She took in a long breath, glancing at her friend from her peripheral. Kai raised a brow. "Can you sign her arm or take a photograph with her? Pretty please?" she said the last statement through her teeth.

Kai bit his lips from laughing. He smirked. "Now that you've said pretty please, how could I refuse?" Alisa squealed in joy. She handed him a marker from her bag and a notepad. Kai signed a blank page and handed it back to Alisa.

Maira turned around and pulled Alisa with her. Kai stared the Goddess walk away with a little sway in her hips.

 "Interesting," he murmured.

August turned around not before apologizing and thanking him for the autograph. He had barely taken a step forward when he looked over his shoulder. "Kai Scott, I might be your biggest fan, but this year my band's going be the Mad Court. We won't lose to you." 

"I won't lie but your music is good. But we're Jade Maniacs. We're going to keep that throne and our title. Hoping to see you in the final," Kai said.

August beamed and walked away happily. As much as he didn't want to accept it, he meant what he had told August. They were really good. For a group to do an encore on their debut stage was huge. Even they had not done that. Euphonic Cavalry was surely a band to look out for.

As Kai walked back to the dressing room, he found a groupie. "Can you do me favor?" The groupie nodded enthusiastically. "Find out everything you can about Euphonic Cavalry. Especially their lead singer, August. And I mean everything."

The groupie scowled before nodding. Before Kai entered the room, he could remember Maira's scowl and the way her nose crinkled in annoyance. Grinning, he told his group to pack up. The Festival had just gotten exciting.

And boy, he hadn't known how much it would.


While the bands from all over the world were getting excited for the Festival, there was one band that were exceedingly eager to play and showcase their music. To win and become the Mad Court. Be the Gods of Music.

A girl in a light green, turtleneck, patent leather dress walked towards a boy with long bluish-black hair. "How many times are you going to read that book?" The boy ignored her. "Hey, I'm talking to you."

"I know. I was just at the interesting part. The hero was fighting the villain. He's taking him to the enchanted well to do the ritual," the boy said as he shook his head.

"Stop calling the antagonist the hero! You're so diabolical," she said before walking away from him. The boy simply shrugged and went back to reading. She peered through the tinted windows of their transportation vehicle. "How long till we reach?"

"In 5," Another boy, in a white, asymmetrical tunic over a black pants, said. His red hair with a blonde undercut was styled back and black embellishments decorated his hair.

The girl smiled and sat back in her seat. She picked up her guitar and began tuning it. "I can't wait to win the title of the Mad Court. Then everything will be ours."

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