Love Never Ends

Love Never Ends

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Love does not start with kindle and not ends with paper.

It's forever and ever right from the bottom of the heart till the soul dies

But soul not

Such type of a story is here below.

It's started when they are teens

It's running on their trust and respect.

It may be routine but it started in their school days when she is in skirts and he is in trousers.

It went on in prayer ground when students assemble 

Though they are small in age and short in memories.

But love started in a manner with lots of flowers and blossoms of lites and brighter in Strom's full of Rain and dew in the mornings with beautiful sunlight which has ended by with moonlight.

Like seasons past in the calendar year

There love growing up with their age and maturity's going up and up till the sky blessed with sprinkles of rain on their love

Have days passed there were improving their love day by day

Had solved issues with their families 

Had completed their education and settled with jobs love arose with confidence and going on with their life.

Got married and settled well with their beautiful ideas they constructed a lovable home in nature's lap

Had age passed they were in old age

Still, she waits to take breakfast with him

And both understand each other at that age, age doesn't matter for love...

Still, they talk with their eyes and 

Listen with heart

Asks with the mind.

In their old age too they have lived a happy life with great love.

Love never ends.

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